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What is No Kill?

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Like so many others upon hearing the words words “ No Kill” I immediately thought of cats stock piled like firewood. One cage on top of another, two and three cats per cage. Dogs, three and four to a kennel surrounded by their own waste, cringing with fear or just moping in depression. All of these animals waiting for some one to come along to relieve them from their suffering and take them home.

I now know better and now I would like to share with you the truth about “NO KILL”.

It is not hoarding. It is not desperately holding on to an animal that is hurt, suffering, dangerous to other animals or humans. Sadly, these non adoptable animals should be euthanized in the most humane and compassionate manner possible. But know that this is small number, approximately 4% of an annual intake NOT 70%, not 40%, not good enough!

No Kill is saving healthy ADOPTABLE animals that through no fault of their own find themselves in need of a “forever home.” These adoptable companion animals may have been neglected or abused, maybe abandoned. A great number of animals make their way to shelters as a result of the down turn in the economy, a loss of job. Often a break up in the home means that no pet rule apartments become the new home leaving the guardian with o choice but to surrender their beloved companion. Sometimes an elderly person, through illness or disability has to seek residence in a facility which does not allow animals on to accompany them and s they must turn over their dear friend to the shelter with hopes that a new forever home will be found. Then there is the death of a guardian leaving a dog or cat completely lost and mystified.

Ours is not to judge those who surrender their animals into the care of the shelter. Ours is to make sure these animals are partnered with a new guardian who will become their family. The attached link will provide you with a pdf copy the No Kill Equation publication;

No Kill Primer pdf download

Read this important and informative information and send me a note with your thoughts and comments. Let’s stop the killing!

Contrary to common belief, the reason for shelters being full is NOT because there are not enough homes to go around but rather because shelter Management and Boards do not have the desire, inclination, knowledge and or imagination that it takes to find homes for healthy adoptable companion animals.

Twenty years ago, No Kill was cutting edge,” way out there, are you crazy thinking”? Thanks to the No Kill Equation a proven set of guidelines and tools No Kill is no longer unthinkable. What is unthinkable is to continue the killing.

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