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In the course of working to stop the killing  of healthy, treatable and adoptable animals at Lincoln County Humane Society I have met a great number of people and have become reacquainted with those with whom I had lost touch.

Mathew Siscoe is one of those that I have recently had the pleasure of meeting. Last September when we  were meeting with various people concerning the outrageous killing spree that is the practice at LCHS, Mat, was the first to “step up” and not only ask what he could do but acted on his desire to help.

It was Mathew Siscoe that really got the ball rolling on exposing the cruelty at LCHS and it is Mat along with a fine group of people that continue the fight to stop the killing.

Mathew Siscoe is a St Catharines City Councillor representing the  St Patricks Ward 4. please click here for biography.

Mat is presently seeking the nomination for the Ontario Conservative Party for St Catharines. click here for Facebook page. I totally support Mat’s candidacy and encourage those who are able to vote for him to do so on Tuesday January 15th the Parkway Holiday Inn and Suites on Ontario St. St Catharines. The doors will be pen at 5:30 and voter registration must be accomplished by 6:30 pm.

I have spent most of my adult years (of which there are many) supporting various candidates in elections, provincial, federal, local, you name it and I have pounded pavement, made telephone calls, organized and hosted events for those in whom I believed. I have been cruelly disappointed time after time when these “pillars” of integrity and social concern once elected folded like cheap umbrellas to the point I swore I would not become involved again with any candidate. Mathew Siscoe is different!

I sincerely believe in Mat. I trust Mat. I want to see Mat go to Queen’s Park and represent St Catharines as I know he will do so with honesty, commitment, integrity and determination. Backing Mathew Siscoe is backing a winner!

I have listened and watched Mat as he speaks at council and informally when he is talking to people with concerns or issues. He is totally engaged. He is always thinking, and he always DOES what he has committed to doing.

One of the greatest advantages Mat has is his incredible personal support structure. Mat is fortunate to have family support and encouragement. He has maintained loyal and true friendships and he has a strong, intelligent, compassionate partner in Chrissy Sadowski.  Mat and Chrissy want to see a  healthy, vibrant St Catharines and Ontario for their two boys and for you, your children and grandchildren. I know they will do it with your support.Image

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