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Ethel, The Board of Directors and Mangement of LCHS can help you… if they want to


photo courtesy of St Catharines Standard

Ethel needs help. click here to read Ethel’s story in the St Catharines Standard

Recently, LCHS, its Board of Directors and the Management have been under fire for a number of reasons. The ultimate goal is to save the lives of any and all animals that are healthy and treatable and ultimately adoptable .Ethel is a perfect example of how NO KILL works. Ethel is a perfectly healthy animal that once her injury has been addressed shall enjoy a great life.

It is my sincere hope that more and more animals like Ethel shall enjoy the opportunity of life as is their right and not because it is politically expedient.

INCREDIBLY, Mr. Strooband and the Board of Directors have the means to help sweet Ethel RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!!

Presently LCHS has in its possession over $2500 in membership application funds. I am fairly certain that each and every applicant would be delighted in knowing their hard earned money was going to help Ethel and others just like her. All it would take is for the Board of Directors accepting these fine people as members of LCHS. I think Ethel would like that. After all isn’t it about Ethel’s welfare and other dogs, cats, guinea pigs, gerbils etc. just like her?

2 thoughts on “Ethel, The Board of Directors and Mangement of LCHS can help you… if they want to

  1. I could not bear to think an animal is injured and needs treatment, but is not receiving this treatment because Kevin Strooband hasn’t ordered it to be done…..due to lack of funds…….outragious!!!!

    • Lily, thanks for your comments. I believe the procedure is going to be done regardless. Ethel will be taken care of. This particular surgery is very expensive and Dr. Turpel has been very generous to offer to do the procedure for the paltry sum of $1,500. The point is the money is available. Strooband and the B of D are simply using Ethel as a diversionary tactic to try and offset the present attacks. Actually Ethe is very luck . Has she been brought in on October 16th, she would likely had never seen Oct 17th. Past experiences indicate that LCHS Management has chosen on many, many occasions to euthanise prior to considering any treatment. I value and look forward to further comments

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