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Mother to Mother

This morning I was treated to a lovely breakfast with two thirds of my sons, half of my grandsons and and one of my two daughters (in law but that’s just a technicality). I was showered with cards and really nice gifts that are thoughtful and useful. The one from the little boys is pictured here;Nana mug

I am missing the one third of the sons, the other half of the grandsons and the other daughter (in law but that’s just a technicality).

And of course I am missing my own Mother.

I then began to think, after all this blog is called “my random thoughts”. Days like today evoke all sorts of emotions and memories and even though I miss my Mother I had the joy of loving her and having her with me for fifty-four years. Yes, I desperately want to squish that new baby face of my 2 month old grandson and play with his older brother in the meadow and hug my son and daughter but I look forward to all of that the next time I am with them. In the interim I know that I shall see them this evening via SKYPE. Thank you technology!

This is not the case for too many Mom’s. Today there are 21 Mommies in Sandy Hook that will not feel their babies’ arms around them nor will they smile through the tears as they read the handmade Mother’s Day Cards full of love tissue paper and smelling of library paste. There are children who no longer have a Mom to whom they can make and deliver a breakfast in bed of lumpy pancakes and truly dreadful coffee. There are Moms who shall see their daughters’ eyes shine back at them only in a picture on the mantle.


Closer to home, Mickel Sylvain’s Mom is struggling with fresh grief at the loss of her son just last Thursday in a cruel random vehicular crash. She will be choosing hymns and pall bearers on this Mother’s Day.

Mickel Sylvain

On Friday, the day he would have turned 13 years old, Matteo Mancini’s birthday was recognized at his funeral. This brave young man fought for life and lived it with  a grace and dignity well beyond his years and while his Mom is proud and full of love she too will never forget this Mother’s Day.

Matteo Mancini

As I write, the Mother of Tim Bosma waits for news of her son. Tim’s wife Sharlene is spending today holding on to their little girl and waiting.

tim bosma

Today we Moms celebrate how lucky we are to be Daughters and Mothers. We are fortunate and we are grateful.

As we eat half baked cookies and try to arrange broken stemmed flowers in a leaky  vase made with loving little hands, maybe take a moment to send some kind thoughts to those Moms mentioned here and to others whose Mother’s Day is one of challenge or sadness or grief. Just for a moment, and then relish in the joy of your loved ones as will this Mother and Nana.


No Kill? No Give a Damn!

I continue to be a proponent of a No Kill philosophy BUT I continue to fear the “movement” (NKA & NKN) are more concerned with  the optics of “clearing the books”, “getting them out the shelter” than they are about the welfare of the dogs and cats that are “cleared” and “transported”.  I have asked and asked but to date no one has taken the time or made the effort to reply, Does anyone follow up on the dogs and cats that are transported or transferred to the numerous rescue groups? Does anyone know or care what happens to the dogs and cats that are sent to these rescue groups. Does anyone know or care to perform checks and on site visits to these rescue groups?’ How many dogs and cats are adopted,transferred yet again or just live a miserable, diseased, starving existence until they die either naturally or predated my those hungrier and stronger.  Does anyone take the time or make the effort to care? BUT, they are not killed because this is No Kill – at all costs. Just another form of exploitation of innocent animals in order that others may write books, make speeches and garner donations.

This is the other side of No Kill, the “rescues” to which dogs and cats are sent in order to empty the cages at the shelters. They are gone, they are forgotten, out of sight- out of mind, they are neglected, they are abused  but the shelter statistics are great and the public relations train just keeps on chugging. The law suits against those that have the audacity to disagree continue to be fought (with donor money) and the animals continue to rot in hell on earth.

I recently read a superb blog by “fromamaddogwalker” and was so impressed with this piece that I asked permission to share: How I Failed as a Rescuer, Lessons From a Sanctuary

This is not pretty, but this is reality:INSIDE THE OLYMPIC ANIMAL SANCTUARY

It’s time that No Kill Movement be held accountable for the animals they have KILLED by “saving”.