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Part II

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Okay, I am back with the second installment of the Day that just doesn’t seem to want to end….

He (Strooband) said rather than more members, the humane society needs more volunteers and more foster homes.” I am at a loss here. LCHS does not want members. Taken directly from the LCHS website “As a not-for-profit organization we shall operate these programs with integrity, in a financially responsible manner that secures a financially viable future for this organization with a strong commitment to fundraising and membership development.  Seriously before you go shooting your mouth of saying you don’t want members you should really check what you have been espousing for years on your website! They do not want to have people to have a say in the manner in which LCHS operates but they want people to give up their time and energy to volunteer in a situation in which they have no say. Yea, that makes perfectly good sense. That’s a band wagon I would jump on in a heartbeat!  LCHS wants volunteers. Now just what credentials are required to become a volunteer?  Repeatedly, Strooband has been quoted as saying that he has 200 volunteers and if that is in fact the case then good for him. It is true that any charity can always use volunteers especially those in which animals are involved. So why is it with this vast army of help, that there are not more adoptions? Why is it that the shelter itself is a filthy, stinking mess? Why are the animals not receiving more socializing? Why has the gift shop been vacant for months and months.  Why , why why?

FYI –  LCHSvolunteerapp2011(1)   Ths is the application for inside volunteers  

CatFosterApplication(1) This is the Cat Foster appliaction

dogwalking(1) this isthe dog walkers application

Please note, no where on any of these applications is there a reference to due diligence, vetting, being sponsored by a director or a member or anyone else for that matter. So one would have to assume that LCHS Management and Board of Directors are more concerned about people having a vote in the maintenance and functions of LCHS than they are about the people in whose hands they give care custody and control of the animals. Now that is just plain scary!

“Our goal is zero euthanasia of healthy and adoptable animals,” he said.(Strooband) And just how are you going to do that Kevin? Here’s a concept, the No Kill Equation, a proven business module that if followed drastically reduces killing rates and increases live release rates to as much as 90% and in some cases well beyond that. But that would mean entertaining new thoughts, ideas, maybe god forbid allowing members to join your little club!

Strooband said “most” of the people advocating for a no-kill policy “don’t get it. They don’t know what no-kill is.”

Strooband has made some incredible statements over the years and some real beauts in the last few weeks, but this without a doubt is the single most offensive, arrogant and thoroughly reprehensible comment to date. Frankly, I am just going to consider the source and move on. Any discussion would only shed a light on this man’s incredible ignorance (in the trued sense, lacking in knowledge) and common decency. Apart from which I swore that I wouldn’t swear on this site

Strooband said a date for the annual general meeting — which was hastily adjourned last month when too many people showed up and prompted a fire code capacity violation — has not yet been decided.

This statement is a complete fabrication! The reason the AGM, that wasn’t was adjourned was not because of fire code regulations which I have since learned is one of Kushner’s favourite ploys. When the going gets hot, yell FIRE CODE!!!!!!

So let’s get this whole adjournment thing straightened out once and for all. I, me, moi, adjourned the meeting. In discussion with other  members, councilors, and the Board Director seeking change, we determined very quickly if the meeting was going forward there would be no chance to change the board due to the obstructionist practices of the present  board.  Here is when it gets funny, I stood up walked to the middle of the room and hollered “I move to adjourn this meeting to be reconvened at such a time and place to accommodate the large number of participants.” Some one did second the motion. Strooband  says “you can’t do that” to which I replied “I most certainly can and do not need a second or a vote.”  So now the real estate lawyer leans over Ann Davidson and they have a little confab. She (Ann Davidson) then tries to talk business to which I shut her down with “you cannot, this meeting is adjourned”. And so it stayed. So here is the thing, you have a President of the B of D, a Councilor with over 35 years experience in parliamentary procedure, a lawyer , granted he’s  a real estate lawyer but nevertheless, the ED and NONE OF THEM CHALLENGE THE MOTION! It was totally “illegal;” The meeting hadn’t been called to order and Strooband even said that out loud to which I replied, then bring it to order and I’ll do it again. THAT was the end of that.

He said a date and location for the AGM will most likely be set during the Nov. 21 board meeting.So is this the “tentative “meeting to which Strooband referred to earlier in this article or a real meeting or does  he have to wait and get marching orders from someone? Maybe this requires some of that “due diligence” stuff.

Strooband said the humane society is a private corporation, and it’s up to the board of directors to decide if meetings are open or not, but “why would I want to (close them) given the challenges we face?” Who knew?We actually agree on something!

Strooband said the people of St. Catharines should be informed. And you shall have your wish Mr. Strooband.

“Where do these animals (being euthanized) come from? They come from the residents of St. Catharines,” he said. No one disputes from where the animals arrive. What is at dispute is why they are KILLED! Really, come on, is it the public’s fault that LCHS kills in excess of 70%  of the cats and 50% of the dogs that enter the facility? Why does Strooband blame Management’s incompetence on the public. You know, those people that pay the salaries. That is the job of the LCHS, to are you ready? Right off the LCHS website okay? “We will encourage and provide for pet adoption, animal assisted therapy, pet care education, spay and neuter program and investigations of cruelty and neglect.”

Kushner said he is also an advocate of transparency. FOR THE THIRD TIME!!!!

The humane society should follow the same meeting practices as the City of St. Catharines, which contributes close to $500,000 per year to the organization’s budget for animal control, Kushner said. Okay so we all agree that on November 21st at 7:00 pm at LCHS or at a venue more appropriate to accommodating a larger group in order to avoid the Kushner//Strooband FIRE CODE call, the doors will be open, the public shall be permitted into the inner sanctums and the Board of Directors’ meeting shall proceed in total transparency and open communication. RIGHT!!!

See everybody on November 21st, 2012 7:00 pm at LCHS

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