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Monday, Monday


Disturbing information continues to emanate from Lincoln County Humane Society surrounding the actions of its Board of Directors and its Management.

As one of the very few members of LCHS I am completely at a loss as to the complete and utter disregard for the rules of governance and procedure set out in the LCHS By Laws. Bad enough to have had these rules ignored on the evening of October 17th but to not only continue to blatantly ignore the By Laws is reprehensible.

Presently there are nine directors on the board.  The By Laws stipulates there are to be twelve. Of those nine it has become abundantly clear that three of those directors including the Vice President and the Secretary have been eliminated from all matters pertaining to operations at LCHS. Apparently there have been a number motions passed by the remaining six in recent days with no NOTIFICATION (see By Laws), or call for their votes from the ostracized three directors.

I wonder how Mr Kushner, the representative of the City of St Catharines to LCHS would react if the Mayor were to entertain motions and votes without permitting Mr. Kushner to be a part of the process? In fact it is Mr. Kushner that actually made one of the motions at LCHS while excluding the three directors.

Am I the only person that finds this to be totally unethical, immoral and just plain wrong???? What is the point of having By Laws?

We Have to Obey the Rules why not LCHS Board of Directors?

I understand in order to maintain Canadian Charitable Status By Laws are required. Also to operate as a corporation By Laws are required under the Corporations Act. Surely this would suggest that ByLaws are required to be followed? Hmmmmmm, have to wonder what the Office of the Trustee would have to say. Let’s see

Maybe we shall get some answers at the Board of Directors meeting on November 21st , 7:00 p.m at LCHS.

Due to the incredible amount of public concern and interest in the present situation at LCHS there is a serious concern that once again, Joe Kushner and Strooband will pull the infamous “FIRE CODE” regulation ploy to oust the public  Maybe once again Ann Davidson will trot out her real estate lawyer and try to maintain the “secret society” otherwise known as the Board of Directors, LCHS. In and attempt to avoid this from occurring, a letter has been sent to the entire Board of Directors to suggest a change of venue to accommodate the expected large turn out.letter to B of D requesting venue change

and the killing continues…….

2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. The large Mills Room of the Central Library in St. Catharines often has the room booked months in advance, so even Joe Kushner could not just ask that the LCHS book the room for a meeting, if it is already in use. Just a small point, so I suspect some other venue would be more likely.


    • That is true Gail however we have been able to book the large meeting room on Russell Avenue for the 20th for our Public Info meeting and we did it this morning. If they want to they can do it. In fact I would bet that we would entertain them having the board meeting in conjunction with our meeting. The point is they are going to do anything and everything they can to avoid a public meeting.



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