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How is my money spent?

This blog has been focused on exposing incompetence, ignorance, unprofessional conduct, and frankly just plain old stupidity. Everyday when I write about the KILLING, and I listen and read the absurd remarks by Strooband and Davidson et al, I think, wait, No Kill is a reality. We are not reinventing the wheel here. The No Kill Equation is not a pie in the sky unrealistic idea that costs thousands of dollars and requires specialized equipment. What it does need is, intestinal fortitude, strong leadership, determination, and hard work, all of which are in very short supply at LCHS.

What offends me most, outside the KILLING is the blatant waste of money at LCHS. I am so offended by the amount of money, donors money, taxpayers money that is being wasted or used inappropriately and ineffectively. I despise that money is being used more to benefit humans than the animals for which it is intended.

Other than those who are actually born into privilege, we have all had to work to generate an income in order to support our families. We pay mortgages, hydro, and water bills, we pay our taxes and loans. We buy food, we care for our children and our companion animals and when we are able we give. In fact we give a great deal.  Canadians are very generous with their giving and there is a great deal of competition for the donor dollar which is why it is imperative that every dollar donated is used for its intended purpose and used as efficiently and as practically as possible. The following information details Canadian donating and makes it very clear animal welfare is not high on the giving totem pole. It would then behoove those managing those very important dollars to do so with a great deal of caution and efficiency.

In terms of the amounts donated, Religious organizations receive far more than any other

type of organization. Collectively they received over $2.1 billion in 2007 – roughly half

(47%) of the total value of all donations made in Ontario (see Figure 1.6). Health

organizations ranked a distant second with 23% of the total value of all donations (over $1

billion) and Social Services organizations were third with 8% ($359 million). This

distribution of support is essentially unchanged since 2004 and is broadly similar to that

seen in the rest of Canada.

The average amounts that Ontarians donate to particular types of organizations vary greatly.

Donors to Religious organizations made the largest average annual donations ($537; see

Figure 1.7). By comparison, the average annual donation for Health organizations was

relatively small ($152), even though nearly two thirds of Ontarians (64%) donated to these

organizations. Although Health organizations had a broader base of support than do other

organizations, several types of organizations received larger average annual donations.

Ontarians made the smallest average annual donations to organizations working in the areas

of Social Services ($81), Education & Research ($77), and Sports & Recreation ($53).


Giving and Volunteering inOntarioFindings from the Canada Survey of Giving,Volunteering, and Participating

Personally I do not consider a Humane Society purchasing a Smart Car no matter how “good a deal” a wise use of donors’ or tax dollars. It is my opinion the annual licensing and insurance costs exacerbate an already wasteful use of donor money. How does LCHS justify the ridiculous fuel costs for running four huge gas guzzling trucks on the road “cruising for strays”. Is it not a more efficient use of tax payer and donors’ dollars to have the personnel at the shelter caring for animals than driving around aimlessly waiting for “the big call”?

Contrary to what the public has been given to believe, the staff of LCHS are not underpaid . If Executive Director Kevin Strooband is to believed, he told me last March that LCHS has the second highest payroll in Ontario. Strooband alone receives in excess of $85k per year and my understanding is that in 2012 his annual salary shall be close to $100k as a result of bonuses. I have no problem compensating people for doing their jobs. I do resent paying people to do a job only to discover the job is not being done and in this case animals are being KILLED as a result.

For those who may not be aware, I do know of what I speak. I was General Manager and Executive Director of the largest wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release facility in Ontario. Over the course of a year we would have in excess of 800 animals enter the facility some with devastating injuries, most orphaned.  Now that may not seem like much but consider 500 baby animals (raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, otters, beavers, fawns and bears) _MG_9430on site at one time most of which needing to be fed every two hours around the clock upon arrival. We operated with a permanent staff of four animals care people (including myself) one maintenance and one administration neither of which worked with the animals. During baby season we had eight volunteers on site to help with feedings, cleaning and general care of the animals. This is a 24/7, 365 day operation. Bears, deer, beavers, late raccoons and other little critters have to be wintered over. There are also the permanent residents, wolves, coyotes, lynx, owls and others . Add to these  are the winter casualties, deer, moose and bears involved in vehicular incidents or starving.

