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Time to Party ? Time to Mourn? Time to ACT!

There’s a party going on! Yep, no doubt there will be much backslapping, cheering and mutual aggrandizing at LCHS today and deservedly so. Well done Strooband, Kushner, Davidson et al, you did it. You and your one minute one dollar proxies won the day.

We Did It! We Won!

We Did It! We Won!

CONGRATULATIONS, now let the killing commence

We lost

We lost

It had NOTHING to do with animal welfare, NOTHING. The LCHS AGM was all about sticking it to the taxpayers and donors of St Catharines. It was nothing more than a group of vindictive, immature, spiteful , egotistical, small minded, morally bankrupt individuals more concerned with maintaining a death grip on their pathetic “positions” than caring for the well being of animals.

The meeting had been choreographed for weeks and in the end, mission accomplished. Had this “operation been carried out with any degree of ethics or responsibility or with even an iota of decency I would not be as bothered but it was a case of pure and simple bullying. Apparently Roberts Rules of Order, the Ontario Corporations Act and a specific motion of City Council are of no consequence to the mighty demagogues of LCHS. Apparently there is one set of rules for we, the unwashed masses and then there is the golden rule for LCHS. “He who owns the gold rules and in this case the gold was the purchased proxies.

Sorry, I just cannot conjure up the energy to go through the whole charade again.

You can “read all about it” in the Standard

St Catharines Standard

St Catharines Standard

and in Ros’ blog   .http://rosalindwent.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/lchs-membership-so-close-yet-so-far/#comment-943

To those beautiful healthy, treatable dogs and cats that have been killed in the last ten years – OVER 25,000, think about it, TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND, we tried. To those thousands of healthy, treatable dogs and cats that will be killed at LCHS, we tried.

The Kushner Cocktail

The Kushner Cocktail

We have not given up, we shall continue in our efforts to STOP THE KILLING!


So tomorrow is the big day. When we all gather together March 20th, 2013 it will have been two years since the last Lincoln County Humane Society’s Annual General Meeting, which is seven moths longer than stipulated by the Ontario Corporations Act, but hey don’t let a few rules get in the way.

I am really not sure why I am making the effort to write this post other than I made a commitment to a lot of people and even more animals most of which are now dead and more that shall die that I would try my best to STOP THE KILLING.

It has become abundantly clear that for whatever reasons and I am sure there are many, those in whom I thought I could trust and depend have at best manipulated the truth and more likely lied to me and a great deal of people as we all “fought” together to reform LCHS.

For the record, I still maintain that the most effective, efficient, ethical and moral manner in which to resolve the present situation regarding animal welfare in St Catharines and area is through shelter reform and by that I mean the present Board of Directors and subsequently management at LCHS must go.

I do not believe it is the job of St Catharines City Council to “fix it”. Yes I agree that under no circumstances should one single tax dollar be allotted to the present LCHS facility and its employees. Not one dollar!

It is true that LCHS is a private, incorporated business operating in St Catharines but contrary to those who believe otherwise City Council cannot and should not have the power to control how a business is operated even when the business carries out brutal killings of perfectly healthy animals every day. Wrong, yes, illegal no.

It has been my personal opinion since October 19th of 2012 the only manner in which there would ever be resolution was through legal channels. I still maintain this is the case. LCHS Board of Directors and Management continue right up to this minute are in non compliance with more rules of the Ontario Corporations Act than cats they have killed this month!

In October of 2012 a highly respected Corporate Lawyer advised  that Ann Davidson assuming the position of Chair in spite of her having allowed her membership to lapse is actionable.

Incredibly it could and should have all ended right then. Read the minutes of the October 20th secret board meeting. This is the meeting that was held behind doors prior to the AGM when 60 odd people crammed into a little room waiting for over and hour and a half to be recognized and heard. Look at the numbers, who was there and who voted for what.  http://www.lchs.ca/minutes/LCHS-Minutes-Oct-17-2012.pdf What is wrong with this picture?

