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Callie is dead.

She was “put to sleep” last evening.

She died from liver cancer I am told. That is what the blood tests and X rays indicated. I am thinking if there was a test that could be performed a diagnosis of  Broken Heart Syndrome would have played a huge part in the final demise of dear Callie.

I do not want Callie to die in vain. I want Callie’s life to count for something. I want Callie to be the conscience of all of those of us that want to stop the incompetence, negligence and the killing at LCHS.

Callie was in  the care custody and control of LCHS from October 9, 2012 until her death on February 26th, 2013 . The total number of days between Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 and Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 is 140 days.

This is equal to exactly 4 months and 17 days.

140 days is equal to 20 weeks.

The total time span from 2012-10-09 to 2013-02-26 is 3,360 hours.

This is equivalent to 291,600 minutes.

You can also convert 140 days to 12,096,00 seconds.

How much of this time did Callie suffer?

How is it that Callie’s condition was not realized and dealt with?  Well actually one of the dog walker mentioned to me on DECEMBER 19, 2012 that Callie appeared depressed or lethargic. Again on JANUARY 18, 2103, another volunteer expressed concern to me about Callie’s significant weight loss . How is it that blood tests were not performed until last week?

Don’t misunderstand me, I get that Liver cancer in canines can be very rapid and is virtually always fatal but truly why was Callie not checked out for two months after her first symptoms were recognized? Is this not negligence or is just plain lack of compassion and consideration for an animal in need. Did she suffer? If her symptoms had not been taken into consideration and Veterinary attention sought then yes, she probably suffered. The fact that she died within two days of the receiving the results of the tests would suggest that she did in fact suffer some significant discomfort and even pain. Is this negligence?


“The signs of liver cancer in dogs

The symptoms of liver cancer can very as to the type, but most of the symptoms will appear at one point. Symptoms are lethargy, vomiting, appetite loss, abdominal bloating, pale gums, limb weakness, respiratory issues, jaundice, and weight loss. As you can expect the weight loss and loss of appetite are usually combined symptoms. You will also find that the symptoms become more pronounced as the disease progresses. This means that while the dog may have displayed three symptoms for the last six months they will generally have more symptoms as the disease becomes worse and the other symptoms will become worse. You will find that as the disease progresses the cancer cells increase in size. A good spot to look for jaundice is going to be around the eyes as it can be difficult to recognize it in other areas. You will also find that coughing is another symptom that may bring up blood when they become worse.”


  • One method of treatment is supportive therapy, ensuring that your pet gets plenty of rest and is confined to improve blood flow to the liver, decrease the dog’s work load and decrease the amount of pain. Another approach to treatment is fluid therapy, which corrects fluid, electrolyte, blood sugar and metabolic problems. Your vet may also prescribe antibiotics.”

Read more: End Stage Liver Cancer in Dogs | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6503795_end-stage-liver-cancer-dogs.html#ixzz2M8VCGnRj

My question is this. How can the Executive Director of a HUMANE SOCIETY rationalize something like this happening. I get it that by the book, Callie was not neglected. She had a roof over head, she was fed, granted not according to her health issues which would have exacerbated her condition and discomfort, she was taken outside, she was tolerated at best. This was the manner in which she lived (pardon the expression) at the hands of a person who is responsible for making sure the general public does not abuse animals. Is it neglect? Maybe not but it sure as hell is unethical, unconscionable and downright WRONG! This is the same person that was given full authority for the investigation of the Toronto Humane Society which he totally botched of course.

No less than three Veterinarians that have worked with Kevin Strooband have complained of excessive negligence and inhumane practices. Staff and volunteers continue to tell horrific stories of how this person that earns in excess of $100k per annum has time and again has mistreated animals in his care.

How do we stop Kevin Strooband? To whom do we complain? How do we make some one listen? Can all of these people be exaggerating or lying? I think not. With that much smoke there has got to be a fire somewhere, regardless, Callie’s story alone is sufficient for me to say, no SCREAM, ENOUGH!!!!!!!

