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Ethel, this is for you and others like you. Thanks to you, the blatant disrespect of LCHS by its Board of Directors and Management towards the animals they are mandated to care for and protect is exposed.

On October 17th I was walking from LCHS  having been shut out of the Board of Directors Meeting enroute to the AGM that didn’t happen. This trek is all of about 200 yards. One of the LCHS vehicles passed by with ED Kevin Strooband at the wheel.  I turned to one of the declined 53 membership applicants with whom I was walking and caustically remarked on the waste of tax payers and donors dollars for the vehicle to be used in this manner. Now granted, Strooband could have been transporting copious quantities of heavy documentation to be distributed at the AGM or some other viable reason to use the vehicle in this manner. Regardless, the aforementioned person said to me “Have you heard that Strooband wants $60k to buy new trucks?”  That thud you would have heard was my jaw hitting the asphalt!

Fast forward to October 30th. Kevin Strooband goes to the St Catharines Standard and asks the public for $1500. in order to help poor Ethel obtain the Veterinary care she desperately needs. click here for Ethel’s story

Huh? Ask the B of D to use  $60k for new trucks? Approach the public for $1500. for an operation on a dog in need? Anybody else see a problem with this?

Let’s consider for a moment where would LCHS get $60k to buy new trucks? Well here is an idea! For three months while on strike a significant amount of budgeted funds were not utilized as wages and benefits were not being paid out of LCHS coffers to the striking employees.  Animal intake was at a minimum, which also reduces, cleaning materials, time and staff effort yet again. Volunteers, you know NON-PAID people, were at the shelter to clean and care for animals. Due to the reduction in animal intake, even veterinary procedures such as Spay Neuter, vaccinations etc. were reduced.

Just how much money was “saved”?

Strooband has actually asked the question “What shall I spend the “extra” money on?

What audacity, what unmitigated gall to go to the public for $1500.  in order help a dog which under ordinary circumstances would be euthanized without even a second thought. What a s, pathetic attempt at distracting the public from the incompetence and ineptitude of a Board of Directors and its Management at LCHS.

How dare you. How dare you use an innocent sick animal as a tool in an attempted cover up?



Ethel, The Board of Directors and Mangement of LCHS can help you… if they want to

photo courtesy of St Catharines Standard

Ethel needs help. click here to read Ethel’s story in the St Catharines Standard

Recently, LCHS, its Board of Directors and the Management have been under fire for a number of reasons. The ultimate goal is to save the lives of any and all animals that are healthy and treatable and ultimately adoptable .Ethel is a perfect example of how NO KILL works. Ethel is a perfectly healthy animal that once her injury has been addressed shall enjoy a great life.

It is my sincere hope that more and more animals like Ethel shall enjoy the opportunity of life as is their right and not because it is politically expedient.

INCREDIBLY, Mr. Strooband and the Board of Directors have the means to help sweet Ethel RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!!

Presently LCHS has in its possession over $2500 in membership application funds. I am fairly certain that each and every applicant would be delighted in knowing their hard earned money was going to help Ethel and others just like her. All it would take is for the Board of Directors accepting these fine people as members of LCHS. I think Ethel would like that. After all isn’t it about Ethel’s welfare and other dogs, cats, guinea pigs, gerbils etc. just like her?



Lightening, thunder, wind and rainstorms can make a great number of companion animals very upset resulting in some unfortunate behaviours.

An option that I can personally recommend having witnessed myself what a difference it can make is the Thundershirt. click here to learn more about the fantastic Thundershirt 

The Thundershirt is a truly remarkable product. The company always mindful of the number of animals that suffer through storm, separation anxity, aggression and depression upon request donated five Thundershirts to LCHS . I do hope that animals at the shelter in need will be outfitted tonight and throughout the duration of this storm

I realize sharing this following of info is kind of like closing the barn door after the horse has fled but may act as a reminder to begin the process if you feel it is a good option for you and you pet.


