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Killers Newkirk and MacDonald in my hometown?


I am feeling quite sad while writing this blog.

A few years ago we made a decision to move to the St Catharines / Niagara region in order to be closer to our growing family. Had we not had sons, daughters in law and subsequently grandchildren, St Catharines would not have been our first choice for what is likely to be our final “home”.

Anyone who knows me and has followed me on Facebook has witnessed my growing affection for St Catharines and all it has to offer. I have never been reticent in sharing my experiences in discovering the little gems that make St Catharines a really great place to live. I am so enamored with the vast number of parks, playgrounds, dog parks, arts, shopping, special events and even the politics.

We had been living St Catharines for only one year when I was afforded the incredible opportunity of a lifetime. Initially I was recruited as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the largest wildlife(Ontario) rescue, rehabilitation and release center in Ontario and at that time the largest bear rehabilitation center in the world. Within six months I was asked to assume the position of Executive Director/ General Manager of the facility. This wildlife sanctuary is totally dependent on donor dollars. The admissions on an annual basis exceed over 1000 animals of various species including bear, deer, beavers, otters, wolves, coyotes and of course hundreds of raccoons, squirrels and other little critters. These animals came to us as bottle-feeding babies, injured adults, and victims of vehicular incidents, abuse, hunting injuries, and emaciation to name a few rescue issues. We operated 24/7, 365 days a year with a staff of five including myself and during the “baby” season from May to September, eight volunteers.

When it became time to leave the sanctuary and return to home and real life, it was my great desire to use my experience and knowledge to help out animals in need in St Catharines by becoming involved with LCHS. Clearly, as long as the present Management and Board of Directors are in a position to do so, this will never be the case. I have been thwarted at every move and now find myself very much on the opposite side of the battle to save the lives of adoptable and treatable animals.

The LCHS Board of Directors and Management have now officially stated their position against the No Kill Equation. Strooband has gone so far as to say it “cannot be done”. click here to read the article Tell that to the 70 plus No Kill Centres in the USA, I defy Strooband and the B of D to tell Nova Scotia SPCA, that it can’t be done. That is an ENTIRE province made up of 13 branches.

I have become proud to say that I live in St Catharines. I have extolled to friends and business associates how the once depressed GM town is transitioning into an exciting city rich in the arts, manufacturing and commerce. I was so pleased and proud when City Council unanimously passed Mat Siscoe’s motion that LCHS must introduce efforts to reduce the obscene killing rate of adoptable and treatable animals. To discover this same council is going to hear Ms. MacDonald of the OSPCA speak in support of the present Board and Management of LCHS and their killing rate in excess of 73% cats per year and 57% of dogs is at the very least a huge disappointment. In aligning itself with the values (or lack thereof) spewed by OSPCA is bad enough but to even think of quoting PETA is appalling! PETA, systematically kills 98% of all animal it takes into its “shelter”. PETA’s Newkirk, OSPCA’s MacDonald and now too their new disciples of death, LCHS believe that finding homes for adoptable and treatable animals is wrong. It is more expediant and in its best interests to kill an animal rather than have it in a cage for a few days or even weeks waiting for the inevitable adoption as a result of employing the No Kill Equation. No one and I repeat no one using the No Kill equation is interested in stock piling animals, having them whither away in cages for years waiting for adoption or suffer from depression, anxiety, stress or poor health while sheltered. This “argument” is offensive and irresponsible. Shame on you Strooband, MacDonald, Davidson, Kushner for even suggesting anything remotely similar to this is a part of the No Kill Equation. Shame on you! No Kill Primer

I totally understand why Joe Kushner would be delighted to have Ms. MacDonald speak against No Kill as it would certainly take away some of the shame that goes with being on The Board of Directors, LCHS for 35 years in which time over 70,000 animals have been KILLED. I only hope the respectable councilors remain committed to the motion and continue to support the premise of No Kill St Catharines. I have every confidence in Mat Siscoe, and Matt Harris. One would hope that Peter Secord as Chairman of the Fund Raising Committee for the Spay Neuter Clinic will be supportive.

In recent days literally, hundreds of taxpaying citizens from all Wards of St Catharines and the surrounding area have rallied around the No Kill St Catharines movement.

It has become abundantly clear the citizens of St Catharines are not pleased with their tax dollars being used to kill healthy adoptable animals. No longer are the citizens of St Catharines satisfied with a Management and a Board of Directors that refuse to open up membership, meetings and books to the public.

The No Kill equation is a proven business module comprised of elements that used with enthusiasm, integrity and commitment will stop the killing of healthy adoptable dogs and cats. It is truly a common sense solution that basically makes it easy for people to do the “right” thing.

Strooband, Davidson and Kushner and the OSPCA consistently blame and berate the public for their irresponsible behaviour, the lack of spay and neutering. This leads to the staff of LCHS being demoralized and traumatized from killing the public’s “unwanted” animals. After beating up the public for being miscreants, these people then turn around and use this excuse for them not doing their jobs. It is Strooband’s job, the reason he is being paid well in excess of $85k in 2012 to find homes for these animals. Then to add insult to injury, they then turn around and ask for donations and tax dollars to help them not do their jobs. Heck if I had a job like Strooband I would be fighting to hold on to it too!

The present B of D and Management of LCHS are opposed to No Kill. They have no intention of even considering this means of saving lives because they say, “it can’t be done”. The present B of D and Management must be removed from having any power or say in the operations of LCHS if the lives of adoptable treatable animals are to be saved

Stay with us St Catharines. Continue to support No Kill St Catharines as we continue to fight the B of D and Management. Hopefully we shall not have to fight City Hall and on a very selfish note, hopefully I can remain proud of my “hometown”

2 thoughts on “Killers Newkirk and MacDonald in my hometown?

  1. Here, folks, is the sad truth of what’s happening at the LCHS.

  2. Sadly Julia, you have nailed it.

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