Help me, I beg you help me to make sure that Callie’s life and her death is not in vain. Help me to expose this man for the inhumane SOB he is. Help me to help the animals that no more should  suffer and die while Strooband hides behind his Board of Directors and the cover of the OSPCA. HELP ME PLEASE!


9 thoughts on “HELP!!!!!!

  1. If you are certain of these three (local)? veterinarians, then they must speak up –to city council, to the Board. We are are being run over rough shod by the LCHS for too long now.

    Do you think these vets dare speak up?

    • I have personally spoken with all three of the Veterinarians to whom I refer in the blog. Two of the three have actually met with Mayor McMullen and have made him very aware of the deplorable conditions and the inhumane practices at LCHS. One of these Veterinarians was employed by LCHS, the other has saved literally hundreds of lives by performing procedures for next to nothing or for nothing at all just so the animals would live. I get that two of the practicing Veterinaraians are in a tough spot as they are concerned about reprisals and violations of their code of conduct but the former employee has no reason to keep quiet. They were an employee and if they are telling the truth why not tell the press, the OSPCA and stop the killing NOW!

  2. Very sad. The question that leaps to my mind is given all the people who were advocating for Callie’s welfare – why on god’s earth didn’t anyone contact the previous owner, who claimed “….if Callie is not adopted by 2013 I will be adopting her again myself” ??

    • I have been in touch with Lisa a number of times since last October. In January I sent her a note reminding her of her previous “promise”to retrieve Callie from LCHS and did not receive a reply. I contacted her as soon as I knew of Callie’s condition and she was already aware so she had obviously been in touch with LCHS. Lisa tells me that she had offered to “foster” Callie but never heard back from Strooband. She also said that she was trying to contact the foster home in which Callie was residing to see if she could say a proper good bye to Callie.
      Frankly, Lisa has her own conscience to deal with. Karma….

  3. The focus needs to be what can we do so that we know Callie didnt die in vain. I am quite sure that all the people that fought for Callie would not be telling tales, what would it get them in the end for doing that? Why wasnt Callie taken to a vet as soon as signs showed that something wasnt right? My cats are taken to the vets as soon as i notice something going on, colour of eyes, inside ears, mouth, lack of appetite, drinking too much water, lethargic, hiding, not wanting much to do with me..and so if Callie had signs that something was wrong..my question is why wasnt she taken to a veterinarian for an assessment? Recently i lost three cats, one from kidney failure, one from fluid in the chest (heart problems) and the last one, lymphoma cancer. With each cat i had an extra week to spend with them, and made sure tests and whatever else could be done for them first. There is only myself who pays for the bills, and yet a beautiful dog such as Callie was in a place that suposedly cares, and she was not receiving the medical care (where i am sure the LCHS would get some sort of discount or help from the public if needed). I feel for all the people that loved Callie and made sure to fight for her so she wasnt killed awhile ago. I feel for all the people that now feel bad that all this time, hoping for the best for Callie, and in the end, she was not given the time she deserved to live a happy life with a family. I will fight for you sweet Callie, what is it that i need to do??

    • Hey Lynda,
      Let me disavow you of one point. MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE at LCHS. Strooband has no problem bragging about the $13k he “made” when asking for $2,500k for Ethel’s surgery.
      Strooband asked former Board members ‘How he should spend the extra money he had left over due to the strike – not having to pay salaries”

      In August, Strooband went to the B of D and asked for $60k for 3 trucks.

      Money is not a problem, Strooband is.

  4. A competent RVT doing an intake exam has been trained to detect irregularities in the “feel” of the liver when palpated. An experienced veterinary technician can detect it even if the dog is somewhat obese, but it does not seem the Callie had that problem. While it is not cost effective to run bloodwork on EVERY animal that comes into a shelter, there are things that can be detected from a simple hematocrit, total serum protein and manual CBC done with a microscope if you suspect a problem with a dog or cat at this or any stage. It is why intake staff and animal care staff need to be trained to OBSERVE and REPORT what they see.

  5. Aberrations like Strooband will always exist in society. The greater travesty is that the LCHS Board of Directors not only give him the power to act unfettered, but are ignoring the allegations of abuse and cruelty and in effect, supporting him to continue to do what his nature compels him to do.

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