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COUNTDOWN to Wednesday December 19th, 2012, the Board of Directors’ Meeting of LCHS.

As of this writing, there has been no indication there will be a change in venue for Wednesday’s meeting which automatically means the meeting will not be open to the public due to space constraints and Joe Kushner’s  now famous “FIRE CODE” call. Once again, the B of D will hide their actions from the very people that pay the wages and support the shelter with tax dollars and donations. HoHum, it does get boring doesn’t it?

How sad for poor old Joe Kushner, his minions are unable and or unwilling to comply with his motion to maintain open Board meetings. Maybe there will be a surprise announcement  of a new, and bigger venue tomorrow or Wednesday???  I have confirmed that by 3:00 pm today the large meeting room used for the last meeting has not been booked as was recommended in a letter to the B of D, December 12, 2012. I personally contacted the Russell Avenue facility on Dec. 12th to confirm that the rooms were available. This information was immediately conveyed to the B of D by one of the Directors. Today it was confirmed that no one from LCHS had made an effort to book the room(s).

Ms. Davidson

I would like to thank you and your Board of Directors for displaying some common sense and responsibility by arranging a larger venue in which the last Board of Directors’ meeting was held. It is my sincere hope that you will continue to display the same respect for those who are interested in the proceedings of these very important meetings by making similar arrangement for the upcoming  meeting of December 19th 2012.

I am quite confident there will be a significant turn out for this meeting and it would most certainly serve in the best interested of the Board and yourself to make the proceedings open to the public as moved by Joe Kushner and approved by the ENTIRE board. Granted, recently the Board has reneged on this motion and once again reverted too its “secret society” methods of doing business but let’s just assume that was an unfortunate  anomaly.

This morning, Tim Denis and yesterday both Tim Denis and Tom McConnell of 610 CKTB (radio) commented on the “terrible optics” of these secret meetings. Given these types of comments surely it would behoove the Board of Directors to ensure that all that attend the upcoming meeting shall be admitted safely and comfortably in an appropriate venue.

If you wish, I would be delighted to assist in finding a venue that will satisfy the needs of a meeting of this size. Please let me  know if I may be of assistance. Granted that would mean a reply and since you have not done so on my previous eleven messages it is highly unlikely you would choose to show any respect or common decency at this point. If however, you do manage to scrounge up a bit of courtesy, do let me know.


Julia McLaren

Man, these “optics” get any worse we shall all be blind! Suffice to say, letter eleven has gone unanswered. SURPRISE!!!!!!

As of December 31, 2012, I too shall be joining the ranks of membership applicants. My own membership will expire on that date. I have completed an application for renewal and with cheque for $15.00 will be  presenting my application for renewal at the meeting.Julia LCHS membership renewal 2013

Anybody have any guesses what my membership status will be on January 1st, 2013? I have been a member for a number of years off and on so I have no doubt that I have been “vetted” PFFFT!. I have volunteered, I am fostering, I have donated. I think that qualifies me for “giving back according to Strooband does it not?’ So, what do you think folks, are they going to reject me because of my position on No Kill? Joe Kushner has publicly stated that he does not feel that people should be prevented from obtaining membership just because they have different ideas and opinions.  Then again had Strooband carried out his job of vetting with “due diligence” four years ago he would have known my position and beliefs then. Oooops!

Let the voting begin, will I be accepted? YES? or will I be rejected NO? And what of my outstanding Board of Directors application, make that applicationS  from July 13th? August 16th, September 17th?

My words of wisdom for the Board of Directors and Management for today? Take heed, “a fish rots from the head down”

UH OH! Something Stinks at LCHS!

UH OH! Something Stinks at LCHS!

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