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Falling down the Rabbit Hole…..


During the strike at Lincoln County Humane Society I helped out on a number of occasions with cat feeding, cage cleaning, floor, washing, dishes, dishes and did I mention, dishes. It was during this time that I discovered there was a vacancy on the Board of Directors, LCHS.  I thought, given my previous board experience, marketing, management background and most recently running an Ontario Wildlife rescue and rehab center I would probably be considered a bit of an asset to the board and in turn the animals of LCHS. Excuse my ego.

My membership renewal had already been authorized; so I then sat down to write a letter to the Board of Directors. requesting their consideration in appointing me to the vacant position on the B of D. On July 16th, I received confirmation of receipt of the letter from K. Strooband stating he had forwarded the letter to the B of D;  click here to download and read my letter to the Board of Directors

Hi Julia,

Thanks for the email! I have sent it to the Board President.




Next step was I was invited to attend the July 18th Board of Directors Meeting in order to be introduced and to allow the directors an opportunity to ask me any questions they felt appropriate. It took all of 30 seconds for it to become  abundantly clear that not only was I not expected,  to suggest I was certainly not welcome at the meeting is a gross understatement. I was not invited in nor was I ever offered a seat. Really? What ever happened to common courtesy?

Time marches on and I hear rumblings that the B of D is talking about changing the rules for application to the board so on August 7th I sent a letter to Ann Davidson directly asking the status of my request to become a director .  click here to download and read my follow up letter

On August 28th, this is what I got for my trouble:

Hello Julia,

Ann Davidson has asked me to apologize for the delay in formally responding to you regarding the status of your request to be considered for Board membership. The Board appreciates your interest in LCHS and your past experience in the not for profit sector.  The regular Board Meeting schedule will be reconvening after the summer break, in September and you can expect to hear from us in September or October regarding your interest in joining the Board. 



Kevin Strooband

Executive Director

Are you kidding me?  “Ann Davidson has ASKED ME to ….”

Okay I admit I am now royally pissed. So in a hissy fit of rage I fired off this little ditty:

Ms. Davidson

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to arrange to have Kevin Strooband reply on your behalf. This speaks volumes.

I shall look forward to the AGM and the BOD decision.


Julia McLaren

Well what can I say?

Next I find out that there is a new application form, On September 18th, 2012 I send off the new and improved application for sitting on the right hand of god, er for a position on the Board of Directors. to see the NEWLY  created  application form click here

Now wait for this part, on Sept. 18th, two “friends” of Kevin Strooband’s were accepted as members on the night their memberships were presented to the B of D.  What about the whole “vetting process” Oh and FYI, they were both at the meeting on Oct. 17th. But not only were they admitted as members, Ann Davidson immediately put their names forward for consideration for Directors!  WHOA!  1. They had not completed an application for the board, 2. They had not been interviewed, 3. There was only one position available and 4. HEY I have been busting my backside for two months at this point, filled out two applications, had to appear before Her Highness and the court. I call FOUL!

Fortunately, it was pointed put to the President that maybe, just maybe she was out of order and the attempt to make a motion went no further.

Then on September 26th, I have yet another interview with the “nominating” committee.

Here we are on October 25th, 2012 and as of this writing I still have not been advised as to my acceptance or rejection to the Board of Directors of LCHS. I quit holding my breath quite a while ago.

So what do you think? Is this a reasonable procedure in order to join a Board of Directors? Isit right for a board to change the rules while the game is in play? I played by the rules. I complied by sending a letter to the board,stood like a lemon being scrutinized by a bunch of strange people, re-applied by submitting a newly created form and then submitted myself to yet another interview. While I am going through this performance, two complete and utter unknowns (other than to K. Strooband) show up, grab their memberships and are offered a seat in her Highness’ court. Is this right?


4 thoughts on “Falling down the Rabbit Hole…..

  1. it is truly worse than I thought. having gone through a nightmare with the LCHS, over 20 years ago being unceremoniously dumped in a jerry-rigged “election” ((along with several other “animal” people) I know a bit of what you speak and there are no words to cover the disappointment and sadness that I again feel for you and for the whole of the community that fights (really fights) for animals.

  2. Thanks Cath, coming from you, these words mean a great deal to me. You were treated in the abominable manner by LCHS twenty years ago and to see the reign of stupidity and apathy continue is very disturbing. The good news is that LCHS loss is very much Niagara Action For Animals’ gain. Your efforts are remarkable, the animals very fortunate to have you working on their behalf. Maybe, maybe one day we shall work together for the animals of LCHS?????? Maybe. Thanks again for your support.

  3. Even though it is not right, we have to keep fighting….I say we because I support you. I believe the tide will change soon.

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