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Enough excuses, just do your job


Do you find the following comments acceptable ?

One teacher speaking to another -“I can’t teach all of these kids. Don’t people know about birth control?”

Two Police officers at an accident site – “how are we supposed to look after the public when the public doesn’t obey the law?”

Lawyer talking to his assistant – “no wonder he was convicted, it’s not my fault the kids’ parents left their prescription meds in the bathroom.”

Each one of these statements indicates a complete lack of professionalism, as well as a  poor  attitude. Instead of assuming the responsibility for their own poor performance, blame is inappropriately shifted to others.

If we find these examples outrageous then why is this acceptable? LCHS Executive Director, Kevin Strooband to anyone….

“it is irresponsible pet owners that do not spay or neuter their animals that make me have to KILL animals” “ there are too many animals so I have to KILL them”, and this little beauty on Sunday Morning on the Dave McMahon radio show, “Public apathy is the biggest problem we have”.


Are you kidding me? There are well over 60 people liaterally banging on the doors trying to obtain membership at LCHS for over a month. There are literally hundreds of people screaming to STOP THE KILLING! This is apathy?

Let me tell you about apathy. It is a Board of Directors and Management that have and continue to blame the public because they are doing a lousy job of saving animals. To their “credit” they are doing an exemplary job of KILLING animals. Apathy is an Executive Director and a Board that presently boast an improvement in adoptions and fewer killings (for which I for one am very grateful) as a means of damage control in light of the public pressure, ooops sorry that’s spelled a p a t h y to STOP THE KILLING. Apathy is admitting a dog (Callie) on October 10th , assuring her guardian that she will be adopted “there is no alternative here” and then immediately place a PTS notice on her cage! Fortunately we discovered her imminent death on October 17th. So much for aggressive and progressive adoption programs. Do not be fooled, the KILLING continues and why? Because the Executive Director and the Board of Directors are too apathetic to even consider educating themselves on the No Kill Equation, because if they did they would understand that it is the only moral and right thing to do!

Quit blaming the public for your incompetence, tunnel vision and APATHY! Do your job, STOP THE KILLING! Earn the almost $100k you will be paid in 2012. Note: I did not say “earn”.

Now, if your job is to encourage the adoption of animals at the shelter in which you are the Executive Director and you have spouted off on how hard you and your staff work to facilitate these adoptions, would you not make sure that there is ALWAYS some one available to take phone calls. I mean a real live person and not a Silicone Sally listing a dozen different extensions and directions? Just so you know that I am not making this stuff up, the following is a thread from Facebook that I am attaching with Calvin Manley’s permission. When I asked if I could use this thread, his answer was,“Certainly. Anything to help the cause.”

3rd party:  Julia McLaren, is this the original ad for Callie or has this situation deteriorated again?

Calvin Manley:  What a beauty.

3rd Party:  Now Calvin Manley you should meet Callie!

Calvin Manley:  She sounds like my last girl, Casey was Sheppard/Golden/Timberwolf cross. Nutty like a fruitcake. She was always good at home or in our fenced yard but beyond that you had to have a grip on her. A real runner. Typical Sheppard, an opportunist. lol

3rd party:  Sounds like you and Callie would be a good fit. I believe 10 weeks of prof training are included with her adoption.

Julia McLaren: Calvin, this girl is an absolute character. She has a great sense of humour combined with huge energy and the need for security, consistency and a whole lot of love. Calvin if you or some one you know is interested in Callie PLEASE go see her. Do NOT take any guff from the staff at LCHS. She is not aggressive, she needs behaviour mod and positive reinforcement. She was going to be killed until we intervened contrary to what her former guardian was told by management. Frankly it is only because we have made her such a media gem that she is alive right now but I honestly do not believe this will continue with the propensity for killing at LCHS. PLEASE if you are able or know some one who wants a big beautiful blonde at their side, go see her. Also Callie’s former guaradian will be happy to communicate with any potential forever home and Dave McMahon has offered FREE training!!!!

Calvin Manley: I’ll definitely have to talk to Syl about it. She’s 5’0” and about 120lbs so as long as she’s comfortable it would work.

Julia McLaren: Calvin, if a dog and their person form a good partnership it is one of those rare occasions where size does not count. I do so hope that Callie will get some consideration. Thanks

Julia McLaren: ^^&&* the ad was paid for by ANIMAL ASSISTANCE when I first contacted them for help when I found out that Callie was scheduled to be PTS. Incredible huh? The dog is at LCHS who no doubt will insist on the total adoption fee and it is Animal Assistance that pays for the ad and gets nada! TYPICAL!

Calvin Manley: What are the LCHS adoption fees?

Julia McLaren: Hey Calvin, here is the LCHS adoption page. $290 BUT, there is no way that you should have to pay the whole shot, she is microchipped, spayed, and up to date on shots. Let us now what they say, insist on seeing Strooband.  &**( If Strooband insists on the whole $290, I think Callie would be a great opportunity to test his commitment to “progressive” adoption practices, don’t you?

3rd Party: The ED should do the right thing and adopt this special dog at a vastly reduced adoption fee, including consideration of a fee waived agreement. Isn’t a humane society supposed to be about saving lives?

Calvin Manley:  Well, I tried calling them to get info on her and you cannot get ahold of a real person. All I got were a bunch of options (none of which applied) as I was looking for information, which I tried and again all I got was a recording and then the system hung up on me.! *%^&$! Not very person or user friendly. Sounds more mechanical than anything. And they’re ‘working with the public’?

3rd party:  Calvin Manley, welcome to the LCHS. Julia McLaren, Wendy Ross and Rosalind Valerie can tell you all about it. How not to run a Humane Society 101.

Calvin Manley :Unbelievable! If I was running a business and had that kind of contact with the public, I wouldn’t be in business for very long. And this is thier best effort at helping the animals in thier care? They are seriously lacking in thier communication skills with the public. Not everyone can just run down there to get information. That’s what phones are for.

3rd party: All good points Calvin Manley. This is exactly the reason No Kill St Catharines was created. The majority of the Board and the ED believe all is well at LCHS. In fact the CEO of the OSPCA lauds their performance and says they are with LCHS every step of the way. Change is needed here from the top on down.

Julia McLaren: Okay, I understand and appreciate your frustration. I stood and waited for 40 minutes trying to purchase dog tags while being blatantly ignored by two staff. It is not Callie’s fault, PLEASE do not give up. If anything this should point out to you how important it is to get her out of that godforsaken place.

3 thoughts on “Enough excuses, just do your job

  1. Julia, this article – while mindboggling in content – is superb. If no other article about the Lincoln County Humane Society and its secret-society Board of Directors hits the nail on the head, this one certainly does. If no one understands what really goes on over there on Fourth Avenue, this article will enlighten without doubt. A better article has not been written to date on the jumping-through-hoops adoption process that one must go through to save an animal.

    Dealing with the current administration and Strooband’s attitude is just one of the hurdles, then comes the inane process and attitude we have to deal with to save an animal.

    I have tweeted this article and asked my followers to re-tweet.

    Bravo for saying exactly like it is.

    Strooband keeps on living in his fool’s paradise and the City of St. Catharines and Mayor McMullan actually think these antics are A-okay. Thank goodness councillor Mat Siscoe is actually doing something down at City Hall.

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