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I must admit it never occurred to me that the B of D and the Management of Lincoln County Humane Society would be so completely and utterly foolish as they have been this evening. Having been handed a golden opportunity to garner some good will within the community, they chose to further alienate the very public on whom they depend for support. Incredible! I truly do not believe that anyone could have orchestrated a more profound example of complete and utter incompetence than that which took place this evening. Incredible!  The Board of Directors and Management of LCHS have publicly slapped dozens of potential supporters across the face by “deferring” their membership applications once again and in turn have displayed a total disregard for the lives of the animals for whom they are supposed to be the caretakers. This is a new low even for the B of D and Management of LCHS. INCREDIBLE!

A couple of highlights, during the debate regarding passing a motion to accept the applicants’ as members, Joe Kushner states “I have some concerns with one of the names in the list”. When asked who that might be, he can’t recall the name. When pushed further, he did not wish to state publicly the person with whom he had issues.Then Tom Manney suggested that Kushner should then vote in favour of the remainder of the applicants. NO WAY! Joe Kushner who was introduced as the City Council representative on the LCHS Board of Directors voted against the motion. NOTE: Representatives of Council on the Board of Directors, DO NOT HAVE A VOTE! Also voting against the motion were Christine Probst. Remember her? She is one of the four Directors who had not renewed their own memberships in LCHS and as a result were not in compliance with the ByLaws  in order to maintain their positions as Directors but had their memberships renewed at the secret meeting held prior to the AGM (that didn’t happen). Not only did she vote against the applicants tonight but she was able to sneak some friends and relatives applications for membership renewals by this evening. Nice!
Then there is steady Eddie Klassen, the Membership Chairman, who still has not brought a single membership applicant to the table and yet voted against all of the applicants this evening, with the exception of Chrissie Probst family and friends. Understandably, Eddie must be exhausted from spending so many hours of vetting and carrying out DUE DILIGENCE, not.

And the fourth vote against approving the membership applications goes to………President, Ann Davidson! Yep, the President who according to the ByLaws is not the President or even a director as she too was not responsible enough to maintain her own membership but what the hell, just renewed it at the secret meeting prior to the AGM (that wasn’t). Oh and for pete’s sake don’t let a little thing like the fact the President does not have a vote unless their is a tie be a problem for you, just vote anyway AGAINST the applicants. You see there was not a tie vote because Kushner doesn’t have a vote.

For the motion: Manny, Pang, Sgambati

Against the motion: Probst, Klassen

Kushner does not have a vote as council Rep. Davidson only has a vote in the event of a tie.

WHY was the motion carried?  INCREDIBLE!

Don’t believe me? Come on, no one can make up this stuff. here’s the article

7 thoughts on “INCREDIBLE

  1. sigh….. disappointing …. but not at all surprizing….. we have a lot of work still ahead of us….. My random thought – start a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the shelter animals, held in trust, until such time that the LCHS adopts a no-kill philosophy. We need to do more thinking out of the box to come up with various strategies that meet the challenge of deposing this entrenched group of boneheads.

    • Hey Tessie, I have to say, I am surprised the B of D acted in such an obviously contrived manner to prevent any new memberships. I had thought that at least a few members would have been permitted access to the sacred inner sanctum if for no other reason than to “save face”. Fortunately Tessie a long time go consideration had been given t alternative measures. Your suggetion is fantastic and I shall be forwarding this very clever idea to other involved in the cause to STOP THE KILLING!

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  4. I was there and, needless to say, it was depressing and totally disheartening to watch those dysfunctional Board members in action; no matter what the issue their overriding motivation was obviously to maintain control and power at any cost and they were prepared to do anything to do that, whether their actions were against the rules , illegal ,just plain stonewalling or even against strong public reaction and disaffection; it was also painfully obvious that those same intransigent members are the very ones who DO NOT BELIEVE IN NO-KILL in spite of their very HALF-HEARTED MOTION to pursue some form of it using carefully contrived language,which upon close examination, will allow them to keep the KILLING OPTION open as an arbitrary option; this Board,including Strooband, has lost all credibility and public confidence and I strongly suggest that a PETITION be drawn up to reflect the TRUTH such as how the best interests of both the animals and the public are no longer being served by this Board and that there should be a widespread community call for their removal; in addition it is also time for LEGAL ACTION as it should be able to be proven quite easily that the LCHS has FAILED in its LEGAL FIDUCIARY OBLIGATIONS to both the animals and the public it was supposed to serve as a non-profit charity whose mandate was clearly to care for and save animals …and not be in the business of KILLING them! The unjustified killing in itself over such a long period of time,and, I would argue, the gross misuse of public dollars and donations are solid grounds for removal of their CHARITABLE STATUS; and as for their animal control contract with the city, I would argue that it is also time that was rescinded as well!

  5. Good points,Tony, (at least I think so) and I would also add that there is a clear BREACH OF TRUST by the LCHS Board as evidenced, in particular, in that last meeting as well as in their daily operations in failing to oversee their shelter; as an OSPCA affiliate that fiduciary duty and trust could also be extended to their provincial body, the OSPCA, which also has obligations to see that its affiliates are run with the best interests of the animals and public in mind; but, sadly, as we recently witnessed in the person of CEO Kate MacDonald with her typical BLIND support for Strooband and the LCHS Board, there will be no movement towards transparency and accountability of any kind in that direction; any legal minds out there thinking about this?

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