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Maybe Next Christmas?

Santa Claus waited and waited. Santa was waiting for cute cats, not so cut cats, big cats, little cats, orange, black, white, tortie, persian, domestic, long hair short hair, old cats and kittens. Santa was going to have the cats sit on his knee while a picture was taken of them in order show them off to hundreds of people so they could be in a safe warm home this Christmas.

Sadly, Santa cannot do that. The cats are dead. Thousands of cats, thousands of cats are dead. The Board of Directors  and Management of Lincoln County Humane Society KILLED them.



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And don’t let that door hit you on the ass on your way out!

Yowza, what an experience! It was truly an amazing thing to watch a group of adults, and I use the word loosely who have in their care custody and control a 1.6 million dollar budget and more importantly the lives of innocent animals in their hands behave like a bunch of kids in a sandbox fight. The Board of Directors and Management of LCHS has become a virtual toxic waste zone. I do not think that I have ever been exposed to such a poisonous environment full of acrimony and vitriol as I witnessed last night. It was actually embarrassing to watch.

He said, she said, I meant this but you said that. You can’t do that! Yes I can. Na na na na na!

Every once in a while a voice of reason would emanate but would quickly be smothered by the complete and utter idiocy that has become the norm at Lincoln County Humane Society.

Probably the Oscar winning moment goes to Executive Director and complete incompetent, Strooband. He literally whispered whenever he was required to speak. This is one of the oldest and one of the most pathetic “tools’ in the control freak tool box. The purpose is the speaker or whisperer in this case has the power over you as the listener You are forced to strain to listen giving him the “power” leaving you at his mercy as to whether you are able to hear what is said. In this case it is really not an issue, as Strooband has not said anything of any importance for as long as I can remember, so moot point.  Good try though Kevvy!

Literally an hour was spent arguing the minutes of pervious meetings, and then the membership issue reared its ugly little head. As a result of a motion passed 4 – 3, all discussions regarding memberships will be help in camera. Incredible, when you consider City Council discusses potential committee members in front of the public. There could not be a membership committee report because the Chair, Steady Eddy was not present. Has no one ever heard of submitting a report to be read by the President? Duh!

Then there was the Treasures report and thankfully that was passed no issues, well at least none that we could hear.  Then Kevvy whispered something about correspondence and then read something, I don’t even know and care even less. We were led to believe this was the only correspondence in the last month.  Uh, no. I know for a fact there are at lest 11 of my own letters that have not been replied to and were most certainly not whispered last night no matter how bad the acoustics. There are at least two letters that were sent to the board specifically asking for Queen Annie Fannie’ resignation that were not read into the minutes. Ah, it all makes sense now, if they are read out loud at a meeting they are required to be placed into the minutes. Could these people be any more disreputable? Can they really think they are fooling anybody by trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

Then …… drumroll please………the Executive Director’s Report! “mumble, mumblbmubmle, contracts, mumble er mumble later” That was it! Yea okay, what is wrong with this picture. I certainly understand why Kevvy would be a bit reticent to discuss contracts seeing as he has lost two of them in the last 35 days to the tune of $90k! Yep, the Town of Lincoln and NOTL have opted out of the contract for services from LCHS. Here is another little tidbit for you. It seems that one of these municipalities is in arrears for services rendered in 2012 but because numbnuts (Kevvy) didn’t sign the contract, well what the hell, they aren’t going to pay! Just another example of blatant stupid incompetence and lack of accountability. Why was the opening of the high volume low cost spay neuter clinic not mentioned last night in Kevvy’s report? For that matter why hasn’t anything been said or seen regarding this “feather” in the LCHS cap?

Whew, did you just catch a whiff? Yep that sure stinks and it is coming from the direction of LCHS.cat_with_smelly_fish

Onward the meeting droned until new business was announced. On that note, approximately 40 people stood up holding signs saying, PLEASE RESIGN or RESIGN NOW. It didn’t accomplish a damn thing but it sure felt good to register our disapproval and disgust with the lack of leadership and integrity by the B of D.