Our total budget for the facility was $500k which was TOTALLY donations, 100%. I spent hours completing grant applications, writing to potential donors, giving presentations to various service clubs and horticultural societies and bridge clubs and churches and anyone else from whom we may extract funds. Out total compensation budget was $225k.  I was the highest paid employee at $45k. We operated a 100 year old barn as _MG_9460the “clinic” nursery, large animal housing and winter housing, two houses, a bunkhouse and a common room, we ran a 1989 ½ ton truck (which I personally bought for $1500. and took a tax receipt)  and a 2004 van. In order to pick up animals in distress and to return them to their place of origin, we traveled to Sudbury, Timmins, French River, through Algonquin Park and south to St Caths, Mississauga, Oakville, Barrie, Orillia, Bracebridge, Hunstville , Ottawa, and other places that quite frankly I can’t remember.

We didn’t have fancy uniforms, in fact we had a woman that owned her own second hand clothing store who would bring the rejects from the store to us. We were grateful for anything and everything. We begged and pleaded with veterinarians to help us as we had no money for services, meds, vaccination (yes we vaccinated every raccoon, skunk, fox, coyote and wolf). DSC_0020We built huge enclosures, small enclosures, we logged and processed the logs for enclosures, and we did laundry morning, noon and night.


We made it work. We also had a live release rate of over 85%.

I am proud to say that we made every donor dollar work for the animals. We did not waste a penny, ever.

I am appalled that a facility with the budget of LCHS incurs distemper and parvo flare ups when it is so simple to avoid. Maybe sell that stupid car and put the money towards disinfectant foot baths, gloving and gowning. COMMON SENSE preventative practices.

Instead of asking the Board of Directors for $60k for new trucks, PLEASE improve the conditions in the facility, Here is a wild and crazy idea, $60k could be applied to hire a part time Veterinarian or a Vet Tech!!!!!

Okay, I have vented, I am done. I do hope now that you may appreciate my anger, my frustration and my utter disgust for the total lack of consideration for the tax payer and the kindness and generosity of donors who are cheated and mislead.



Enough excuses, just do your job

Do you find the following comments acceptable ?

One teacher speaking to another -“I can’t teach all of these kids. Don’t people know about birth control?”

Two Police officers at an accident site – “how are we supposed to look after the public when the public doesn’t obey the law?”

Lawyer talking to his assistant – “no wonder he was convicted, it’s not my fault the kids’ parents left their prescription meds in the bathroom.”

Each one of these statements indicates a complete lack of professionalism, as well as a  poor  attitude. Instead of assuming the responsibility for their own poor performance, blame is inappropriately shifted to others.

If we find these examples outrageous then why is this acceptable? LCHS Executive Director, Kevin Strooband to anyone….

“it is irresponsible pet owners that do not spay or neuter their animals that make me have to KILL animals” “ there are too many animals so I have to KILL them”, and this little beauty on Sunday Morning on the Dave McMahon radio show, “Public apathy is the biggest problem we have”.


Are you kidding me? There are well over 60 people liaterally banging on the doors trying to obtain membership at LCHS for over a month. There are literally hundreds of people screaming to STOP THE KILLING! This is apathy?

Let me tell you about apathy. It is a Board of Directors and Management that have and continue to blame the public because they are doing a lousy job of saving animals. To their “credit” they are doing an exemplary job of KILLING animals. Apathy is an Executive Director and a Board that presently boast an improvement in adoptions and fewer killings (for which I for one am very grateful) as a means of damage control in light of the public pressure, ooops sorry that’s spelled a p a t h y to STOP THE KILLING. Apathy is admitting a dog (Callie) on October 10th , assuring her guardian that she will be adopted “there is no alternative here” and then immediately place a PTS notice on her cage! Fortunately we discovered her imminent death on October 17th. So much for aggressive and progressive adoption programs. Do not be fooled, the KILLING continues and why? Because the Executive Director and the Board of Directors are too apathetic to even consider educating themselves on the No Kill Equation, because if they did they would understand that it is the only moral and right thing to do!