A technique that has been very successful treating anxiety and phobias is called desensitization. The technique involves exposing the subject to a low level of what actually causes the anxiety while paired with something positive. Get a tape recorder and get your hands on sounds of a thunderstorm or fireworks or loud noises (perhaps the vacuum cleaner) that normally cause your dog to become afraid. Have your dog in a quiet room with you and start the tape off at a very low (barely audible) volume. Reassure your dog by petting it and saying “good dog” (or something similar) in a regular non-baby like voice. Give your dog a couple of treats. Start off very slowly the first few times, perhaps just a couple of minutes of the low volume noise. GRADUALLY over a week or so make the volume louder until at the end of the exercise it is very loud. The goal is for the dog to associate these loud noises with calmness and treats thereby relieving the fearful behaviour. This technique works well for most dogs, but it must be done correctly or it can worsen your dog’s reaction. Seek advice from your vet when in doubt.

If none of these techniques work then perhaps a meeting with a behaviorist (ask your vet for a referral) can provide you with a specific plan for your dog. In terms of medication, there are herbal medications that can help and there are mild tranquilizers that can be prescribed by your veterinarian.

To all of my blog friends upright and four legged, be warm and safe. to enjoy a touch of blustery whimsy click here

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The numbers say it all………..

Lincoln County Humane Society, Executive Director Kevin Strooband released the 2011 and 2012 year to date statistics on the LCHS website.

click here to access LCHS website

Please note, according the stats on the website it would appear that not a single dog, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, bird, rat, mouse etc. was admitted to LCHS in 2011 or 2012. How awesome is that?

These are the statistics that have been provided to me by a very reliable source:


2,970 cats came in alive; 457 left alive; 2,513 killed at shelter; live release rate = 15%

801 dogs came in alive; 301 left alive; 500 killed at shelter; live release rate = 37%


2,709 cats came in alive; 444 left alive; 2,265 killed at shelter; live release rate = 16%

837 dogs came in alive; 305 left alive; 532 killed at shelter; live release rate = 36%


3,068 cats came in alive; 560 left alive; 2,508 killed at shelter; live release rate = 18%

842 dogs came in alive (subtract 46 pitbulls killed pursuant to legislation) = 796 came in alive; 300 left alive; 496 killed at shelter (not including pitbulls); live release rate = 37%


2,722 cats came in alive; 826 left alive; 1,896 killed at shelter; live release rate = 30%

725 dogs came in alive; 345 left alive; 380 killed at shelter; live release rate = 47%


2,987 cats came in alive; 778 left alive; 2,209 killed at shelter; live release rate = 26%

697 dogs came in alive; 332 left alive; 365 killed at shelter; live release rate = 47%


3,249 cats came in alive; 777 left alive; 2,472 killed at shelter; live release rate = 23%

704 dogs came in alive; 334 left alive; 370 killed at shelter; live release rate = 47%


3,108 cats came in alive; 712 left alive; 2,396 killed at shelter; live release rate = 22%

640 dogs came in alive; 281 left alive; 359 killed at shelter; live release rate = 43%


2,791 cats came in alive; 555 left alive; 2,236 killed at shelter; live release rate = 16%

813 dogs came in alive; 430 left alive; 383 killed at shelter; live release rate = 52%

2004 – 2012 (YTD) 19,295 cats killed and 3,395 dogs killed

I don’t need to say anymore, I will let the animals do the talking….


Where’s Kevin?

Did anyone hear Kevin on Dave McMahon’s radio show this a.m.? I had been told that Kevin would be on the show at 8:50 a.m to talk about Callie (see previous post).

I started listening at 8:30 and it wasn’t until caller named Brian came on the show to elaborate on Callie and the issues and concerns surrounding her adoption that it became clear that the interview has taken place earlier.

Once again, Dave McMahon offered to work with the new family and Callie in order to “make it work”.

I apologize for any inconvenience. I am attempting to acquire a taping or a transcript of the interview to publish here.

If anyone can enlighten me that would be great! Hopefully Callie will now get a chance at a forever home!

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It’s Kevin in the Morning!!!!!!!!

Callie was on Death Row

Callie had been at LCHS previously and was adopted and then returned again due to “aggression”. She has been determined to be unadoptable (by whom and what standards?) and scheduled to be killed. Who gives the order?