In accordance with the motion made earlier in the evening, the B of D went in camera to discuss personnel issues. Well son of a gun, unbeknownst to me, I was one of the personnel issues. I am guessing it wasn’t much of a discussion but in the end, I have been ousted! Yes sir, I am not wanted, needed, welcome or even to be tolerated by the LCHS Board of Directors. Not only did they turn down my application to become a director, they have refused to renew my membership! How about that huh?

I have to be honest; I did not lose one moment of sleep last night even though I have been driven from The Queen of Heart’s Court. As it turns out I am in excellent company. Board Secretary, long time volunteer, significant contributor, Grace Pang has been ousted also. Vice President Thomas Manney, who has been a long time board member, volunteer contributor and supporter of LCHS, joins us in exile. These two fine people were the driving force behind the acquisition of the funds for the construction of the Spay Neuter Clinic. It was Grace that approached the OSPCA to get the ball rolling to operate the clinic on a one-year contract. It was with Grace and Tom that I have been working to bring governance and No Kill to St Catharines and that is why we have been removed as members of LCHS. I am very proud of our work and I felt very privileged to be in the company of two such good people as we were unceremoniously booted out the door.

There is one thing that bothers me. During the entire 4 hours we endured the whim and fancy of these pompous arrogant blowhards not once, not once was an animal mentioned. There was never any mention of the animals in the shelter, plans for their future or more likely lack of one. That is what bothers me. I was able to walk out the door and come home to my own beloved dogs and cats. What of those innocents we leave behind in the LCHS death house?

Please help Callie

Please help Callie

This battle may have been lost but the war is far from over! We are going to save some animals!!!!!


You really want to be like PETA?????

Recently, Executive Director of LCHS, Kevin Strooband puffed out his chest and proudly spouted that he had received a letter from PETA congratulating LCHS on its adopting an anti No Kill stance.  Strooband states, “The term “no kill” is a contentious one, but it is important to first consider the ramifications of such a policy. For the humane society, it would mean one of two things.

We either shut our doors to all new animals coming in — no strays will be picked up, pet owners would have nowhere to take animals that are no longer wanted; or we become a de facto warehouse of animals, where they are kept alive at any cost — regardless of poor medical health or adoption prospects — and despite the emotional and behavioural suffering caused from living in a cage for years.

Neither option is in the best interests of the animals. Even the animal activists People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are of the same opinion.”

Strooband also states “No Kill” is not a viable option…”

Joe Kushner, Council Representative to LCHS, not one to be shy about his alliances also jumped on the PETA bandwagon by stating: “ The present policy is consistent with the OSPCA and the animals rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).”

Particularly in the case of Strooband I find this very disturbing.  Why? Strooband has repeatedly espoused his eagerness and willingness to learn new things and to make himself aware and knowledgeable about all matters pertaining to the welfare of animals.  “That’s my job, to learn and bring in new programs” If this in fact the case then Strooband will have researched the policies and practices of PETA and having done so, has still choosen to align himself  and in turn LCHS with the philosophy of this organization. Given Strooband’s affection for due diligence, I can only assume that he has given careful consideration in adopting (pardon the pun) this alliance.

Joe Kushner, too has indicated his approval in the pratices of PETA and would appear to be quite pleased with the recognition he, Strooband and LCHS have received as a result of their position on No Kill. Again, I would hope and expect that Mr. Kushner prior to hitching a ride on the PETA killing machine would have done some investigation and research into this organization prior to expressing his joy at being accepted into the PETA family.

This is not only distrubing it is quite frankly terrifying that two people that are in positions of authority and control over the welfare of the animals in the care and custody of LCHS are admitted proponents of KILLING!!!!!!! Not just killing but according to PETA’s principles, they are anti companion animals, anti therapy animals, anti adoption anti fostering, anti life for healthy treatable adoptable animals. I for one find this very scary to say the least.

Had Joe and Kevin done their homework they would have discovered:

PETA top dog Ingrid Newkirk’s story of how she became involved in animal rights after a shelter put down stray kittens she brought there. So she went to work for an animal shelter in the 1970s, where, she explained, “I would go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself. Because I couldn’t stand to let them go through (other workers abusing the animals.) I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day.”