Quit blaming the public for your incompetence, tunnel vision and APATHY! Do your job, STOP THE KILLING! Earn the almost $100k you will be paid in 2012. Note: I did not say “earn”.

Now, if your job is to encourage the adoption of animals at the shelter in which you are the Executive Director and you have spouted off on how hard you and your staff work to facilitate these adoptions, would you not make sure that there is ALWAYS some one available to take phone calls. I mean a real live person and not a Silicone Sally listing a dozen different extensions and directions? Just so you know that I am not making this stuff up, the following is a thread from Facebook that I am attaching with Calvin Manley’s permission. When I asked if I could use this thread, his answer was,“Certainly. Anything to help the cause.”

3rd party:  Julia McLaren, is this the original ad for Callie or has this situation deteriorated again?

Calvin Manley:  What a beauty.

3rd Party:  Now Calvin Manley you should meet Callie!

Calvin Manley:  She sounds like my last girl, Casey was Sheppard/Golden/Timberwolf cross. Nutty like a fruitcake. She was always good at home or in our fenced yard but beyond that you had to have a grip on her. A real runner. Typical Sheppard, an opportunist. lol

3rd party:  Sounds like you and Callie would be a good fit. I believe 10 weeks of prof training are included with her adoption.

Julia McLaren: Calvin, this girl is an absolute character. She has a great sense of humour combined with huge energy and the need for security, consistency and a whole lot of love. Calvin if you or some one you know is interested in Callie PLEASE go see her. Do NOT take any guff from the staff at LCHS. She is not aggressive, she needs behaviour mod and positive reinforcement. She was going to be killed until we intervened contrary to what her former guardian was told by management. Frankly it is only because we have made her such a media gem that she is alive right now but I honestly do not believe this will continue with the propensity for killing at LCHS. PLEASE if you are able or know some one who wants a big beautiful blonde at their side, go see her. Also Callie’s former guaradian will be happy to communicate with any potential forever home and Dave McMahon has offered FREE training!!!!

Calvin Manley: I’ll definitely have to talk to Syl about it. She’s 5’0” and about 120lbs so as long as she’s comfortable it would work.

Julia McLaren: Calvin, if a dog and their person form a good partnership it is one of those rare occasions where size does not count. I do so hope that Callie will get some consideration. Thanks

Julia McLaren: ^^&&* the ad was paid for by ANIMAL ASSISTANCE when I first contacted them for help when I found out that Callie was scheduled to be PTS. Incredible huh? The dog is at LCHS who no doubt will insist on the total adoption fee and it is Animal Assistance that pays for the ad and gets nada! TYPICAL!

Calvin Manley: What are the LCHS adoption fees?

Julia McLaren: Hey Calvin, here is the LCHS adoption page. $290 BUT, there is no way that you should have to pay the whole shot, she is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on shots. Let us now what they say, insist on seeing Strooband.  &**( If Strooband insists on the whole $290, I think Callie would be a great opportunity to test his commitment to “progressive” adoption practices, don’t you?

3rd Party: The ED should do the right thing and adopt this special dog at a vastly reduced adoption fee, including consideration of a fee waived agreement. Isn’t a humane society supposed to be about saving lives?

Calvin Manley:  Well, I tried calling them to get info on her and you cannot get ahold of a real person. All I got were a bunch of options (none of which applied) as I was looking for information, which I tried and again all I got was a recording and then the system hung up on me.! *%^&$! Not very person or user friendly. Sounds more mechanical than anything. And they’re ‘working with the public’?

3rd party:  Calvin Manley, welcome to the LCHS. Julia McLaren, Wendy Ross and Rosalind Valerie can tell you all about it. How not to run a Humane Society 101.

Calvin Manley :Unbelievable! If I was running a business and had that kind of contact with the public, I wouldn’t be in business for very long. And this is thier best effort at helping the animals in thier care? They are seriously lacking in thier communication skills with the public. Not everyone can just run down there to get information. That’s what phones are for.

