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Lightening, thunder, wind and rainstorms can make a great number of companion animals very upset resulting in some unfortunate behaviours.

An option that I can personally recommend having witnessed myself what a difference it can make is the Thundershirt. click here to learn more about the fantastic Thundershirt 

The Thundershirt is a truly remarkable product. The company always mindful of the number of animals that suffer through storm, separation anxity, aggression and depression upon request donated five Thundershirts to LCHS . I do hope that animals at the shelter in need will be outfitted tonight and throughout the duration of this storm

I realize sharing this following of info is kind of like closing the barn door after the horse has fled but may act as a reminder to begin the process if you feel it is a good option for you and you pet.


A technique that has been very successful treating anxiety and phobias is called desensitization. The technique involves exposing the subject to a low level of what actually causes the anxiety while paired with something positive. Get a tape recorder and get your hands on sounds of a thunderstorm or fireworks or loud noises (perhaps the vacuum cleaner) that normally cause your dog to become afraid. Have your dog in a quiet room with you and start the tape off at a very low (barely audible) volume. Reassure your dog by petting it and saying “good dog” (or something similar) in a regular non-baby like voice. Give your dog a couple of treats. Start off very slowly the first few times, perhaps just a couple of minutes of the low volume noise. GRADUALLY over a week or so make the volume louder until at the end of the exercise it is very loud. The goal is for the dog to associate these loud noises with calmness and treats thereby relieving the fearful behaviour. This technique works well for most dogs, but it must be done correctly or it can worsen your dog’s reaction. Seek advice from your vet when in doubt.

If none of these techniques work then perhaps a meeting with a behaviorist (ask your vet for a referral) can provide you with a specific plan for your dog. In terms of medication, there are herbal medications that can help and there are mild tranquilizers that can be prescribed by your veterinarian.

To all of my blog friends upright and four legged, be warm and safe. to enjoy a touch of blustery whimsy click here

3 thoughts on “A VERY BLUSTERY DAY!

  1. Thundershirts are amazing, and that is so nice of the company to donate some to the shelter. I would be shocked if the staff remembered to put them on before the storm, but you never know! Also..these are great to use for shy dogs as well, helps them gain confidence to interact with new people and animals…they use a similar thing all the time at Best Friends Animal Society when they hold “shy dog classes”, and it’s pretty amazing the results they get!

    • I am so glad that you commented on this post. It is great to have someone back up my personal claim that Thundershirts are effective. I watched a very old, blind Lab go from a quivering mass of terror and anxiety into a relatively calmed dog during storms. I have seen it work on big dogs, small dogs of various breed and temperament. When I wrote Thundershirt to ask for a donation, there was no hesitation and the next thing I knew they had arrived at the shelter. God only knows if the staff and volunteers even know they exists let alone being used. Have a great day!

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