Just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling all over doesn’t it?

One has to wonder if PETA would be so quick with their admiration for LCHS if they were to be informed that LCHS does not euthanise in the only a manner considered acceptable by PETA, by an intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital but rather by  heartsticking as the kill of convenience by LCHS.

Ms. Newkirk says, “In my first year working at a grossly substandard animal shelter in Maryland, I forced myself to go in early to euthanize dogs by holding them in my arms and gently helping them escape an uncaring world without trauma or pain and to spare them from being stabbed haphazardly—while they were fully conscious, terrified and aware—in the general vicinity of their hearts with needles blunt from reuse and left to thrash on the floor until they finally died by the callous people who would arrive later to do the job.”

Freedom of Information Act request, showing that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed a staggering 95.9 percent of the adoptable pets in its care during 2011. Despite years of public outrage over its euthanasia program, the notorious animal rights group has continued killing adoptable animals at its Norfolk, VA headquarters, at an average of 37 pets every week.

According to records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA killed 1,911 cats and dogs last year while placing just 24 in adoptive homes. Since 1998, a total of 27,751 pets have died at the hands of PETA workers. Okay let’s see, PETA killed almost  28,000 animals in 13 years  or 2153 per year and LCHS has killed over 22,000  animals in 10 years or 2200 per year. It is a close race but LCHS is the better killer by a nose! CONGRATULATIONS STROOBAND AND KUSHNER!

PETA believes in total animal liberation. No Zoos, Farms, Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Guide dogs, police dogs, circuses, animals in movies, and no pets. However, these domestic animals cannot simply be returned to the wild either.  PETA believes these animals should be bred out of existence, since their existence hinges upon human involvement anyways.  One theory is that PETA euthanizes so many animals a year to this end.

If PETA had its way , people that are visibly, physically and emotionally challenged, those that are effected by seizures and other illnesses would not have their lives enriched with the partnership of working dogs. There would be no Canine Corps or therapy dogs. If PETA had its way  the people of a little a town in Connecticut having suffered the devastation of a random act of violence would not have had the comfort of hugging and sharing some peaceful moments with  seven beautiful Golden Retrievers that for just a short moment brought a smile and a whole lot of love and comfort to a grieving town. click here to learn more about these beautiful dogs

Another theory is that it’s just too expensive to actually help animals, and PETA would rather spend its 33 million dollar annual budget on advertisements, publicity stunts, and helping to pay for the defense of the various accused eco and domestic terrorists who commit crimes in the name of animal liberation.  Less than one percent of PETA’s funds actually go to helping animals, though they have the means to do so if they wished.

“That’s right. PETA assails other parties for killing animals for food or research. Then it kills animals — but for really important reasons, such as running out of room..” (the anti PETA Group).

Actually, it is all beginning to make sense now.  Given LCHS statistics and what we see here, it is very easy to see why LCHS and PETA have developed their little mutual admiration society. They have such a great deal in common. Each kill with total abandon with little or no heed for the animals they are killing rather than working to find homes they both blame “irresponsible owners” and municipal governments for the number of “unwanted “ animals. Both prefer to spend donor money on ridiculous items e.g. smart cars and nude advertising rather than on the animas for which the funds were intended. Yep, I can see how Strooband and Newkirk would get along famously.

Pets Killed by PETA

Year Received† Trans-
Adopted    Killed
2011  1,992 34 24 1.21%   1,911 95.9%
2010 2,345 63 44 1.86% 2,200 93.8%
2009 2,366 31 8 0.34% 2,301 97.3%
2008 2,216 34 7 0.32% 2,124 95.8%
2007 1,997 35 17 0.85% 1,815 90.9%
2006 3,061 46 12 0.39% 2,981 97.4%
2005 2,165 69 146 6.74% 1,946 89.9%
2004 2,655 1 361 13.60% 2,278 85.8%
2003 2,224 1 312 14.03% 1,911 85.9%
2002 2,680 2 382 14.25% 2,298 85.7%
2001 2,685 14 703 26.18% 1,944 72.4%
2000 2,681 28 624 23.27% 2,029 75.7%
1999 1,805 91 386 21.39% 1,328 73.6%
1998* 943 125 133 14.10% 685 72.6%





























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Will they like me? Will they accept me?