3rd party: All good points Calvin Manley. This is exactly the reason No Kill St Catharines was created. The majority of the Board and the ED believe all is well at LCHS. In fact the CEO of the OSPCA lauds their performance and says they are with LCHS every step of the way. Change is needed here from the top on down.

Julia McLaren: Okay, I understand and appreciate your frustration. I stood and waited for 40 minutes trying to purchase dog tags while being blatantly ignored by two staff. It is not Callie’s fault, PLEASE do not give up. If anything this should point out to you how important it is to get her out of that godforsaken place.


Big Head, Big Feet, Big Mouth

This morning Kevin Strooband, Executive Director and “guy in charge of Vetting and due diligence and all that really neat stuff” was in the studio of radio 101.5 ED FM.  “ALL ABOUT DOGS” is an interactive talk show addressing care for your dog. Niagara’s acclaimed Dog Trainer and author, Dave McMahon takes your calls and brings in special guest experts.… It’s “ALL ABOUT DOGS” on Ed FM.”

Unfortunately in spite of Dave going on and on and on about how one could access the broadcast on podcast, it would appear that today’s episode has yet to be posted. I was counting on being able to reference the site for you here on the blog. I did make notes and once the podcast is available I shall post it in a new blog. Here’s a few highlights;

Dave welcomed Kevin Strooband who stated he was glad to be here because it “helps the animals that is what it is all about”.

McMahon then asked Kevin about his background to which Strooband replies, he was hired in 1990 so he has spent 22 years, animal control.   “Twelve  years ago I was made Executive Director and have been making the shelter a better place ever since” REALLY?

Why then has the there been a revolving door of employees over the years and in the last year alone 5 fulltime employees have left? If Strooband has done such a great job why then does this present situation exist?

Dave asks Kevin “why did you want to work with animals” to which Kevin replies  “I wanted to be Police Officer  didn’t work out at the time …..I liked animals and have learned to respect animals…..  I am passionate about the animals…. brings a tear to my eye”. If Strooband loves animal so much why are 75% of cats and 55% of dogs KILLED?

So I guess f I was “vetting” old Kevin buddy, my first question would be, Why were you not accepted as a Police Officer?

“How would you describe your job asked Dave. Kevin replies “it varies, lately I have been changing programs…. looking for homes for animals …. It is a vast group of things I have to do” Dave says, “tough to be you”. To which I say, it is a lot tougher being a cat or a dog at LCHS.
Kevin continues “volunteers come to me with concerns…. I deal with a lot of people a lot of the time “. This from the guy that terrorizes volunteers, has them in tears. One volunteer states the only reason she stays is because she knows full well if she leaves the dogs will get out only once a week rather than everyday.

click here to see what a former volunteer saw, heard and experienced at LCHS, the place Strooband has been making better.

At the end of 2011 there were 12 foster homes, as of this writing there are 5. Yessiree, those volunteers love this guy!

“I keep my phone on all the time and will talk to anyone anytime”. “ I am never without my blackberry, it is on right now, I won’t take any calls but I am always ready to take calls” This is the first statement with which I agree. If Kevin buddy can talk to someone , especially the press, he is all over it.

Dave then asks Kevin to describe himself, who he really is and his character traits, “tell us about your personality and your qualities” Kevin says, “friends say I am a totally different person, I can be firm, professional and reasonable….I try and listen to you with compassion and empathy the public just want to be heard, I am always listening,  empathetic, spend 5 minutes with me on the phone and you will learn I care about the animals”. From what I have been told by former employees (of which there are a vast number to choose from), volunteers and others, Strooband is a petty tyrant, who could care less what anyone else has to say. It’s his way or the highway!

In reference to Strooband’s size twelve foot, Dave says “guys with big shoes have big brains” Strooband – “guess that means I have a big head”.  Any idea how much self control I am using right now?