At this very moment there are two variations of By Laws in the public eye. One is one the LCHS website and another that has been mailed to various acceptable parties (of which I am not one)

The ByLaws on the website are pretty innocuous with just a few revisions as of February 20th 2012. The other version, which is a virtual copy of the OSPCA By Laws right down to wording re Class A Class B Class C memberships, is about as offensive and restrictive as a set of By Laws can be. to see http://www.lchs.ca/pdf/LCHS-bylawsAmendmentsMar26-11.pdf

Now herein lies the rub:

According to legal advice;

S.129(2) of the Ontario Corporations Act states the by-law passed by directors is effective until next meeting of members where it is to be confirmed or rejected.

Therefore, any and all changes that are being recommended by the B of D are useless until voted in by the PRESENT membership, which includes life members. AND does not recognize PROXIES!!!!!!

Heads up folks! All those proxies that Annie Fannie and Kevvy have been running around accumulating mean absolutely nothing until the PRESENT membership decides whether they wish to incorporate proxies in the by laws!

This is an opportunity for all of those volunteers that were granted memberships and all others to whom membership was bestowed to step up and say NO!  No to restrictive memberships, NO to ridiculous rules for the nomination and elections of directors, This is the time for those same people to nominate directors from the floor. This is the time for all of these folks to STOP THE KILLING!

According to the minutes taken directly from the LCHS website the following people have the right to vote to make the right changes and to STOP the KILLING:

Drue Ellison,

Allison Noble

Michael Saunders

Alison Danecker

Karen Moncur

Linda Charley

Ann Davidson,  Present President

MaryLou Davidson, Former Director resigned January 2012

Michael Howe,  Former Directro resigned October 2012

Zeljka Worden

Elizabeth McGill

James Turpel,  Former Director resigned, came back resigned

Heinz Probst,   Former Director resigned and Present Director

Jennette Probst , Director


KLASSEN Ed,  Present Director and Membership Chair (excuse the expression)

HAIST Albert



PROBST Christine , Present Director

PROBST Jennette

GHOSAL Rita,  Former Director TWICE last resignation October 2012 she’ll be baaaack

KLOKKOU Sarah,  Former Director (for 3 weeks) appointed Jan 2013 resigned Jan 2103

KOBYLKA Nadia,  former Treasurer Resigned January 2012

Chris Lamoire-Armes

Patricia Bye

Graeme Mcloughlin

Megan Pasche

There are many more that are not reflected in the minutes. Hey don’t ask me I just report what is available on the website.


There are also a number of Life Members eligible to vote at least until such time as the right is removed which is also on the agenda for the AGM.

Please stop this travesty called LCHS and STOP THE KILLING

The following is the “other” set of proposed by lawsAttachment-1



Attachment-4 copy

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2662 – That’s me!

So here I sit and wait. I have received a summons to do my civic duty by appearing for Jury selection at the Superior Court.

Unlike the 99.9% of the people waiting with me I find the whole thing quite  interesting. Actually, I rather think it would be a great life experience to sit on a jury. I think most of the grumblers would agree but whine and chew because it is the “accepted” reaction to receiving a summons. Hey, Law and Order isn’t the longest running and largest franchise in TV history because people are not into courtroom drama.

I have no idea of the procedure in which I am now involved. My first exposure was literally that, standing outside in the cold in a very long line inching my way forward to enter the building. Once inside the doors, we are all asked to empty our pockets,  remove coats and hand over purses and or briefcases in order to be searched. Once again, whining from the masses. Me? Hell if it means that I will not be shot by some deranged lunatic while doing my civic duty, a strip search would be fine with me.

Next we are told to sit in the waiting room until we are called into the courtroom. No phones, nothing on our heads including  glasses. Huh? If one wears glasses they are to kept off the top of ones head. Okay, no idea but there must be some explanation.

We are then herded into the very nicely appointed courtroom where we are advised that we would be called by roll number to be seated in the jury seats and then questioned if required by the lawyers for the plaintiff and the defense. The case is a civil matter involving   a car and a truck incident that took place in 2006 in London. Oh and by the way the case will take 6 weeks. An audible gasp could be heard or rather felt throughout the courtroom.

The Judge explains that while it is a duty as a citizen that we embrace the opportunity to sit on a jury there are those for whom doing so would be a hardship and the court does not wish that to be the case. Also in order to be a jurist one must a) be a Canadian citizen b) must understand the English language spoken in the courtroom c) must be able to hear what is being said in the courtroom by all parties.2602668-very-old-courtroom-1854-with-judges-chair-at-st-georges-hall-liverpool-uk

Now the real entertainment begins as one by one numbers are called and people make their way to the front of the courtroom where they are asked by the presiding judge if “there is any reason that you feel you are not be to sit on this jury”. The litany of excuses is absolutely incredible!