COUNTDOWN to Wednesday December 19th, 2012, the Board of Directors’ Meeting of LCHS.

As of this writing, there has been no indication there will be a change in venue for Wednesday’s meeting which automatically means the meeting will not be open to the public due to space constraints and Joe Kushner’s  now famous “FIRE CODE” call. Once again, the B of D will hide their actions from the very people that pay the wages and support the shelter with tax dollars and donations. HoHum, it does get boring doesn’t it?

How sad for poor old Joe Kushner, his minions are unable and or unwilling to comply with his motion to maintain open Board meetings. Maybe there will be a surprise announcement  of a new, and bigger venue tomorrow or Wednesday???  I have confirmed that by 3:00 pm today the large meeting room used for the last meeting has not been booked as was recommended in a letter to the B of D, December 12, 2012. I personally contacted the Russell Avenue facility on Dec. 12th to confirm that the rooms were available. This information was immediately conveyed to the B of D by one of the Directors. Today it was confirmed that no one from LCHS had made an effort to book the room(s).

Ms. Davidson

I would like to thank you and your Board of Directors for displaying some common sense and responsibility by arranging a larger venue in which the last Board of Directors’ meeting was held. It is my sincere hope that you will continue to display the same respect for those who are interested in the proceedings of these very important meetings by making similar arrangement for the upcoming  meeting of December 19th 2012.

I am quite confident there will be a significant turn out for this meeting and it would most certainly serve in the best interested of the Board and yourself to make the proceedings open to the public as moved by Joe Kushner and approved by the ENTIRE board. Granted, recently the Board has reneged on this motion and once again reverted too its “secret society” methods of doing business but let’s just assume that was an unfortunate  anomaly.

This morning, Tim Denis and yesterday both Tim Denis and Tom McConnell of 610 CKTB (radio) commented on the “terrible optics” of these secret meetings. Given these types of comments surely it would behoove the Board of Directors to ensure that all that attend the upcoming meeting shall be admitted safely and comfortably in an appropriate venue.

If you wish, I would be delighted to assist in finding a venue that will satisfy the needs of a meeting of this size. Please let me  know if I may be of assistance. Granted that would mean a reply and since you have not done so on my previous eleven messages it is highly unlikely you would choose to show any respect or common decency at this point. If however, you do manage to scrounge up a bit of courtesy, do let me know.


Julia McLaren

Man, these “optics” get any worse we shall all be blind! Suffice to say, letter eleven has gone unanswered. SURPRISE!!!!!!

As of December 31, 2012, I too shall be joining the ranks of membership applicants. My own membership will expire on that date. I have completed an application for renewal and with cheque for $15.00 will be  presenting my application for renewal at the meeting.Julia LCHS membership renewal 2013

Anybody have any guesses what my membership status will be on January 1st, 2013? I have been a member for a number of years off and on so I have no doubt that I have been “vetted” PFFFT!. I have volunteered, I am fostering, I have donated. I think that qualifies me for “giving back according to Strooband does it not?’ So, what do you think folks, are they going to reject me because of my position on No Kill? Joe Kushner has publicly stated that he does not feel that people should be prevented from obtaining membership just because they have different ideas and opinions.  Then again had Strooband carried out his job of vetting with “due diligence” four years ago he would have known my position and beliefs then. Oooops!

Let the voting begin, will I be accepted? YES? or will I be rejected NO? And what of my outstanding Board of Directors application, make that applicationS  from July 13th? August 16th, September 17th?

My words of wisdom for the Board of Directors and Management for today? Take heed, “a fish rots from the head down”

UH OH! Something Stinks at LCHS!

UH OH! Something Stinks at LCHS!

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In the beginning, there was light followed by a tremendous bang.

