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The Pachyderm at City Council


The First Lady of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA), Kate MacDonald made an appearance at St Catharines City Council last evening. I for one have been quite unsettled since learning  the queen of double speak was coming to town. The OSPCA has committed to a one year contract to operate a low cost high volume spay neuter clinic at the brand spanking new but never used  facility attached to the Lincoln County Humane Society shelter. I am completely and totally one hundred percent in favour of this type of program. It can’t happen fast enough as far as I am concerned. As well as being a terrific boost for the community, a fantastic service for the animals it is also one of the ten arrows in the No Kill Equation quiver. So why the trepidation on my part? Kate MacDonald CEO, OSPCA  is totally, completely and adamantly opposed to No Kill.

Kate is a good speaker and presents well and so she should. Kate is a professional fund raiser. She spends every day of her working life generating funds for the OSPCA by spouting her “canned” talk every opportunity she gets. She needs to if only to guarantee her $200k plus salary.  Have a look at this article. Knowing that City Council was going to hear Kate speak against No Kill was of some concern to those of us that have been working so hard to  Stop The Killing. Here is another good article

Well, frankly, there was really nothing to be concerned about. Last night about 35 staunch No Kill supporters filled the gallery. The back row boasted a massive turn out in support of Kate, all three of them. Strooband, Davidson and, well, Kate and oh, I am guessing Kushner at the council table, but more about him later.

Kate began with stating she “wholly supports the B of D and Management of LCHS” “it has been a tough year for LCHS but we have been with them the whole time” Lot of wholes here. “Supports  the direction in which the Board and Management are taking the shelter”, and so on. have a look at what Kate is endorsing   She then gave us the Spay Neuter dog and pony, er cat show including a video which had notedly  been doctored to include a terrified looking Ann Davidson obviously reading her three lines from a prepared script and of course smooth talkin’ sway walkin’ Strooband. You have to give it to the guy, he really does well on camera. Well,  when one devotes as much time as he has done,  literally living  for the photo op and the whirl of the cameras it is easy to see how he has honed this incredibly important life skill.

Upon the conclusion of the video Kate then started to chat again and it was at this point I began to feel the acid in my stomach. Here we go I thought, but no, nothing, zip, nada about No Kill. Really? By this time there is a Pachyderm the size of a house in council chambers. Am I the only one that can feel this monster of a being clambering to be realized and exposed?

The Mayor opened the floor  to questions from the councilors. First Councilor Stack asked a good question regarding transition after the one year turn key contract. The big grey beast is getting bigger. Then Councilor Harris rises and says, “I am sure you are aware of the situation here in St Catharines regarding the unnecessary killing of animals. Where does the OSPCA stand on No Kill.

KABLAMMY!   THAR SHE BLOWS FOLKS, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM JUST EXPLODED!  It was that or some very dodgy chili someone had for dinner. Talk about letting the “cat out of the bag”. Well done Matt Harris. It wasn’t pretty but thanks to you the public is now aware of the OSPCA position on No Kill.

So here is a bit of Kate’s ramblings, “the term No Kill IS very misleading” “No Kill shelters admit only the best animals that will be adopted quickly. ” No Kill shelters let animals in  pain suffer rather that euthanise.” “No kill shelters let dogs and cats languish for weeks, months, years waiting to be adopted.”


“OSPCA (and by association) LCHS is an open admission for life shelter”. And what that  is when it is at home I have no idea,  but I shall make every effort to find out and report back to you,  my readers.

Councilor Siscoe then has the floor and asks Kate “If LCHS were to implement the No Kill Equation, what would  you do”? “Well” Kate  says ” we are autonomous but I would counsel and guide LCHS to not enter into No Kill”. More blah blah blah and then Kate says she hopes that the people of St Catharines understand and are clear on the subject of No Kill. With that Councilor responded with ” Ms. MacDonald be assured the citizens of St Catharines are very clear, very clear on this subject.”

High point of the evening!

Followed by the joke of the evening, Joe Kushner opened by reiterating that OSPCA and likewise LCHS are open admission shelters. Okay that established, Joe wants to know what is meant by a closed admission shelter. Now Kate gets to reiterate the whole cream of the crop, only adotptable yada yada yada thing. Here’s where it gets really good. “Ms MacDonald are you aware of such a thing as a cat sanctuary”?


I have to tell you for a brief moment I actually felt quite sorry for Kate. What the heck? And he’s on HER side! So now the CEO of the OSPCA is trying to come

Canadian Cat Sanctuary

up with a reasonable answer regarding cat sanctuaries? Then to totally screw her around he asks if there are any cat sanctuaries in Canada? My immediate thought was, other than the Cat’s Caboose, Joe?

Grace Pang was then afforded the opportunity to speak and once again did a fine job in explaining what No Kill isn’t e.g hoarding, creaming, condoning suffering. She also spoke on what No Kill is, e.g. adoption, fostering, strong leadership, community involvement and so on. Well done  and well received.

For the most part we worried for nothing as Kate’s delivery was not her best by any means. Why, I have no idea but she was definitely off her game. She made a couple of hits but certainly no home runs.

Other than the exploding pachyderm it was the same tired old arguments from those who either choose not to learn or are just too stupid to “get it”. Regardless as long as these people maintain any place of authority or leadership there is one thing that can be guaranteed. The KILLING shall continue.

3 thoughts on “The Pachyderm at City Council

  1. I shall make this brief: I was there and this is exactly what happened.

    I am glad that there is a growing number of public individuals and, most likely, groups now, that are learning the facts, and not just the ones doled out by the OSPCA CEO and the LCHS.

  2. Spot on Julia. You captured the essence of the meeting, both what it was and what it was not.

  3. Well written. Love it. No turning the clock back. The No Kill philosophy is on the rise.

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