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Woe is me, woe is worse for the dogs and cats of LCHS

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August 22,2010

Thousands of future cats will be spared euthanasia or poor quality lives when a new $2.5-million spay and neuter clinic opens in St. Catharines, animal welfare officials say.

The project is an effort to combat an overpopulation of cats in Niagara, many of whom end up at the Lincoln County Humane Society.

“We’re going to spay and neuter up to 2,500 animals a year and that’s going to prevent thousands and thousands of offspring,” executive director Kevin Strooband said.

“”Cats that may come in here and be euthanized and that just won’t have a home.”

If they can’t be adopted, euthanasia is the primary solution.

“Euthanasia of each of these animals shifts the blame away from irresponsible pet owners and onto the shoulders of humane societies,” she  (Ann Davidson) told those gathered. “We must bear the moral, ethical, psychological and practical burdens of coping with this problem.”

“By March 2012, the agency will introduce a track, neuter and release program for feral cats.”

This article was written two years ago. please click here to read  entire article

Today, is there a Spay Neuter Clinic in operation? No, but hopefully by the end of December run by the OSPCA. Is there a Trap Neuter Release  program in place? No, not unless Track the stray, Numb the poor animal (hopefully) and the Relieve it of its life, also known as KILLING  is a new definition of TNR

So since August 22, 2012 the only thing that has been accomplished is, more KILLING

Since that time OVER 6,174 animals have been killed at LCHS.


This article was written February 2102   click here to read article

“For every cat that enters the shelter, another must leave, one way or another. Wire cages are a commodity that means life or death for a cat in the shelter.”

“I would love for this to be a no-kill shelter. But there has to be a better solution than turning cats away,” said Britney Boston, an animal care technician at the Lincoln County Humane Society.

Teddy will be held in a cage at the back until Friday morning. If no one claims him by then, a staff member will decide if he stays in the cage for a while longer in hopes he will eventually move to the adoption room. Or if Teddy is taking up space needed for an incoming cat, he will be euthanized.

FYI – There has not been a Veterinarian on staff at LCHS since the above article was written. Therefore, no narcotics, therefore they not only Kill, it is not done well. There has been a revolving door of RVTs. Then came the strike from February to May. The good news is that intake was restricted so fewer animals were killed, we hope.

Since January 2012 over 800 cats alone have been killed at LCHS. This admittedly by K. Strooband ED, LCHS. The number is “so low” due to 3 months of reduced intake as a a result of a STRIKE. To date actual numbers have not been made available so this writer is not able to supply an accurate report on how many more cats  have been killed to say nothing of dogs and pocket pets!

This article was written October 2, 2012  click here to read entire article

I’ve had people tell me they are not going to give a penny to that organization until they fix the problem, and the problem is they kill too many animals,” Siscoe said in an interview.

The humane society is holding its annual general meeting on Oct. 17, and people who support a no-kill initiative need to apply for membership now, Siscoe said.

They also need to attend the meeting, scheduled for 8 p.m. in the meeting room at the Real Canadian Superstore on Fourth Ave., he said.

This is what happened, click here to read the entire article

ST. CATHARINES – Supporters of an effort to reduce the number of animals being killed at the Lincoln County Humane Society were blocked Wednesday night, when members of the board voted to defer any new memberships.


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