The following day, Joe Kushner became the Council Representative and or a Director of the Lincoln County Humane Society and darkness immediately ensued, lasting for 35years!

70,000 plus, and the KILLING continues

June 10, 1989, St Catharines Standard “St Catharines alderman also a board member, said he “can live with “ the strict new rules.

The rules Joe refers to are those that continue to this day in which an applicant must obtain the sponsorship of a Board Directors and two references in order to become a member of LCHS.

But he said he also has “some difficulty” with the rule which eliminates members of competing organizations from eligibility and leaves the definition up to the board.

On the heals of the “election” which ousted Catherine Ens and installed Ashley Shannon as President LCHS, the illustrious Kushner had this to say,

October 7, 1989, St Catharines Standard, Ald. Joe Kushner, St Catharines council’s representative for 12 years, agrees that the society is there to protect animals.

Although he considers himself a part of the “old guard” he stops short of saying people with different beliefs on animal welfare should be prevented from serving on the board.”

October 7, 1989,

Further on in the article “In a memo to the board, Ald Kushner insisted that the board meetings be open to the public.”

October 17th, 2012.

Joe Kushner voted to keep the 50plus membership applicants from joining the Board of Directors, Meeting held prior to the AGM (that didn’t happen)

October 19, 2012, St Catharines Standard, To Siscoe’s threat that the city should look elsewhere for animal control services, St. Catharines Councilor Joe Kushner — the municipal representative on the humane society board — said dropping the agency might not be a good idea. “If the contract is ended, what does the city do with animal control?” he said. “In my opinion, the humane society does an excellent job. But when you’re dealing with animals, you have very passionate feelings and it can be difficult at times. “Kushner did, however, agree the doors should be open for the agency’s meetings.”

Nov. 8, 2012

Kushner said he is also an advocate of transparency. FOR THE THIRD TIME!!!!

 Nov 21, 2012

A couple of highlights, during the debate regarding passing a motion to accept the applicants’ as members, Joe Kushner states “I have some concerns with one of the names in the list”. When asked who that might be, he can’t recall the name. When pushed further, he did not wish to state publicly the person with whom he had issues. Tom Manney suggested that Kushner should then vote in favour of the remainder of the applicants. NO WAY! Joe Kushner who was introduced as the City Council representative on the LCHS Board of Directors voted against the motion

November 21, 2012,

On a motion by Council representative, Joe Kushner made a motion that all Board of Directors’ meeting be open to the public

December 6th, 2012 Joe Kushner and the Board of Directors met via “email” and voted to defer all but 11 memberships for an undetermined period of time.

The 11 applicants that were approved are volunteers at LCHS and yet, four other volunteers were rebuffed. In one case, a volunteer that is a Foster home, Miriam Cooper was accepted and yet her husband, Brad Davis who also applied and who resides in the same home was deferred.

An employee’s application was deferred

Two City Councilors’ applications were deferred

December 12, 2012

Board of Directors’ Meeting for December 19th announced. I have sent an email to the Queen of Hearts (Ann Davidson) and her entire court  (Board of Directors) asking consideration be given to changing the venue d to avoid the Joe Kushner “FIRE CODE” excuse. As of this writing no reply, no surprise there.

 Ms. Davidson

I would like to thank you and your Board of Directors for displaying some common sense and responsibility by arranging a larger venue in which the last Board of Directors’ meeting was held. It is my sincere hope that you will continue to display the same respect for those who are interested in the proceedings of these very important meetings by making similar arrangement for the upcoming meeting of December 19th 2012.

 I am quite confident there will be a significant turn out for this meeting and it would most certainly serve in the best interested of the Board and yourself to make the proceedings open to the public as moved by Joe Kushner and approved by the ENTIRE board. Granted, recently the Board has reneged on this motion and once again reverted too its “secret society” methods of doing business but let’s just assume that was an unfortunate anomaly. 

This morning, Tim Denis and yesterday both Tim Denis and Tom McConnell of 610 CKTB (radio) commented on the “terrible optics” of these secret meetings. Given these types of comments surely it would behoove the Board of Directors to ensure that all that attend the upcoming meeting shall be admitted safely and comfortably in an appropriate venue.

