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Okay, back up the truck. What am I missing?

For years Nathan Winograd, the guru of No Kill has ranted and raved against the cruelty, irresponsible behaviour, lack of ethics, and deplorable practices of the ASPCA.

read Winograd’s March 19th 2013 anti ASPCA et al blog  The Myth of “Animal Welfare” or  March 5, 2013 What’s In A Name? 

or this particularly condemning attack of December 12, 2012 The ASPCA Allows Dogs to Starve

Repeatedly, Winograd and his disciples have espoused that the No Kill equation is the only manner in which animals may be saved from “shelter killing”. Okay, I get it but how is it that Winograd’s virtual “right hand” , Bonnie Brown is working with the ASPCA?  Ms.Brown is trotted out by Winograd at every opportunity to preach the gospel according to Winograd. She is at if not all then most of the No Kill conferences as a headline speaker  regaling the no kill equation and the miracles that have been realized at  Washoe County in Nevada and how she achieved a community wide live release rate of over 90% by dramatically increasing pet adoptions and engaging their community.

IF, Bonnie Brown is in fact working in cooperation with the ASPCA, then good for her. It is cooperative efforts that will make change not the constant ugly, vicious attacks a la Winograd that will ultimately save lives. The question remains how does this jibe with Winograd’s stance on the ASPCA?

The ASPCA provides free webinars for those interested in education themselves in the many areas of animals health and welfare. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that on April 25th, 2013, Bonnie Brown is conducting a webinar  in cooperation with the ASPCA!!!!

The True Cost and Value of Pet Adoptions

I have heard Ms.Brown speak and found the experience very enjoyable, enlightening and definitely worth the listen. It will be interesting to hear if this particular presentation is peppered with the usual anti ASPCA, HSUS shots or will the talk be tempered in light of the sponsoring agency.

It is truly my hope that this is an indication of future cooperation between animal welfare organization and agencies. Maybe this is a precursor to greater understanding and enlightenment and a willingness to work together to save lives.  Today Bonnie Brown and ASPCA, Tomrow Nathan Winograd and PEtA

Or not.

If I really am missing something or misunderstanding the situation then hopefully some one will “set me straight” in the interim……I am not holding by breath.

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