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Well folks here I am, live and in person (sort of). I have been saying for weeks that I am going to start blogging and by golly today is the day. What a day it is too! For those of you who already know me you are very much aware that my priorities in life are: my family (which includes the animals), my friends (which includes the animals) rights and advocacy  for those who need help and or unable to speak for themselves (which includes the animals). You also know that I am strong willed, opinionated and quick to comment. I care, I care a lot, sometimes to my detriment. I am well intentioned and some times misguided. I am never wishy washy nor will I walk away from a challenge. But enough about me.

Yes, today is a great day! My first post relays a great announcement by the St Catharines City Council. By unanimous vote on a motion by Councillor Mat Siscoe, the Board of Directors of the Lincoln County Humane Society are to investigate and implement measures to reduce the number of euthanised animals in the facility. Presently LCHS kills 75% of all cats. Councillor Kushner (who is the Council Rep on the BofD LCHS) thinks that is acceptable as a Provincial “middle of the pack” which is in fact not true as LCHS kills are much higher than the provincial average.  Fortunately Mayor McMullen wants to be at the TOP of the pack and so not only supported the motion but encouraged the unanimous vote! Mr. Mayor, you rock!

Can I have an Amen!!!!!!!!

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