If you wish, I would be delighted to assist in finding a venue that will satisfy the needs of a meeting of this size. Please let me know if I may be of assistance. Granted that would mean a reply and since you have not done so on my previous eleven messages it is highly unlikely you would choose to show any respect or common decency at this point. If however, you do manage to scrounge up a bit of courtesy, do let me know.


Julia McLaren


Cc: jkushner@stcatharines.ca, Thomas Manney tm9633@icloud.com, marylou.2012@gmail.com, msgambati@cogeco.ca, Grace P gpgracep@gmail.com, dr_zydis@hotmail.com, kstrooband@lchs.ca, probst@hhsc.ca, nkobylka@macgillivray.com

On November 20, 2012, a public meeting was held at the Russell Avenue Community Centre, ironically the same meeting room that would host the Board of Directors meeting, the venue of which had been changed to accommodate the crowd. The purpose of the public meting was to educate the public, animal care workers, staff, volunteers, BOARD OF DIRECTORS anyone with an interest in learning what NO KILL is truly all about, facts, myths, truth, lies the whole enchilada. Of the 150 attendees, no surprise, no Joe, no Ann, no Nadia, no MaryLou (who attests to be a No Kill advocate, but obviously a coward), no Ed, no Christine. NO SURPRISE!

The following night in the same building with virtually the same people in attendance Ann, Joe, Ed. Christine, Mary Lou (no still a coward) Nadia (nope), voted to defer the memberships of over 60 people indefinitely. When met with a mighty roar of hostile, angry voices, the Board of Directors did a quick back up and agreed to “deal” with the applications in two weeks. They couldn’t even keep that commitment, it had to go another day. It reminds me of a little kid pushing to see what the limits might be before an angry frustrated, fed up parent might do in responds to the childish behaviour. Pathetic, just plain pathetic.

The piece de resistance has got to be this piece of unadulterated, uneducated, ignorant, biased garbage that was submitted to the Standard by Joe aka Blowhard Kushner. Kushner Current LCHS 121206to download Joe’s latest insanity

This waste of oxygen didn’t have the decency, common sense and or the cojones to attend a public meeting in which had he kept an open mind, he may have become educated in the No Kill Equation. NO, much better he should spew his totally uneducated, totally misinformed drivel in a pathetic attempt to save face within a community that considers him nothing more than a pathetic caricature of a man.

70,000 plus, and the KILLING continues

You’re a mean one Mister K


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The Maturity of a Four Year Old.

Have you ever played a board game with a four year old?

Snakes and Ladders which is now known as Chutes and Ladders was one of my Grandson’s favourite games. He has since moved to greater challenges but I recall an incident that took place during one of those game marathons that you can only have with a four year old.

Nana: ooh Brian, that big old chute sent you way back to the beginning of the game, I may just get a chance at winning this time

Brian:  No Nana, you fall down the ladders and go up the chutes.

Nana:   That’s not how it worked the last few gamesurl

Brian:  But Nana, this is how it works now.

Nana:   But Brian that is changing the rules

Brian:  These are the new rules Nana

There is a remarkable similarity between the game of Chutes and Ladders with my darling four year old grandson and the incompetent petty fools on the Board of Directors and its megalomaniac Management at Lincoln County Humane Society. It is acceptable and expected behavior from a four year old to act and think like a child. If a game is in jeopardy or the child does not like the way it is going then it is only natural to change up the rules to his advantage. What is unexpected is a group of so called mature, business people acting like four year olds. “If I can’t win, I am going to change the rules until  I do win.” Regardless that the rules or in this case the By Laws have been perfectly good for years and years but now they are not supporting the whims and fancies of the present B of D, it is time to change the rules.

With full knowledge of their non compliance with a number of the present ByLaws, the Board of Directors of LCHS continue to blatantly disregard the wishes of the tax paying public and continue with their killing ways. They have now decided that breaking the rules isn’t sufficient, now they are going to rewrite the rules rather than face up to the fact they are not wanted or needed at LCHS. The public wants to Stop The Killing. The public wants to have a vote in order to say Stop The Killing.