“I am the only person that can do the job at work”

“ I am Power of Attorney for my very ill mother.” “Is she ill, asks the Judge” “Well no but she is in a Seniors’ home”

“My religious beliefs forbid me to pass judgement on others”

“I work shift work”

“I have children”

“I have a doctor’s appointment”

I counted nine “I am a teacher”. Obviously they don’t teach civics class.

In the course of two hours no less than thirty people were stricken deaf or hard of hearing  and yet had absolutely no difficulty in  hearing the Judge say, “you are excused.”13288719-deaf-man

Another gentleman explained  he had a number of reasons he was unable to be on a jury. He runs two businesses, he has a family, apparently the whole world would come crashing down if he was “out of commission for the duration of a trial and then finally was honest by stating “and frankly I don’t want to do it”

One gentleman upon being asked if he felt there was any reason he would not be able to sit on the jury replied, “No Ma’m, I would be honored to do my duty”. It was all I could do to not jump up and give this fine man a one person standing ovation!

While sitting and listening to literally dozens of people trying to formulate excuses to “get out of jury duty”, it occurred to me how awful it would be to know as a plaintiff or a defendant in a court case that the people that were deciding your fate were chosen for doing so because for the most part they had the least viable excuses of those from the selection panel. How sad to think that one’s fate can rest in the hands of those who do not give a damn and would go to just about any lengths to avoid performing their civic duty.

Truly is it any wonder that police officers, lawyers, courtroom staff become tired and jaded when they listen to the very people they work to serve insult their efforts by turning their backs on their responsibility? I would hazard a guess it would be these same people that do everything they can to weasel out of jury duty that cast aspersions and make remarks about “lenient” sentences and “letting them get away with murder”.5695719-wooden-judges-gavel-on-a-desk

So, my “day in court” was a good experience. The court staff were pleasant and so very courteous. I met some very nice people, enjoyed a couple of really good laughs and to top it all off received a lovely compliment from a fellow panelist who kindly offered that upon seeing me this morning thought to herself what a classy woman I appeared to be. Well, all I can say is there is a trial taking place without the benefit of a very intelligent and observant jurist. Thanks Darlene.


The Executive Director of any well run Humane Society will be the first to state in order to save the lives of those animals that have the misfortune to make their way to the shelter, it is imperative to have strong partnerships rescue groups in order to be successful

In the course of researching animal welfare and animal rights issues I have become aware of the ever increasing number of animals rescue facilities that have “gone bad” the result of which is the discovery and subsequent seizure of hundreds of sick, weak, miserable creatures needing care and homes.

How does this happen, how does something that was created with good intentions and great convictions become a place of pain and anguish. How does one go from taking in the homeless, weak and suffering with a goal to find forever homes to becoming a place where starvation, illness and death is the norm. How does rescue become hoarding.hoarding-1

There it is folks, the dirty word hoarding.  Regardless of how many times rescuers, shelter reformers, welfare activists say otherwise, hoarding does exist, in fact it has become so prevalent that there are studies and research being performed at numerous Universities and Medical Centres throughout North America.

Hoarding is an illness. Whether hoarding inanimate objects or animals it is till an illness but when animals are hoarded it is cruel, inhumane and just plain wrong. Animals suffer and die at the hands of those that are very ill and that are incapable or refuse to obtain help.

“Hoarding is not about animal sheltering, rescue, or sanctuary, and should not be confused with these legitimate efforts to help animals. It IS about satisfying a human need to accumulate animals and control them, and this need supercedes the needs of the animals involved.”

Janice Palm's dogs.

There are an incredible number of people that have dedicated their lives to the rescue and shelter of dogs, cats, horses, in fact just about any animal. There are great rescue facilities that do just that, they rescue and then shelter animals until such time as they can be adopted. These animals are kept in sanitary, safe environments in which they are  fed and cared for, receive Veterinary care when required, are spayed and neutered, receive vaccinations and are free from pain and suffering. These are not the people about whom I am concerned. I am concerned about those folks that started out in this manner but then slid down a very slippery slope into hoarding hell.

