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Telling it like it is…..

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On October 17th 2012, over 60 people waited for over and hour and a half to learn the  status of their applications for membership to Lincoln County Humane Society . Today is November 23rd, and they are still waiting. On Nov. 21st in front of 100 tax paying members of the public and the press, the B of D VOTED 4 to 3 to “defer” the applications AGAIN until such time as they may be “vetted”. Initially it was suggested this deferment be until the new year. That brilliant idea was met with ta great deal of enthusiasm – all negative. So now the applicants shall have to wait for another two weeks to learn if the shall enjoy membership in LCHS and subsequently a vote at the AGM. By my calendar that means the next meeting to address the membership matter will be December 5th, 2012.  Will they be accepted? Will they be declined? Who is acceptable and who is not? And why or why not?

On Thursday Nov. 22nd, NewsTalk 610, CKTB, Tim Denis in the Morning broadcast the popular segment Roundtable. On this day, seated at the Roundtable were Tim Denis, Tam Jeanneret , Kevin Jack, and guest,  St Catharines Standard Reporter Grant LaFleche. It was an animated and very interesting conversation as they discussed the Board of Directors’ meeting of the previous evening and specifically the deferment of the 60 membership applications I would like to share some quotes form this podcast:

“I would like someone from Lincoln County or the Board of Directors to just come put and say what is going on. Do you want members or you don’t want members. Do you want No Kill or do you not want No Kill, It’s all very confusing.

“We all know that something stinks and I dunno what it is” There is something just not right happening at the Lincoln County Humane Society” “I don’t know how big or bad a problem that it is, but the more that they try and keep us away, the more our mind is spinning”

“Ed Klassen the Membership Chairman said “We need to get to know who is interesting in achieving our goals,”  “scary individual, people like that shouldn’t be saying things like that”

This is typical of a Board of Directors that have been around for years, needs fresh faces, they just don’t want to relinquish positions. They need to accept that it is all over boys and girls man up your run is over.”

“ What kind of a vetting process, one that makes sure everyone believes what I want.” “Is there are a criteria, tell people what the criteria is”

“Something is dirty”.

To hear the entire conversation, please click to this URL and then scroll down to:

CKTB Roundtable Part One – November 22nd, 2012.

These people have been following this matter for weeks, since the October 17th meeting. It is interesting that at no point do they question the integrity of No Kill St Catharines or any of those affiliated with the organization. Hopefully, the Board of Directors will heed the advice of these fine people and will “accept that it is all over boys and girls man up your run is over.”

And still the KILLING continues……

One thought on “Telling it like it is…..

  1. Well, Julia, you and I have both been writing about all this cloak and dagger stuff for weeks now. The Roundtable participants aren’t the first – or last – to wonder what the heck is going on. Frankly, I think the City is also at fault for not looking into this since Kushner IS a City representative of the Board and, therefore, ought to be reporting back on the whys and wherefores. At the very least, the mayor ought to be saying something – anything to let citizens in on what the heck they’re paying for over on Fourth Avenue.

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