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On Friday November 2, 2102 a press release was sent out to various media officially announcing the launch of the No Kill St Catharines Facebook page ; click here to go to No Kill St Catharines

This morning following an interview with Tim Denis of 610 radio  the following was issued by the newsroom and subsequently posted on various sites and Facebook pages:

No Kill Campaign launched in St. Catharines

610 CKTB News

A group calling themselves animal loving citizens has launched the No Kill St Catharines campaign

Organizors say the campaign is designed to quote , “Usher in new leadership and much needed reform at the Lincoln County Humane Society.”

In a media release, the group says its goal is to end the systematic killing of animals at the shelter.

Campaign spokesperson Julia McLaren  says they would like to see the shelter adopt the no kill policy which is designed to save as many animal lives as possible.

She points out  No Kill does not mean every animal is kept alive because unfortunately there are some animals that can not be treated and saved.

McLaren believes with public support they can convince the humane society  to adopt the so called 90 club …saving 90 percent of the animals.
To learn more visit https://www.facebook.com/nokillstcatharines

We are in it for the long haul folks!!!!

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