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The LCHS Face Book page is administered by volunteers who actually have real lives outside of their time commitment to the animals. They are NOT responsible for accepting applications.

The following is post is taken directly from the Lincoln County Humane Society FB page. THIS is one of the reasons LCHS has earned such a terrible reputation. People who are eager and willing to volunteer are either ignored, passed over,  demoralized or just plain turned away.

I ask; “How does this help the animals?”

Management must start getting a handle on things at the shelter. The BofD MUST get a handle on Management!


Hi, I brought in a application for volunteering a while ago.. and I haven’t heard back from anyone. I gave it to the receptionist so maybe she didn’t give it to anyone ?.

I was just wondering if anyone had received it?

LCHS  replies: All applications are distributed to the person in charge of the program for which the application is submitted. If it was for ‘inside’, the person that coordinates that program has not been in for a few weeks. If you are interested in ‘dog walking’ or ‘cat socializing’ fill in those applications too because they all go to different people

okay so I should drop off another form ? thank you so much for ur help !

Sigh, really big sigh



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