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Big Head, Big Feet, Big Mouth


This morning Kevin Strooband, Executive Director and “guy in charge of Vetting and due diligence and all that really neat stuff” was in the studio of radio 101.5 ED FM.  “ALL ABOUT DOGS” is an interactive talk show addressing care for your dog. Niagara’s acclaimed Dog Trainer and author, Dave McMahon takes your calls and brings in special guest experts.… It’s “ALL ABOUT DOGS” on Ed FM.”

Unfortunately in spite of Dave going on and on and on about how one could access the broadcast on podcast, it would appear that today’s episode has yet to be posted. I was counting on being able to reference the site for you here on the blog. I did make notes and once the podcast is available I shall post it in a new blog. Here’s a few highlights;

Dave welcomed Kevin Strooband who stated he was glad to be here because it “helps the animals that is what it is all about”.

McMahon then asked Kevin about his background to which Strooband replies, he was hired in 1990 so he has spent 22 years, animal control.   “Twelve  years ago I was made Executive Director and have been making the shelter a better place ever since” REALLY?

Why then has the there been a revolving door of employees over the years and in the last year alone 5 fulltime employees have left? If Strooband has done such a great job why then does this present situation exist?

Dave asks Kevin “why did you want to work with animals” to which Kevin replies  “I wanted to be Police Officer  didn’t work out at the time …..I liked animals and have learned to respect animals…..  I am passionate about the animals…. brings a tear to my eye”. If Strooband loves animal so much why are 75% of cats and 55% of dogs KILLED?

So I guess f I was “vetting” old Kevin buddy, my first question would be, Why were you not accepted as a Police Officer?

“How would you describe your job asked Dave. Kevin replies “it varies, lately I have been changing programs…. looking for homes for animals …. It is a vast group of things I have to do” Dave says, “tough to be you”. To which I say, it is a lot tougher being a cat or a dog at LCHS.
Kevin continues “volunteers come to me with concerns…. I deal with a lot of people a lot of the time “. This from the guy that terrorizes volunteers, has them in tears. One volunteer states the only reason she stays is because she knows full well if she leaves the dogs will get out only once a week rather than everyday.

click here to see what a former volunteer saw, heard and experienced at LCHS, the place Strooband has been making better.

At the end of 2011 there were 12 foster homes, as of this writing there are 5. Yessiree, those volunteers love this guy!

“I keep my phone on all the time and will talk to anyone anytime”. “ I am never without my blackberry, it is on right now, I won’t take any calls but I am always ready to take calls” This is the first statement with which I agree. If Kevin buddy can talk to someone , especially the press, he is all over it.

Dave then asks Kevin to describe himself, who he really is and his character traits, “tell us about your personality and your qualities” Kevin says, “friends say I am a totally different person, I can be firm, professional and reasonable….I try and listen to you with compassion and empathy the public just want to be heard, I am always listening,  empathetic, spend 5 minutes with me on the phone and you will learn I care about the animals”. From what I have been told by former employees (of which there are a vast number to choose from), volunteers and others, Strooband is a petty tyrant, who could care less what anyone else has to say. It’s his way or the highway!

In reference to Strooband’s size twelve foot, Dave says “guys with big shoes have big brains” Strooband – “guess that means I have a big head”.  Any idea how much self control I am using right now?

Strooband continues to talk about himself, which coincidentally is his favourite subject “I am very caring hard working, I love the shelter…. staff can call me anytime of the day or night”

Dave McMahon makes mention of the No Kill meeting  held previously this week and Strooband states, It’s a great idea, I was there,  I was called brave and courageous, I went with an open mind to learn that is the only way to work, I have to go out and learn.”Strooband is either incredibly stupid or a blatant liar.” This exert is taken directly from the front page of the Lincoln County Humane Society website “No Kill” is not a viable option, but it is certainly possible to end euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. Together, as a community, we can. Please click here to see the statement in its entirety SIGNED by Kevin Strooband, ED

McMahon goes out on a limb and brings up the subject of the membership applications, “The Volunteers shall have their memberships, they are going to have their applications heard at the next Board of Directors’ meeting! It is very important to listen to stakeholders” You heard it here volunteers, you are in!

Dave threw out the challenge to call in and talk to Strooband. Obviously throwing down a gauntlet. “This is your chance to talk to Kevin” Well I called. I was asked my name and then was asked my question. I was then placed on hold. A couple of minutes later a little voice came back on the phone to tell me that there was no more time for callers. This was at 8:24 of a show that was to continue until 9:00 a.m. Also on three more occasions, Dave asked for callers right up until 8:53, when he stated it was the last chance to talk to Kevin.

By that time, I had suffered quite enough and needed a coffee. The Bailey’s was looking pretty darn good at that point too.

3 thoughts on “Big Head, Big Feet, Big Mouth

  1. I’m seething right now! How does this man get away with it?

    As for your call to the station, what are the odds that Kev didn’t want to answer your direct questions???

    Next time, give your middle name… Legal and honest – a far cry from Strooband and his form of honesty.

    This man and his band of thugs (the Directors) need to be ousted pronto.

    • There is not a doubt in my mind that my call was screened. Like your idea, but unfortunately – no middle name! HAHA, I will have come up with something else. It’s funny because I actually considered using a phony and thought no, I will be open and transparent.



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