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Yowza, what an experience! It was truly an amazing thing to watch a group of adults, and I use the word loosely who have in their care custody and control a 1.6 million dollar budget and more importantly the lives of innocent animals in their hands behave like a bunch of kids in a sandbox fight. The Board of Directors and Management of LCHS has become a virtual toxic waste zone. I do not think that I have ever been exposed to such a poisonous environment full of acrimony and vitriol as I witnessed last night. It was actually embarrassing to watch.

He said, she said, I meant this but you said that. You can’t do that! Yes I can. Na na na na na!

Every once in a while a voice of reason would emanate but would quickly be smothered by the complete and utter idiocy that has become the norm at Lincoln County Humane Society.

Probably the Oscar winning moment goes to Executive Director and complete incompetent, Strooband. He literally whispered whenever he was required to speak. This is one of the oldest and one of the most pathetic “tools’ in the control freak tool box. The purpose is the speaker or whisperer in this case has the power over you as the listener You are forced to strain to listen giving him the “power” leaving you at his mercy as to whether you are able to hear what is said. In this case it is really not an issue, as Strooband has not said anything of any importance for as long as I can remember, so moot point.  Good try though Kevvy!

Literally an hour was spent arguing the minutes of pervious meetings, and then the membership issue reared its ugly little head. As a result of a motion passed 4 – 3, all discussions regarding memberships will be help in camera. Incredible, when you consider City Council discusses potential committee members in front of the public. There could not be a membership committee report because the Chair, Steady Eddy was not present. Has no one ever heard of submitting a report to be read by the President? Duh!

Then there was the Treasures report and thankfully that was passed no issues, well at least none that we could hear.  Then Kevvy whispered something about correspondence and then read something, I don’t even know and care even less. We were led to believe this was the only correspondence in the last month.  Uh, no. I know for a fact there are at lest 11 of my own letters that have not been replied to and were most certainly not whispered last night no matter how bad the acoustics. There are at least two letters that were sent to the board specifically asking for Queen Annie Fannie’ resignation that were not read into the minutes. Ah, it all makes sense now, if they are read out loud at a meeting they are required to be placed into the minutes. Could these people be any more disreputable? Can they really think they are fooling anybody by trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

Then …… drumroll please………the Executive Director’s Report! “mumble, mumblbmubmle, contracts, mumble er mumble later” That was it! Yea okay, what is wrong with this picture. I certainly understand why Kevvy would be a bit reticent to discuss contracts seeing as he has lost two of them in the last 35 days to the tune of $90k! Yep, the Town of Lincoln and NOTL have opted out of the contract for services from LCHS. Here is another little tidbit for you. It seems that one of these municipalities is in arrears for services rendered in 2012 but because numbnuts (Kevvy) didn’t sign the contract, well what the hell, they aren’t going to pay! Just another example of blatant stupid incompetence and lack of accountability. Why was the opening of the high volume low cost spay neuter clinic not mentioned last night in Kevvy’s report? For that matter why hasn’t anything been said or seen regarding this “feather” in the LCHS cap?

Whew, did you just catch a whiff? Yep that sure stinks and it is coming from the direction of LCHS.cat_with_smelly_fish

Onward the meeting droned until new business was announced. On that note, approximately 40 people stood up holding signs saying, PLEASE RESIGN or RESIGN NOW. It didn’t accomplish a damn thing but it sure felt good to register our disapproval and disgust with the lack of leadership and integrity by the B of D.

In accordance with the motion made earlier in the evening, the B of D went in camera to discuss personnel issues. Well son of a gun, unbeknownst to me, I was one of the personnel issues. I am guessing it wasn’t much of a discussion but in the end, I have been ousted! Yes sir, I am not wanted, needed, welcome or even to be tolerated by the LCHS Board of Directors. Not only did they turn down my application to become a director, they have refused to renew my membership! How about that huh?

I have to be honest; I did not lose one moment of sleep last night even though I have been driven from The Queen of Heart’s Court. As it turns out I am in excellent company. Board Secretary, long time volunteer, significant contributor, Grace Pang has been ousted also. Vice President Thomas Manney, who has been a long time board member, volunteer contributor and supporter of LCHS, joins us in exile. These two fine people were the driving force behind the acquisition of the funds for the construction of the Spay Neuter Clinic. It was Grace that approached the OSPCA to get the ball rolling to operate the clinic on a one-year contract. It was with Grace and Tom that I have been working to bring governance and No Kill to St Catharines and that is why we have been removed as members of LCHS. I am very proud of our work and I felt very privileged to be in the company of two such good people as we were unceremoniously booted out the door.

There is one thing that bothers me. During the entire 4 hours we endured the whim and fancy of these pompous arrogant blowhards not once, not once was an animal mentioned. There was never any mention of the animals in the shelter, plans for their future or more likely lack of one. That is what bothers me. I was able to walk out the door and come home to my own beloved dogs and cats. What of those innocents we leave behind in the LCHS death house?

Please help Callie

Please help Callie

This battle may have been lost but the war is far from over! We are going to save some animals!!!!!

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