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Where’s Kevin?


Did anyone hear Kevin on Dave McMahon’s radio show this a.m.? I had been told that Kevin would be on the show at 8:50 a.m to talk about Callie (see previous post).

I started listening at 8:30 and it wasn’t until caller named Brian came on the show to elaborate on Callie and the issues and concerns surrounding her adoption that it became clear that the interview has taken place earlier.

Once again, Dave McMahon offered to work with the new family and Callie in order to “make it work”.

I apologize for any inconvenience. I am attempting to acquire a taping or a transcript of the interview to publish here.

If anyone can enlighten me that would be great! Hopefully Callie will now get a chance at a forever home!

2 thoughts on “Where’s Kevin?

  1. Julia, is Dave McMahon’s show listed on CKTB web site? There are podcasts available for Tim Dennis, Larry Fedoruk etc.

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