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Curiouser and curiouser!

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To be totally honest, I am still in a complete and utter quandary over  the results (or lack thereof) from the Board of Directors’ Meeting last Wednesday. I have been giving considerable though to the “vetting process” which is of such great importance to the Board of Directors and especially the management of LCHS as it appears that he is the “grande poobah” of due diligence and vetting and other very important jobs named like those there with fancy schmancy words.

I have come to the conclusion that I have absolutely no problem with the present “vetting” process at LCHS. I would not have any issue with each of the 53 plus applicants being “checked out in the exact same manner as Ann Davidson, Mary Lou Davidson, Christine Probst, Ed Klassen, Grace Pang, Nadia Kobylko, Tom Manney and Maria Sgambati. Of course big Joe would not need vetting as he is an appointee from City Council and does not have a VOTE, unless he is acting as a director in which case he does have a vote and he would have been vetted too. Ugh…

So let’s do our own bit of vetting. Who the hell is Ann Davidson when she is at home? What does she do? Does she like animals, does she imbibe, does she eat meat, is she right handed or LEFT handed?

What about Christine Probst? Where does she live, does she wear army boots, is that her real hair, and what has she ever done for a single animal in the time she has been a Director at LCHS?

What of steady Eddie Klassen? Well it is very clear he is a complete and utterly incompetent boob when it comes to the job of Membership Chair but what of his background? Is he suitable to be on the Board of Directors? Does he share the same goals and aspirations of all of the other directors? Did he wet the bed as a child?

Mary Lou Davidson claims to be a proponent of No Kill when she attends the conferences and didn’t she tell the B of D that she would be in touch with her good friend Nathan Winograd to arrange for him to come and meet with them to have a bit of a chat? Mr.Winograd is still waiting to hear from his good buddy. So was Mary Lou vetted? If so why is she permitted on the B of D when she professes to be a proponent of No Kill? hmmmmmm.  Maybe she neglected to mention this or when the Management was performing due diligence and calling all of the (competitive) organizations to which she belongs, did they all lie about Mary Lou’s professed beliefs? What does Mary Lou believe?

Nadia make no bones about her total indifference to animals (“I do not share the passion that you have”) and had no compunction about telling me so when interviewing me for a position in the B of D . That is all well and good but should a person who could care less whether an animal  lives or dies be voting on whether animals do live or die? Maybe the vetting process missed this particular issue. Or maybe like Nadia, they just don’t care, unless it upsets the tea party.

Tom Manney, Grace Pang and Maria Sgambati have all made their positions abundantly clear. No one can ever suggest these fine people have any other agenda than to Stop The Killing which begs the question how did they make it through the vetting process? How in the name of the Queen of Hearts were these people permitted to become members and ultimately Directors? I’m guessing Joe ( the Mad Hatter ) Kushner is apoplectic.

So who did perform “due diligence?”

One thought on “Curiouser and curiouser!

  1. Good for you, Julia, for calling it like it is. Most of these directors need to be ousted and individuals installed who are there for the welfare of the animals and not for self-serving reasons. Never have I witnessed a more insincere bunch of wannabes.

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