How does this happen? Well, research indicates a number of reasons for hoarding  but the jury is still out on how one starts out doing good ends up going bad. It has been suggested that some rescuers are unable to say “we are full” and continue to accept animal from Humane Societies and other organizations until they are literally over run by the animals. No longer can spay and neutering be afforded so animals start reproducing within the rescue facility.  The rescuer can no longer afford Veterinary help and they are afraid to have anyone see the animals for fear they will be removed and killed. They do not wish to or are unable to admit they are in trouble and need help. So the hoarding begins. Cages are stacked one on top of the other, dogs and cats are found wallowing in their own feces. Paws and faces are burned from urine. They are starved, covered in sores from parasites and rubbing up against rusted wire cages.

There is always a great hue and outcry when a puppy mill is busted and rightly so, but a rescuer gone bad is no better than a puppy mill operator. In both cases the animals are suffering and dying in excruciating pain as a result of human indifference, illness greed or stupidity.

Those of us that rescue animals and profess to be supporters of no kill must assume some responsibility for the rescue centers to which we send the animals we “save”. It is not good enough to say we have transferred dogs and cats to foster homes and rescue groups hence the animals have not been killed thus are saved.  If we are shipping out innocent lives to a place of questionable care and potential misery how are we “saving” these animals?

Sure sending dogs and cats to rescue groups and foster homes “gets them off the books” and makes the stats look great for public consumption but if we are responsible for contributing to the demise of these animals at the hands of those that are no longer able to cope are we not part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Do No Kill shelters listed on the No Kill Communities website http://www.no-killnews.com conduct follow up visits or checks to ensure the facility is safe, clean and caring for the animals? I don’t know. I do hope that some one can give me this information with some documentation as to how this is accomplished. Is there a reporting system for when the animals are adopted or how long they are kept in the rescue facility and how they are doing in the facility? Again, I would really like to know if this is  the case and again how it is accomplished? Are these animals shipped out and then forgotten about, “out of sight out of mind”?

How do we prevent these situations?

Linda Bruno http://www.nbcnews.com/id/38978396/ns/healthpet_health/#.UTz5Qhl3Yxq

Miguel Salgado http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/world/55343491-68/dogs-salgado-ogden-removed.html.csp

Elliots Friends Rescue http://www.spca.org/duncanville10212011


The following  are links that are educational and important reading to learn more about hoarding and how rescue can become hell.







The Boys

At 3:29 on February 28, 2013 I welcomed  our fourth grandson into the world.

There are those that would say, oh how nice but after all it is the fourth. To those I would say, you have no idea what it is like to meet your grandchild for the first time be it the first or the fourth or the tenth or how ever many you are granted the privilege of meeting and loving.

The first time I met Brian James Harris , I saw his Father all over again and that meant that I also saw his Father’s Father all over again. At once it was a painfully beautiful experience. That day five years and three months ago shall always stay with me . Everyday Brian brightens my life with his beautiful smile and loving nature.

Then I met Matthew David Harris . From the get go, Matty could not have been more different from his brother. Born two years and seven months ago with an outrageous, wonderful mop of black hair and  boundless energy Matty has become an absolute character who brings us laughter, fun, hugs and kisses all wrapped up in  sweet mischief.

Four months later, Ethan Campbell Harris entered our lives. The only thing Harris about this little boy is his last name as he is the spitting image of his Mommy.  From the time he was born, this little man has had two speeds, over drive and stop. When he is awake he is 200% life, full of fun, energy and challenges. There is no mud puddle too deep, hill to high to climb and thenrun down at full speed and no tractor or truck to be ignored. When the day is done, so is Ethan only to start all over again twelve hours later.

And today, I met Declan Julion Harris. This little boy was in no hurry to be born finding his former digs quite comfortable but with a bit of persuasion he came into the world a beautiful, healthy little person. Physically he is strong but I think this strength will also extend to character. I have a feeling that Declan may be more like his Daddy in which case I don’t envy his Mom and Dad. Been there, done that. Loved it. Payback.

My point is that each one of these boys while they share some genes are individuals. They come from great stock, they have wonderful Moms and Dads. They are lucky to be loved by grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and many, many friends. Their lives will be influenced in many ways good and maybe not so good by events, people, and experiences.

And I will always love them, each one with a love that is special to just them and no one else.