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Tonight’s the Night – let it be all right

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So tonight is the night. The Lincoln County Humane Society is meeting even as I write this blog. Just so that I am not in a position to be influenced by the proceedings I thought I would write this blog now and then follow up once I know the results of the “main event”

Of course I have been very close attention to the reports from the media and the many damage control efforts by the Board of Directors and Management. Clearly, the Board and Management of LCHS have also been paying attention and for all intents and purposes they have taken notice…….

1.         October 20th, 2012 – In this blog I quoted a number of articles in which Joe Kushner had stated that he was in favour of open meetings. November 15th, on behalf of No Kill St Catharines I sent a letter to the Board of Directors and Management suggesting they consider availing themselves of a larger venue for the scheduled meeting. We certainly did not want a repeat of the now infamous Joe Kushner patented “Fire Code Violation” method for stalling a meeting. On November 16th, both Joe Kushner and his side-kick Kevin Strooband reiterated they were all about transpareny and open meetings. This morning, Strooband was on the radio spewing how the meetings had ALWAYS been open and that no one ever attended. Give me strength!

From what I understand, this evening the meeting is open to all those who are interested in attending. Advise taken!

2.         Memberships, oh my I could go on for hours on this little beauty. First the application itself which has been proven to the most restrictive (Dr. Brad Davis’ terminology) and offensive (my terminology) of any application process of 35 Humane Societies in the province of Ontario. Isn’t that special? Then there is the “we don’t want just anyone” argument, or the “those people” statement, or “there are always special groups trying to get in” (to LCHS I assume). Then my all time favourite, DUE DILIGENCE and VETTING. Huh? How? What is the criteria? What makes one person acceptable and another not? Oh for goodness sake don’t let integrity or ethics get in the way of a selective process geared to benefit the Board of Directors and Management. To hell with the animals. Strooband has stated that LCHS doe NOT need members. They need volunteers, they need foster homes not people interested in making their voices heard and their votes counted. Tyranny does not have any room for any sort of democratic process.

According to Kevin Strooband the memberships will be addressed this evening. Good luck with that.  Advise taken (for what it is worth)

3.         The Smart Car! This silly expense (purchase, annual licensing, annual insurance) has not been seen in literally years. When Strooband was looking for money from the public this writer suggested selling this totally useless vehicle to raise the funds and cut expenses. HAHAHAHA! This writer knows of at least one offer to purchase the vehicle.  According to Strooband on radio 610 this morning the plea for funds for the care of the dog in need realized $12,500. AWESOME. The price tag for the veterinary care was $2,500. This begs the question, how is the remaining $10k designated giving being utilized.

Smart Car made an appearance last week and is now parked prominently in front of the shelter. Advise not taken but apparently heard and shamed into reacting.

4.         Callie, the King Shepherd Wheaten cross was surrendered to LCHS on October 10th, with a PROMISE to the guardian she would be adopted “there is no other alternative” stated Strooband. This writer discovered that Callie had a PTS on her enclosure. Callie’s case was made public via Animal Assistance, Dave McMahon, posters, emails etc. Within the week a video was shown on the LCHS Facebook page and the PTS was removed. To date she is in the “stray room” where she is not visible to potential adopters. Her case is being misrepresented and frankly I am personally concerned that she may “suffer an injury or illness” which will necessitate her being killed.

Advise taken or at least shamed into acting.

5.         No Kill. Repeatedly, Strooband and the B of D have indicated that No Kill is not welcome at LCHS but “cannot be accomplished”. The ridiculous arguments about “hoarding, inhumane existence, languishing in cages for years” has been spouted by Strooband in the media numerous times. Today, this same person stated that maybe No Kill is something that the B of D may wish to entertain.

Advise taken? I do not believe it for a minute. It is my opinion the B of D will state to the public via the media that No Kill will be considered and attempted. Due to the lack of commitment and knowledge nor the desire to learn by both the B of D  and Strooband there is no chance that No Kill has a chance of being realized let alone being successful. In a year or so the B of D and Management will report to the media and in turn the public they tried and it just wouldn’t work.

I so hope that I am proven wrong but I will not hold my breath.

My point is that for all of the efforts by The LCHS B of D and the Management to distance themselves from everything the citizens of St Catharines and the No Kill advocates are asking for in the best interests of the animals, they continue to stumble along implementing one plan after another to try to offset the negative reaction from the public and the media. Their solutions are aggressive adoption programs, foster programs, spay neuter programs, TNR programs and DONATIONS!

Not good enough, not sustainable, just won’t work.


To be continued……….

One thought on “Tonight’s the Night – let it be all right

  1. The meeting was a joke but not funny. Board of Directors (all but 3) and the Executive Director clearly demonstrated the greatest lack of respect for the key people of there organization, the members who applied and not ONE accepted (except 4 in the pre announcement of members voted in). ALL new members, approx. 50 I think, had the decision delayed or post-poned until “later” as they did not have time to review and even “let in” their own employee, lawyers, professors, volunteers, and many more caring, time and money giving people. What arrogance, what an insult. Many many people are rightfully upset and angry. It was best put by one member applicant – “give me back my membership application. I don’t want to be a part of this organization” I would imagine this lady will not be donating time or money now. Up until now I felt most people gave time and money in SPITE of the BOD and the ED. Now more and more people will not be able to get passed the incompetent and insensitive BOD and ED. More animals will suffer as a result? Maybe but with a kill rate of 70%-80% for cats and 60% for dogs they are currently suffering it’s shameful to think this would get worse. NO KILL was dubbed Plan B. Well, I guess it’s time for Plan C. So be it.

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