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Rules Are Made To Be Broken… by LCHS Board of Directors


I can only assume as a result of reading of the utterly ridiculous, petty and blatantly stupid behaviour of the Board of Directors and Management of  Lincoln County Humane Society,  a number of readers have expressed an interest in obtaining the By Laws of LCHS.

For the most part, the By Laws are pretty standard stuff and like a great number of volunteer organizations, there are inconsistencies and contradictions throughout. Unlike any organization in which I have been involved and judging from the reaction at the AGM (that wasn’t) neither have a lot of you ever been exposed to such cliquish,  insular, limited and partisan, rules governing membership.

Once you have read the By Laws, may I suggest that you go to a previous post, THE CAST OF CHARACTERS and learn how many times and ways the B of D are  non compliant with their own rules.

Well, here you go, grab a coffee, glass of wine and have a good read.

Please click here to download a copy of the Lincoln County Humane Society By Laws

All that is being asked is transparency, open membership, the ability to speak for those that are unable.

Remember, as long as the status quo remains, the killing continues…..

2 thoughts on “Rules Are Made To Be Broken… by LCHS Board of Directors

  1. Thank you for posting the By-Laws. After attending the meeting this past Wednesday night I left with opinion that must not be any rules, constitution or by-laws for the LCHS. Hopefully I can get through it before I fall asleep or pass out. LOL
    Thanks again.

    • Hey Gord,
      For the most part they are fairly typical by laws. There are a few inconsistencies and apart from the whole membership “criteria” not too offensive. What is offensive is how the By Laws are completely ignored by the B of D. e.g. Ann Davidson, Mary Lou Davidson, Christine Probst and Michael Howe (since resigned) had not maintained their memberships and just plopped themselves back on the B of D. Sigh….

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