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Who Knew??????

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It is with the greatest delight, second only to my immense surprise the Board of Directors of LCHS have changed the venue for the November 21st B of D meeting.

It would appear the letter that was sent to them actually garnered some attention on their part. Not only did they take the advise offered to change the venue to accommodate potential public participation, they even chose the venue suggested, The Russell Avenue Community Centre, letter to B of D requesting venue change

According to the Agenda for the meeting the Membership Committee shall be submitting a report. One can only hope that the many people that have been waiting in excess of a month to discover if they are to be admitted to the inner sanctum shall in fact be thus blessed

Wednesday November 21st, 2102              21-11-2012 – Agenda

Russell Avenue Community Centre

108 Russell Avenue, St Catharines ON

Now if we could only get them to accept that the time has come for change. It is time for a new blood, new ideas, new management, new directors and TIME TO STOP THE KILLING!!!!!!!

Come on out to the meeting and tell the Board of Directors enough is enough. It is time for change.

Speak for those who do not have a voice!

One thought on “Who Knew??????

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