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The first order of business today is to inform you that Ethel had surgery yesterday. Dr. Turpel completed the surgery calling it a success. Ethel is bopping around on her good legs this morning apparently not too concerned with her boo boo. The outlook is good for Ethel and for that I know we are all grateful to EVERYONE involved in saving Ethel.

Kudos to Dr. Turpel and his team for their generosity and concern for Ethel and other animals like her.

Well, just when you think you have heard it all….

A SMART CAR????? Yep, apparently tucked away in the garage of LCHS is a Smart Car. Striking staff, volunteers and supporters caught a glimpse of this baby while picketing last spring and it was one of them who made the suggestion that maybe the Board of Directors and Management of LCHS should sell the Smart Car to raise funds for not only Ethel but many other animals in need of Veterinary care rather than killing them, which has been the norm.

With a bit of scrounging we were able to find a document that states the Smart Car as an asset in 2006 with 3476 km on the odometer. Given that I figure at worst the vehicle is a late 2005 or a 2006 model. I then checked out some listings and discovered that this car is selling for between $5500 and $7k at dealerships. That’s a good deal of Veterinary care!

Maybe Strooband and The Board of Directors were thinking of using the Smart Car as a trade -in on the $60k worth of new trucks Management asked for?

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