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“The Time Is Out Of Joint”


The above title is quoted from Shakespeare’s Hamlet as Hamlet discovers from the ghost of his father that his father was murdered by his uncle;such a foul, unnatural act is “out of joint” and Shakespeare’s genius provides us with what appears to be a simple observation and lament by Hamlet but, in fact, “out of joint” conveys a multitude of meanings: a time that is dysfunctional, out-of-tune, out-of-sorts, lawless, unjust, and so on, with its potential application to any time in history; in fact I couldn’t help thinking (not quite a random thought) how this single phrase is so applicable within the context of the LCHS fiasco or what is often referred to as the “no-kill debate”- a debate or discussion that exists mainly among no-kill advocates themselves as “the other side” has not really engaged in any meaningful dialogue; and THAT it seems to me is what is “out of joint”; you can take your pick as to whom or what is most dysfunctional as the LCHS defends a status-quo or operational strategy(?) that is out of synch and not supported by the public at large; is it the executive-director, the Board, the membership, the OSPCA, city council, the community, or, as I believe, a collective moral failure on the part of all to accept accountability and take steps to stop the killing. Philosopher Jacques Derrida(1930-2004) has pointed out that we live in an epoch that is unprecedented in human history for the myriad ways in which animals are mistreated, in fact, calling it “genocidal torture” and that ” this violence inflicted on animals will not fail to have profound reverberations (conscious and unconscious) on the image humans have of themselves.” Derrida’s work of “deconstruction” has revealed how animals have been misunderstood and maligned with typical human prejudice throughout much of the history of western thought; while we find  hope in the many positive changes around us, I see myself and animal advocates everywhere in a state of perpetual mourning which we cannot avoid because we are confronted on a daily basis with so many untimely deaths of our fellow beings; and like Hamlet’s ghost, the spirits of these countless innocent victims still cry out to us for justice…and for a time that is set right when animals can finally take back their rightful place in creation.

Author: theanimalthatthereforeiam3

Graduate of Brock and Niagara Universities in English, Philosophy and Education; retired teacher, animal advocate and founder of the Welland Feral Cat Support Group.

3 thoughts on ““The Time Is Out Of Joint”

  1. The above is a guest contribution invited by myrandomthoughts

  2. I cannot recommend highly enough Derrida’s “The Animal That Therefore I Am” and, of course, Nathan Winograd’s “Friendly Fire”…

  3. That last city of St Catharines council meeting just proved that the time is still out of joint as councillors show that they still don’t get it or want to get it; they continue to do everything they can to avoid any honest and open discussion of the no-kill philosophy with one of the painfully obvious reasons being that they repeatedly fail to do their homework or feel any responsibility about becoming informed on the issue; no amount of deferring for staff reports will likely change anything as the status-quo appears quite firmly entrenched and deliberately oblivious to even the community’s desire for change.

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