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Why do we kill cats dogs, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other critters that we consider pets or companions.

It is disconcerting that we as a society we even question if not killing homeless animals is possible, rather than taking it as a given that not killing them is mandatory .

Our society has been brought to the point where we have totally devalued the lives of non-human animals to the point that we would even consider that execution as a solution to homelessness.

Let’s be completely honest . We do not kill homeless animals because they are homeless. We do not kill because their population has exceeded available space in the shelter. We are not killing them because we have not instituted the proper programs and protocols. We are killing them for one reason: because we can.

The fact there is a need for a “No Kill” movement speaks volumes of us as a society and our total lack of respect for the lives of our companion animals..

Many proponents of no-kill  myself included have defended No Kill on the basis of its feasibility and not because it is the right thing to do, the morally right thing to do. This must stop! The killing must stop and it must stop now. Yes we need foster homes, and we need marketing and we need the Spay Neuter clinic and we need Trap Neuter Release programs. Yes we need all of that to make No Kill work but we have to draw a line in the sand and say “THIS is the day” THIS the day we stop killing perfectly healthy adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits , gerbils etc. I have said time and again it can’t happen overnight but I see now that it is just another excuse to avoid the obvious. The killing has to stop.

This is not going to happen now or in the future given the situation at LCHS with the obstructionist B of D and the limited skills of its Management .We must say now is the time to make the changes and stop the killing. We must!  It is a moral obligation.Image

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