Strooband continues to talk about himself, which coincidentally is his favourite subject “I am very caring hard working, I love the shelter…. staff can call me anytime of the day or night”

Dave McMahon makes mention of the No Kill meeting  held previously this week and Strooband states, It’s a great idea, I was there,  I was called brave and courageous, I went with an open mind to learn that is the only way to work, I have to go out and learn.”Strooband is either incredibly stupid or a blatant liar.” This exert is taken directly from the front page of the Lincoln County Humane Society website “No Kill” is not a viable option, but it is certainly possible to end euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. Together, as a community, we can. Please click here to see the statement in its entirety SIGNED by Kevin Strooband, ED

McMahon goes out on a limb and brings up the subject of the membership applications, “The Volunteers shall have their memberships, they are going to have their applications heard at the next Board of Directors’ meeting! It is very important to listen to stakeholders” You heard it here volunteers, you are in!

Dave threw out the challenge to call in and talk to Strooband. Obviously throwing down a gauntlet. “This is your chance to talk to Kevin” Well I called. I was asked my name and then was asked my question. I was then placed on hold. A couple of minutes later a little voice came back on the phone to tell me that there was no more time for callers. This was at 8:24 of a show that was to continue until 9:00 a.m. Also on three more occasions, Dave asked for callers right up until 8:53, when he stated it was the last chance to talk to Kevin.

By that time, I had suffered quite enough and needed a coffee. The Bailey’s was looking pretty darn good at that point too.

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Curiouser and curiouser!

To be totally honest, I am still in a complete and utter quandary over  the results (or lack thereof) from the Board of Directors’ Meeting last Wednesday. I have been giving considerable though to the “vetting process” which is of such great importance to the Board of Directors and especially the management of LCHS as it appears that he is the “grande poobah” of due diligence and vetting and other very important jobs named like those there with fancy schmancy words.

I have come to the conclusion that I have absolutely no problem with the present “vetting” process at LCHS. I would not have any issue with each of the 53 plus applicants being “checked out in the exact same manner as Ann Davidson, Mary Lou Davidson, Christine Probst, Ed Klassen, Grace Pang, Nadia Kobylko, Tom Manney and Maria Sgambati. Of course big Joe would not need vetting as he is an appointee from City Council and does not have a VOTE, unless he is acting as a director in which case he does have a vote and he would have been vetted too. Ugh…

So let’s do our own bit of vetting. Who the hell is Ann Davidson when she is at home? What does she do? Does she like animals, does she imbibe, does she eat meat, is she right handed or LEFT handed?

What about Christine Probst? Where does she live, does she wear army boots, is that her real hair, and what has she ever done for a single animal in the time she has been a Director at LCHS?

What of steady Eddie Klassen? Well it is very clear he is a complete and utterly incompetent boob when it comes to the job of Membership Chair but what of his background? Is he suitable to be on the Board of Directors? Does he share the same goals and aspirations of all of the other directors? Did he wet the bed as a child?

Mary Lou Davidson claims to be a proponent of No Kill when she attends the conferences and didn’t she tell the B of D that she would be in touch with her good friend Nathan Winograd to arrange for him to come and meet with them to have a bit of a chat? Mr.Winograd is still waiting to hear from his good buddy. So was Mary Lou vetted? If so why is she permitted on the B of D when she professes to be a proponent of No Kill? hmmmmmm.  Maybe she neglected to mention this or when the Management was performing due diligence and calling all of the (competitive) organizations to which she belongs, did they all lie about Mary Lou’s professed beliefs? What does Mary Lou believe?

Nadia make no bones about her total indifference to animals (“I do not share the passion that you have”) and had no compunction about telling me so when interviewing me for a position in the B of D . That is all well and good but should a person who could care less whether an animal  lives or dies be voting on whether animals do live or die? Maybe the vetting process missed this particular issue. Or maybe like Nadia, they just don’t care, unless it upsets the tea party.

Tom Manney, Grace Pang and Maria Sgambati have all made their positions abundantly clear. No one can ever suggest these fine people have any other agenda than to Stop The Killing which begs the question how did they make it through the vetting process? How in the name of the Queen of Hearts were these people permitted to become members and ultimately Directors? I’m guessing Joe ( the Mad Hatter ) Kushner is apoplectic.

