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Live and learn or Kill in Ignorance


Well here we are one month later since October 17th and the Lincoln County Humane Society AGM (that wasn’t). What have we learned? I personally have learned a great deal. I have acquired knowledge and I have met some really wonderful people. I have learend that I have much more to learn and to experience along the road to STOP THE KILLING.

I had hoped when the B of D had been exposed the the incontrovertible wishes of the vast majority of the public stating their desire for open membership, open meetings and total transparency the B of D would realize they must comply. Presently there is some suggestion that as a result of the pressure that has been brought to bear on the B of D and specifically Joe Kushner, that maybe, just maybe common sense and decency shall prevail and the Board of Directors’ meeting scheduled for Nov. 21st,  7:00 PM at LCHS maybe, just maybe open to the public. I have quoted Kushner a number of times in the last few weeks as having stated the B of D meetings of LCHS should be open and transparent. Even Strooband stood right behind Kushner in agreeing,  sorta kinda by saying it’s okay with him,  basically it’s up to the Board but hey, what the heck huh? Click here for St Catharines Standard article

I guess the since biggest as well as the saddest thing we have learned is the Management and Board Of Directors of LCHS have every intention of continuing to KILL healthy, treatable animals.  Even as I write animals are being killed. Not only have the Management and B of D committed to this continued slaughter they have KILLING  joined the ranks of the mass killers PETA  click here for 2010 stats and the OSPCA . click here for Strooband letter to Niagara News

Incredible, rather than open up their minds and Listen to what is being said by No Kill proponents, these closed minded petty people choose to KILL kittens, cats and dogs at an alarming rate. Rather than avail themselves of an opportunity to make a difference by saving animals just by incorporating basic, proven business practices, they would rather accuse others with different ideas as being “fringe” elements or “those kind of people” and just keep on KILLING.


What have I had confirmed in the last month? Well as a result of speaking with former employees, volunteers, Board members, the public and from my own experience, LCHS is without a doubt one of the most toxic, vile, abusive environments for both people and animals to which I have been exposed. From young (teens), part time and full time employees with little  to no experience and even less training, heartsticking kittens to terrified volunteers,  to employees being “written up” or suspended or even terminated for the most bizarre reasons, to manipulation and the discrediting of good and decent people. The manner is which people are treated at LCHS can only suggest the animals too must feel the brunt of this “snake pit”. The first question is obviously, where is the union? What about the labour board, why hasn’t someone exposed this vile environment? All I can say is I do not know, but be assured, I am going to darn well try and find out. What I do know is something really stinks at 160 Fourth Avenue St Catharines, ON

You will excuse me now I need a stiff drink and a hot shower.

2 thoughts on “Live and learn or Kill in Ignorance

  1. Disturbing to the ‘nth’ degree. Keep it up Julia. Good will triumph over this evil killing machine.

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