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Ethel, this is for you and others like you. Thanks to you, the blatant disrespect of LCHS by its Board of Directors and Management towards the animals they are mandated to care for and protect is exposed.

On October 17th I was walking from LCHS  having been shut out of the Board of Directors Meeting enroute to the AGM that didn’t happen. This trek is all of about 200 yards. One of the LCHS vehicles passed by with ED Kevin Strooband at the wheel.  I turned to one of the declined 53 membership applicants with whom I was walking and caustically remarked on the waste of tax payers and donors dollars for the vehicle to be used in this manner. Now granted, Strooband could have been transporting copious quantities of heavy documentation to be distributed at the AGM or some other viable reason to use the vehicle in this manner. Regardless, the aforementioned person said to me “Have you heard that Strooband wants $60k to buy new trucks?”  That thud you would have heard was my jaw hitting the asphalt!

Fast forward to October 30th. Kevin Strooband goes to the St Catharines Standard and asks the public for $1500. in order to help poor Ethel obtain the Veterinary care she desperately needs. click here for Ethel’s story

Huh? Ask the B of D to use  $60k for new trucks? Approach the public for $1500. for an operation on a dog in need? Anybody else see a problem with this?

Let’s consider for a moment where would LCHS get $60k to buy new trucks? Well here is an idea! For three months while on strike a significant amount of budgeted funds were not utilized as wages and benefits were not being paid out of LCHS coffers to the striking employees.  Animal intake was at a minimum, which also reduces, cleaning materials, time and staff effort yet again. Volunteers, you know NON-PAID people, were at the shelter to clean and care for animals. Due to the reduction in animal intake, even veterinary procedures such as Spay Neuter, vaccinations etc. were reduced.

Just how much money was “saved”?

Strooband has actually asked the question “What shall I spend the “extra” money on?

What audacity, what unmitigated gall to go to the public for $1500.  in order help a dog which under ordinary circumstances would be euthanized without even a second thought. What a s, pathetic attempt at distracting the public from the incompetence and ineptitude of a Board of Directors and its Management at LCHS.

How dare you. How dare you use an innocent sick animal as a tool in an attempted cover up?


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