The vast majority of the public revile the members of the Board of Directors  for their ignorance, pettiness, childishness and downright stupidity, but mostly for their obvious lack of respect for the very people that support their little fiefdom and the animals they are killing with wanton abandon. The media has taken shots at them, the comments in the local paper are brutal. What possible joy can they be deriving from making complete and utter fools of themselves. I cannot begin to imagine how their families’ must feel having to listen to the comments, field the questions and defend their behavior.

The following are so called intelligent, informed individuals that presently sit on the Board of Directors LCHS, well four out of six at least but even the less than mensa duo must realize they are swimming against the current. How is it they just “do not get it”. How is it that Executive Director, Strooband isn’t grasping in to the fact that he is probably the single most despised person in this city. Granted he was pretty high in the rankings for years but now I think he has taken a pretty strong lead in that race.

Ann Davidson self proclaimed “Certified Human Resources Specialist”

Christine Probst, Director, Clinical Informatics, Hamilton Health Services

Nadia Kobylko, Accountant

Joe Kushner Prof Economics, Owner CAT’S CABOOSE, Councilor

Ed Klassen, ,_ Mental Health Worker, Gateway Residential & Community Support Services

Mary-Lou Davidson, Retired Lollypop Cop

FYI, Executive Director Kevin Strooband is well into his third month blithering about “due diligence” and “vetting” the membership applicants. I think it is time to do some “vetting” of my own. What do you folks think?

Ann, Joe, Mary-Lou, Nadia, Ed, and Christine, why don’t you just “pick up your ball and go home” No one wants to play with you anymore.




On November 21st, 2012, the Board of Directors of LCHS, made a motion to defer 53 plus membership applications until the new year. click here to read article.This motion was met with a great deal of hostility which resulted in a reversal of the motion and the promise the applicants would receive a status of their applications in two weeks. Well, two weeks from Nov. 21st was December 5th which came and went with nary a peep from the illustrious and ever deceitful Board of Directors and Management. Yesterday, December 8th, I was sent the attached photo that was taken by a friend of mine while doing some Christmas Shopping at the Pen Centre:photo

This I am to assume is the notice of status.  This morning, this article appeared in the St Catharines Standard which I assue is the formal notice to the applicants, click here for article. Nice! So, the rules of engagement are there are no rules. Well, yes there are rules, they are called By Laws. It would appear the B of D take the old adage “rules are made to be broken” very much to heart To date I have lost count of the number of violations this disreputable bunch of buffoons have wreaked upon the By Laws of LCHS. If you don’t like the present rules then by golly let’s make up some new ones that will guarantee to keep those nasty progressive No Kill people out of our slaughter house. In the interim, they do not want members but they do want you to sweep, scoop, walk, wash, foster, adopt, bow and scrape but you may not, I repeat you may not have a vote!

One has to ask the question, why are these pathetic little people doing this. They have to know that eventually the good people of St Catharines are going to have a No Kill Shelter. Why are these sad little people grasping to what little bit of power they have to do what? Keep up the Killing? Why? Are their lives so sad, and so lacking they must depend on their “positions”on the Board of Directors to allow them some credence? Are their egos so large they cannot see what complete and utter fools they have become? Is It so important to them to maintain this little fiefdom at the cost of so many innocent lives? Please, you silly misguided, sad pathetic little people, do the right thing and just “give it up.”

I have used the analogy of Lewis Carol’s brilliant work, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a number of times in this blog, but never before has it seemed so incredibly appropriate to the situation. Don’t like the way the game is going? Change the rules and “off with their heads.”

The Cast:

Membership Applicant as Alice

Ann Davidson as the Queen of Hearts


Joe Kushner as The King of Hearts


Kevin Strooband as …. the appearing…disappearing Chesire Cat. It is no coincidence from where the Chesire cat appears…..


Mary-Lou Davidson,Christine Probst and Nadia Kobylko and Ed Klassen in supporting roles as the King and Queen’s court jesters .

Watch and enjoy…….