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Up until Tuesday November 6, 2102 the Lincoln County Humane Society appeared to be very proud of the OPEN ADMISSION policy at the Fourth Avenue shelter. In fact this policy was prominent on the front page of the LCHS website.

I’ll give Management and the B of D credit, they have been very quick and careful to eliminate all references to this open admission policy on all LCHS materials on-line but too bad kids, you can’t screw with the press:

The humane society is an open- admission shelter that accepts all strays and surrendered animals.”


Now the “new and improved: website home page states:

The Lincoln County Humane Society is a charitable not-for-profit organization dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals; to alleviate their suffering and neglect, support the human-animal bond and foster an environment in which people respect all living creatures. We will provide safe refuge and compassionate care for animals. click here to see


One can only assume that this is one of Management and the B of D’s latest solution to reducing the killing! If you don’t take them in you can’t kill them. Note no reference to stray and surrendered animals. This writer has learned that effective this last week, I am sorry exact date unknown, when someone surrenders their animals to LCHS they will now have to pay a $50 surrender fee. At one time the surrender fee was $25.

So what does the owner surrender fee of $50. Provide for the animal? Food, water, clean cage, the opportunity for adoption into a new home, contracting a disease, being killed?

It is not lost on this member the owner surrender fee and the cost of membership are the same amount, $50. The only good news is that they can’t kill members. Can they?

How did this decision to eliminate open admission occur? Well according to two of the present six Directors of the present B of D, they were not contacted, informed or offered an opportunity to debate or vote on a motion to change the POLICY.

My question is this, LCHS receives in excess of $600k of tax dollars every year. They have now indicated they shall be reducing their efforts to care for the animals of the area  by no longer being open admission, picking up strays and CHARGING $50. for people who already support the facility through their tax dollars who need to surrender their animals. So are we going to see a reduction on the amount of money given to LCHS by the municipalities it serves? In turn shall we be realizing a reduction in out taxes?

For your convenience I have supplied a list of the email addresses for the B of D, LCHS, drop them a line but don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer. Those who know, aren’t talking. I have now written three times this week for clarification and as of this writing am none the wiser.

Ann Davidson  anndavidson@cogeco.ca

Nadia Kobylka nkobylka@macgillivray.com

Maria Sgambati  msgambati@cogeco.ca

Joe Kushner     kushner@brocku.ca

Christine Probst  probst@hhsc.ca

Grace Pang    grace.pang@ontario.ca

Mary Lou Davidson   marylou.2012@gmail.com

Tom Manney   9633@nrps.on.ca

Kevin Strooband  director@lchs.ca

Ed Klassen    dr_zydis@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “NO PETS ALLOWED?

  1. They have gone completely rogue. I really want all public funding cut off until this mess is sorted, but then, of course, who suffers the most? The animals. The animals always suffer. : (

    • I wish I could argue with you but…..
      All we can do is continue in our efforts to change the board and incorporate No KIll St Catharines. Don’t give up, stay with us and more importantly, the aniamls. Like you say they are the ones that get hurt the most.

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