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I turned around and there they were….gone

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Since writing the previous post, this writer has learned of some changes in the illustrious Board of Directors of the Lincoln Closed House Society (LCHS).

Apparently in spite of his membership being renewed, Michael Howe resigned from the BofD on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. Mr. Howe is pretty stand up guy. He struck me as a man with integrity and intelligence which as we know is in short commodity on the B of D. Apparently, on occasion, Mr. Howe has pointed out, violations of the By-Laws and inconsistencies with procedure .  It is my understanding that Mr. Howe’s resignation was a direct result of the appalling behaviour of the majority of the B of D last Wednesday evening when the 53 applications for membership were denied. Good for you Mr. Howe for the strength of your convictions.

Apparently the ranks lost one of their own when Dr. Ghrosal resigned on Friday October 19, 2012. Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if this one sticks.

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