So who did perform “due diligence?”

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Telling it like it is…..

On October 17th 2012, over 60 people waited for over and hour and a half to learn the  status of their applications for membership to Lincoln County Humane Society . Today is November 23rd, and they are still waiting. On Nov. 21st in front of 100 tax paying members of the public and the press, the B of D VOTED 4 to 3 to “defer” the applications AGAIN until such time as they may be “vetted”. Initially it was suggested this deferment be until the new year. That brilliant idea was met with ta great deal of enthusiasm – all negative. So now the applicants shall have to wait for another two weeks to learn if the shall enjoy membership in LCHS and subsequently a vote at the AGM. By my calendar that means the next meeting to address the membership matter will be December 5th, 2012.  Will they be accepted? Will they be declined? Who is acceptable and who is not? And why or why not?

On Thursday Nov. 22nd, NewsTalk 610, CKTB, Tim Denis in the Morning broadcast the popular segment Roundtable. On this day, seated at the Roundtable were Tim Denis, Tam Jeanneret , Kevin Jack, and guest,  St Catharines Standard Reporter Grant LaFleche. It was an animated and very interesting conversation as they discussed the Board of Directors’ meeting of the previous evening and specifically the deferment of the 60 membership applications I would like to share some quotes form this podcast:

“I would like someone from Lincoln County or the Board of Directors to just come put and say what is going on. Do you want members or you don’t want members. Do you want No Kill or do you not want No Kill, It’s all very confusing.

“We all know that something stinks and I dunno what it is” There is something just not right happening at the Lincoln County Humane Society” “I don’t know how big or bad a problem that it is, but the more that they try and keep us away, the more our mind is spinning”

“Ed Klassen the Membership Chairman said “We need to get to know who is interesting in achieving our goals,”  “scary individual, people like that shouldn’t be saying things like that”

This is typical of a Board of Directors that have been around for years, needs fresh faces, they just don’t want to relinquish positions. They need to accept that it is all over boys and girls man up your run is over.”

“ What kind of a vetting process, one that makes sure everyone believes what I want.” “Is there are a criteria, tell people what the criteria is”

“Something is dirty”.

To hear the entire conversation, please click to this URL and then scroll down to:

CKTB Roundtable Part One – November 22nd, 2012.

These people have been following this matter for weeks, since the October 17th meeting. It is interesting that at no point do they question the integrity of No Kill St Catharines or any of those affiliated with the organization. Hopefully, the Board of Directors will heed the advice of these fine people and will “accept that it is all over boys and girls man up your run is over.”

And still the KILLING continues……


Ignorance is not bliss, it is just ignorance

A number of years ago when I was rescuing Old English Sheepdogs, an associate asked me what I knew about No Kill. My reply was very simple, nothing, absolutely nothing. Fast forward  some years I was involved in a conversation with yet another animal type person and we began to talk about No Kill. Well by this time of course, having availed myself of all sorts of information,  I had become an expert on the subject and was very quick to point out to my partner in the conversation that a) it can’t work b) can only result in hoarding c) it is vile to maintain old, and suffering animals  just to avoid “euthanasia” d) it is not about the animals it is about the people and it is selfish.

I was wrong. I was completely and utterly ignorant in the truest sense of the word, totally lacking in knowledge. I am not proud of my former opinions and beliefs. I honestly and truly did not know any differently. Now I do.

I cannot even tell you when it happened, when the penny dropped  but one day it hit me that it is completely wrong to kill perfectly healthy animals just because we can. The most effective, efficient manner in which we may stop the killing is by implementing the No Kill Equation. Learn and let the animals live! nokill101