Is Callie unadoptable? Well here’s the thing. She has been socialized with small dogs and passed, She has been socialized with passive female and passive male dogs and has passed. She gets pretty cranky around dominant female and males that results in some aggressive behavior. I am guessing that puts her in a pretty high number of dogs that react likewise. Who HAD determined that Callie is not adoptable and why?

Rather than take the time, make the effort to promote Callie as a dog that needs to be a single dog in the home, preferably with no cats or even children, lets just kill her!

On any given day there are people without children or dogs or cats that are capable and prepared to take in a great dog like Callie. What the hell, kill her.

In an attempt to save Callie and have her re-homed, a number of caring people fired off some emails and made some telephone calls resulting in Animal Assistance Niagara http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/ON352.html and Dave McMahon, http://davemcmahon.ca/ saying they would help.

I cannot say enough about these folks. It has been such an incredible experience to talk to some people with no agenda, no ego just the desire to help animals in need. Dave McMahon offered his Facebook page to feature Callie. This great guy went so far as to say that he would work with Callie and her new family upon her adoption.  Animal Assistance has acted as liaison to have Callie featured on Dave McMahon’s radio show on Sunday October 28th, 2012 at 8:50 a.m.

Here is when the penny drops…guess who is going on Dave’s show to talk about Callie in order to encourage her adoption?  Is it the volunteers at LCHS that have been walking her? Ummm, no. Is it the volunteers at LCHS that have been socializing her with other dogs? Ummmm, no. Is it the staff that has been sick at their stomachs knowing she was going to be killed without being given a chance at being assessed, trained, and loved? Ummmm no. Hey! It’s Kevin in the Morning!!!!! www.1051edfm.com  at 8:50 Sunday morning.

Why is it that now,  Callie is deemed adoptable?

I don’t care if it is the devil him/herself that speaks tomorrow morning. All I care about is that Callie finds a good loving home. That is MY agenda. What about you, Kevin?

Thank you to Niagara Action for Animals, Animal Assistance and Dave McMahon for caring and helping this beautiful girl.


Hit the Road Brian!

On October 17th, fifty-three people having been locked out of the Board of Directors meeting at LCHS waited over 1 ½ hours to be told that their membership applications for which they had paid $50. were going to be deferred.

This is the story of another applicant.

A few weeks ago I asked Brian Narhi if he would consider becoming a member of LCHS. I know that Brian has a great deal of interest and affection for animals, particularly cats and especially his own menagerie.

I approached Brian because he is good people. He is honest, kind, intelligent and thoughtful. I knew that if he chose to become a member he is someone on whom LCHS could depend. These attributes combined with the fact that Brian is co-chair of the St Catharines Heritage Committee, a professional researcher a life long resident of St Catharines and is known and respected in the community, I believe would make Brian a very welcome addition to any membership.

Well in spite of these glowing qualifications, Brian got the boot. Brian submitted his membership application and on September 24th sent me the following confirmation.

“I e-mailed the application to Strooband, then delivered the hard copy and cheque to them at the end of the week—so it would have been received by them after their meeting.”

The meeting to which Brian refers was the September 19th Board of Directors meeting during which the 2 friends of Strooband were admitted into the fold. In actual fact, Brian’s application was in the hands of the B of D on the 19th but he had not been able to physically get to the shelter with his cheque in time for the meeting. There was a motion to accept his membership that was deferred to the next meeting. That would be the infamous meeting of October 17th, 2012.

On October 17th, there were three motions made regarding memberships.

  1. Renewing the memberships for Davidson, Davisdon, Howe and Probst – carried
  2. Accepting the 53 membership applications for new members – defeated
  3. Accepting Brian Narhi’s deferred application due the absence of payment that had been rectified.  – defeated.

  WHY? I want to know why! Why was Brian declined and others accepted. Why is someone like Brian      Narhi denied membership into LCHS when he is good enough to  Co-Chair one of the Mayor’s  committees?

How are applicants “vetted”? What excuses shall be used to deny the 53 deferred applicants and any new applicants from obtaining membership?