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Whose Fault Is It?????


The following is a Letter to the Editor written by LCHS Executive Director, Kevin Strooband. This letter was written 13 months ago. How many cats have been killed since this letter was written? Regardless, of whether the cats were surrendered by pet owners that did not spay or neuter, does not alter the fact that it is the responsibility of the Shelter ED to find these cats homes not kill them!

How many more cats and dogs shall have to die until the Board of Directors of LCHS make the No Kill Equation MANDATORY. If the present B of D does not stop the killing then we must acquire a new B of D that “get it” and if the present Management does not comply then find new Management.

Contrary to Mr. Strooband’s statement re a “veterinarian-administered injection” to allow the unwanted animal a peaceful departure, is not the case at LCHS. There has not been a Veterinarian on staff at LCHS for at least 8 months and prior to that there was a part time Vet for a few months and prior to that a full time Vet that lasted only a few months. One has to ask why the B of D and Management are unable to maintain Veterinary Staff at LCHS. This also begs the very important question, without narcotics how are the “unwanted animals” released of their “suffering”?

The St Catharines Standard

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Affordable spaying, neutering is the answer

The Lincoln County Humane Society hopes that people like Laureen Harper, Hollywood personality Tanya Memme and Niagara Police Chief Wendy Southall, who helped to unveil our new spay/neuter clinic on Sept. 7, 2will be able to give Niagara’s homeless cats a stronger voice.

 For years the LCHS -a charitable institution -has been criticized for euthanizing cats that it cannot afford to feed, provide medical care for, or adopt out. The LCHS has been honest about the miserable responsibility given to it, due to irresponsible pet owners who will not spay or neuter their pets, and who drop their unwanted litters off for the LCHS to do the dirty work.

 Each year, in St. Catharines alone, 1, 700 cats, with their own unique quirks and personalities, have their lives cut short, because their owners don’t care, and there are too few in the community willing to open their arms to them. The suffering of these unwanted animals ends peacefully with a veterinarian-administered injection. The suffering never ends for LCHS staff, who, on a daily basis, must select 7 cats to die, out of 1 0 that come in every week day, just to make room for the ones that will come in the next day.

The LCHS wants out of the killing, but it cannot afford to do this alone. Our spay/neuter clinic is contingent on community help. While we receive funding from municipalities for cruelty investigations and by-law enforcement, we rely on donors to save companion animals.

 Financially we are not ready to undertake the full task that lies ahead -that of spaying and neutering enough cats in the community to start reducing the population -but with your help, we can get there. We hope you will help us achieve our goal of having no more homeless pets. Please visit www.lchs.ca to make a donation. Thank you

Kevin Strooband

Lincoln County Humane Society

2 thoughts on “Whose Fault Is It?????

  1. This is a terificlly informative and insightful blog. Well done.

    G. B.

  2. I meant ‘terrifically’ informative, and have forwarded to some friends who share my thoughts. G. B.

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