When I was working in a small town Vet’s office, seldom a day would go by that we did not have to kill an animal. For the most part, I am so glad to be able to say that virtually all of the deaths were by euthanasia. They were good deaths. We assisted very ill, untreatable animals into a humane and peaceful death. I was appalled at the number of people that would drop their animals off to die, leaving us to deal with what was necessary. I would become so angry that this companion that had been with them for years asking only for shelter and food and in return gave totally unqualified love and loyalty was dropped off to die alone. Why? because it would hurt to much. How selfish, how very unkind to turn away from a dear friend when all they need is some warmth and compassion as they pass from this life. It is my personal belief that no animal should ever die alone, ever . Many times I would hold a dog or cat in my arms as they left this world. I would hold them tightly, speaking quietly into their soft ears, stroking their muzzles or rubbing their heads, constantly whispering little thoughts into their ears so they would know they were loved and would be missed. Does it  hurt to watch an animal die? You bet it does, every single time. The day that it doesn’t hurt is the day the practitioner should hang up their smock and call it a day because if you cannot feel the pain of taking a life even in offering relief, you have no business working with these innocent, helpless creatures.

My heart breaks for the thousands, yes thousands of cats and dogs that have been killed at LCHS without someone holding them tightly whispering, “What a good dog you are, what a sweet little cat you are, you will be missed.”  “I am so sorry”.

I have no agenda, I don’t want your job Ann Davidson, I could care less about you Joe Kushner, Mary Lou Davidson, Ed Klassen, Christine Probst, and Nadia Krobylko.  What would it cost you to learn? How many times have you held a dog or cat in your arms and plunged a needle into its heart and watched it die? You owe it to yourself and the animals to either step up and do some killing yourselves or learn how to prevent the killing by implementing the No Kill Equation. Or just get out of the way. I just want to stop the killing



I must admit it never occurred to me that the B of D and the Management of Lincoln County Humane Society would be so completely and utterly foolish as they have been this evening. Having been handed a golden opportunity to garner some good will within the community, they chose to further alienate the very public on whom they depend for support. Incredible! I truly do not believe that anyone could have orchestrated a more profound example of complete and utter incompetence than that which took place this evening. Incredible!  The Board of Directors and Management of LCHS have publicly slapped dozens of potential supporters across the face by “deferring” their membership applications once again and in turn have displayed a total disregard for the lives of the animals for whom they are supposed to be the caretakers. This is a new low even for the B of D and Management of LCHS. INCREDIBLE!

A couple of highlights, during the debate regarding passing a motion to accept the applicants’ as members, Joe Kushner states “I have some concerns with one of the names in the list”. When asked who that might be, he can’t recall the name. When pushed further, he did not wish to state publicly the person with whom he had issues.Then Tom Manney suggested that Kushner should then vote in favour of the remainder of the applicants. NO WAY! Joe Kushner who was introduced as the City Council representative on the LCHS Board of Directors voted against the motion. NOTE: Representatives of Council on the Board of Directors, DO NOT HAVE A VOTE! Also voting against the motion were Christine Probst. Remember her? She is one of the four Directors who had not renewed their own memberships in LCHS and as a result were not in compliance with the ByLaws  in order to maintain their positions as Directors but had their memberships renewed at the secret meeting held prior to the AGM (that didn’t happen). Not only did she vote against the applicants tonight but she was able to sneak some friends and relatives applications for membership renewals by this evening. Nice!
Then there is steady Eddie Klassen, the Membership Chairman, who still has not brought a single membership applicant to the table and yet voted against all of the applicants this evening, with the exception of Chrissie Probst family and friends. Understandably, Eddie must be exhausted from spending so many hours of vetting and carrying out DUE DILIGENCE, not.

And the fourth vote against approving the membership applications goes to………President, Ann Davidson! Yep, the President who according to the ByLaws is not the President or even a director as she too was not responsible enough to maintain her own membership but what the hell, just renewed it at the secret meeting prior to the AGM (that wasn’t). Oh and for pete’s sake don’t let a little thing like the fact the President does not have a vote unless their is a tie be a problem for you, just vote anyway AGAINST the applicants. You see there was not a tie vote because Kushner doesn’t have a vote.

For the motion: Manny, Pang, Sgambati

Against the motion: Probst, Klassen

Kushner does not have a vote as council Rep. Davidson only has a vote in the event of a tie.

WHY was the motion carried?  INCREDIBLE!

Don’t believe me? Come on, no one can make up this stuff. here’s the article