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Callie was on Death Row

Callie had been at LCHS previously and was adopted and then returned again due to “aggression”. She has been determined to be unadoptable (by whom and what standards?) and scheduled to be killed. Who gives the order?

Is Callie unadoptable? Well here’s the thing. She has been socialized with small dogs and passed, She has been socialized with passive female and passive male dogs and has passed. She gets pretty cranky around dominant female and males that results in some aggressive behavior. I am guessing that puts her in a pretty high number of dogs that react likewise. Who HAD determined that Callie is not adoptable and why?

Rather than take the time, make the effort to promote Callie as a dog that needs to be a single dog in the home, preferably with no cats or even children, lets just kill her!

On any given day there are people without children or dogs or cats that are capable and prepared to take in a great dog like Callie. What the hell, kill her.

In an attempt to save Callie and have her re-homed, a number of caring people fired off some emails and made some telephone calls resulting in Animal Assistance Niagara http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/ON352.html and Dave McMahon, http://davemcmahon.ca/ saying they would help.

I cannot say enough about these folks. It has been such an incredible experience to talk to some people with no agenda, no ego just the desire to help animals in need. Dave McMahon offered his Facebook page to feature Callie. This great guy went so far as to say that he would work with Callie and her new family upon her adoption.  Animal Assistance has acted as liaison to have Callie featured on Dave McMahon’s radio show on Sunday October 28th, 2012 at 8:50 a.m.

Here is when the penny drops…guess who is going on Dave’s show to talk about Callie in order to encourage her adoption?  Is it the volunteers at LCHS that have been walking her? Ummm, no. Is it the volunteers at LCHS that have been socializing her with other dogs? Ummmm, no. Is it the staff that has been sick at their stomachs knowing she was going to be killed without being given a chance at being assessed, trained, and loved? Ummmm no. Hey! It’s Kevin in the Morning!!!!! www.1051edfm.com  at 8:50 Sunday morning.

Why is it that now,  Callie is deemed adoptable?

I don’t care if it is the devil him/herself that speaks tomorrow morning. All I care about is that Callie finds a good loving home. That is MY agenda. What about you, Kevin?

Thank you to Niagara Action for Animals, Animal Assistance and Dave McMahon for caring and helping this beautiful girl.

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