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On November 21st, 2012, the Board of Directors of LCHS, made a motion to defer 53 plus membership applications until the new year. click here to read article.This motion was met with a great deal of hostility which resulted in a reversal of the motion and the promise the applicants would receive a status of their applications in two weeks. Well, two weeks from Nov. 21st was December 5th which came and went with nary a peep from the illustrious and ever deceitful Board of Directors and Management. Yesterday, December 8th, I was sent the attached photo that was taken by a friend of mine while doing some Christmas Shopping at the Pen Centre:photo

This I am to assume is the notice of status.  This morning, this article appeared in the St Catharines Standard which I assue is the formal notice to the applicants, click here for article. Nice! So, the rules of engagement are there are no rules. Well, yes there are rules, they are called By Laws. It would appear the B of D take the old adage “rules are made to be broken” very much to heart To date I have lost count of the number of violations this disreputable bunch of buffoons have wreaked upon the By Laws of LCHS. If you don’t like the present rules then by golly let’s make up some new ones that will guarantee to keep those nasty progressive No Kill people out of our slaughter house. In the interim, they do not want members but they do want you to sweep, scoop, walk, wash, foster, adopt, bow and scrape but you may not, I repeat you may not have a vote!

One has to ask the question, why are these pathetic little people doing this. They have to know that eventually the good people of St Catharines are going to have a No Kill Shelter. Why are these sad little people grasping to what little bit of power they have to do what? Keep up the Killing? Why? Are their lives so sad, and so lacking they must depend on their “positions”on the Board of Directors to allow them some credence? Are their egos so large they cannot see what complete and utter fools they have become? Is It so important to them to maintain this little fiefdom at the cost of so many innocent lives? Please, you silly misguided, sad pathetic little people, do the right thing and just “give it up.”

I have used the analogy of Lewis Carol’s brilliant work, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a number of times in this blog, but never before has it seemed so incredibly appropriate to the situation. Don’t like the way the game is going? Change the rules and “off with their heads.”

The Cast:

Membership Applicant as Alice

Ann Davidson as the Queen of Hearts


Joe Kushner as The King of Hearts


Kevin Strooband as …. the appearing…disappearing Chesire Cat. It is no coincidence from where the Chesire cat appears…..


Mary-Lou Davidson,Christine Probst and Nadia Kobylko and Ed Klassen in supporting roles as the King and Queen’s court jesters .

Watch and enjoy…….

4 thoughts on “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!

  1. Accurate, entertaining… And did I mention accurate?? Great post again, Julia!

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  3. I have been arguing for a long time now for the necessity of a LEGAL APPROACH to challenge so many questionable and unacceptable practices, including the call for a FORENSIC AUDIT of how LCHS’ money has been used ; in fact there has been such a demand for a forensic audit of the use of OSPCA money as a whole; foe example, the LCHS received TWO GRANTS from both provincial and federal governments ( I believe the correct figure was $450,000 from each!) under the INFRASTRUCTURE PROGRAM which designated money for work on PUBLIC PROGRAMS ; the money to the LCHS was to support its spay/neuter clinic which never opened but in any case such money was supposed to be specifically allocated to PUBLICLY OWNED ASSETS….NOT to PRIVATE CHARITIES…SO HOW DID THE LCHS QUALIFY!? And I know of vets who questioned why so much money was needed to get such a clinic operational and who maintained that the LCHS must have had more than enough money(evidence shows that clinics in Newmarket and Barrie started up with much less!

    • Hey Tony, Thanks for your comments. Hope we shall see you this evening at the council meeting. Tony, I am unable to comment on your statements re grants, the how’s and why’s and what fors, I will leave to you and others like you that are knowledgeable. I do appreciate your making mention in this blog. I too have been screaming for weeks, the most efficient and effective way of dealing with those that break the rules is to take action against the perpetrators. I have been recommending legal action for weeks. I went so far as to contact my own solicitor who has stated the “re appointment” of Ann Davidson, Christine Probst and Mary Lou Davidson is “actionable”. This same lawyer who I would add is a highly respected corporate lawyer , well versed in non profits and Roberts Rules of Order and is a partner in a highly respected firm, emphatically stated the Board of Directors is in serious non compliance with the “act”. The act states an AGM will take place no later than 15 months from the date of the previous meeting. LCHS is now at 21 months and counting! Julia

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