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Ignorance is not bliss, it is just ignorance


A number of years ago when I was rescuing Old English Sheepdogs, an associate asked me what I knew about No Kill. My reply was very simple, nothing, absolutely nothing. Fast forward  some years I was involved in a conversation with yet another animal type person and we began to talk about No Kill. Well by this time of course, having availed myself of all sorts of information,  I had become an expert on the subject and was very quick to point out to my partner in the conversation that a) it can’t work b) can only result in hoarding c) it is vile to maintain old, and suffering animals  just to avoid “euthanasia” d) it is not about the animals it is about the people and it is selfish.

I was wrong. I was completely and utterly ignorant in the truest sense of the word, totally lacking in knowledge. I am not proud of my former opinions and beliefs. I honestly and truly did not know any differently. Now I do.

I cannot even tell you when it happened, when the penny dropped  but one day it hit me that it is completely wrong to kill perfectly healthy animals just because we can. The most effective, efficient manner in which we may stop the killing is by implementing the No Kill Equation. Learn and let the animals live! nokill101

When I was working in a small town Vet’s office, seldom a day would go by that we did not have to kill an animal. For the most part, I am so glad to be able to say that virtually all of the deaths were by euthanasia. They were good deaths. We assisted very ill, untreatable animals into a humane and peaceful death. I was appalled at the number of people that would drop their animals off to die, leaving us to deal with what was necessary. I would become so angry that this companion that had been with them for years asking only for shelter and food and in return gave totally unqualified love and loyalty was dropped off to die alone. Why? because it would hurt to much. How selfish, how very unkind to turn away from a dear friend when all they need is some warmth and compassion as they pass from this life. It is my personal belief that no animal should ever die alone, ever . Many times I would hold a dog or cat in my arms as they left this world. I would hold them tightly, speaking quietly into their soft ears, stroking their muzzles or rubbing their heads, constantly whispering little thoughts into their ears so they would know they were loved and would be missed. Does it  hurt to watch an animal die? You bet it does, every single time. The day that it doesn’t hurt is the day the practitioner should hang up their smock and call it a day because if you cannot feel the pain of taking a life even in offering relief, you have no business working with these innocent, helpless creatures.

My heart breaks for the thousands, yes thousands of cats and dogs that have been killed at LCHS without someone holding them tightly whispering, “What a good dog you are, what a sweet little cat you are, you will be missed.”  “I am so sorry”.

I have no agenda, I don’t want your job Ann Davidson, I could care less about you Joe Kushner, Mary Lou Davidson, Ed Klassen, Christine Probst, and Nadia Krobylko.  What would it cost you to learn? How many times have you held a dog or cat in your arms and plunged a needle into its heart and watched it die? You owe it to yourself and the animals to either step up and do some killing yourselves or learn how to prevent the killing by implementing the No Kill Equation. Or just get out of the way. I just want to stop the killing

5 thoughts on “Ignorance is not bliss, it is just ignorance

  1. Please do not assume that those performing the procedure in an animal shelter do not hold each animal and send it off in the most peaceful, loving way possible.

    • Nina you are absolutely correct! In fact because there is not a Veterinarian on staff at LCHS, they are not able to keep narcotics on the premises so must resort to heartsticking with T61. If this isn’t bad enough, kids, teens, untrained part time staff are heartsticking kittens and cats. Witnesses have seen staff taking numerous “jabs”in the process of killing animals. No suggestion of a “humane society” here.

      • New Mexico has an animal sheltering board which trains euthanasia technicians, so that there are legal standards that must be met and heartsticking conscious animals is never acceptable. Can’t believe that it still is permitted in other states. How horrific.

  2. Nina, we are in Ontario Canada, the kinder gentler nation…not

  3. Having run a ferret rescue for all of Atlantic Canada, the critically and terminally ill ferrets came into my care. I was trained by my vets how to administer medication and hydration via sub-q to manage pain and provide supportive and hospice care. When quality of life diminished I accompanied my beloved companions to the vet for euthanasia. I have lost count how many times I made that heart ripping journey. Thirteen times alone last year. I held them close as you did Julia and whispered my thanks for the love they had given me and the privilege to care for them. Over time my vets tried various euthanasia protocols to make the death a good one. A heart stick, even under deep sedation is NOT a good death. I cannot imagine that someone other than a veterinarian is permitted or expected to administer such a cruel death to any animal. Knowing what that would entail, worse without benefit of pre-euthanasia sedation – the thought of what those poor animals would be enduring horrifies me. I am sickened beyond belief that it is a common practice :….(

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