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The Date


When I was sixteen years old, I was invited out on a date. Due to the involvement that I had in sports and various other activities I had been on many dates with many different guys. My parents were very good about my dating and in fact I think to some degree my Mother lived vicariously through me enjoying my social experience as much or more than I did. Apart from which I had two older brothers who frankly could not have given a damn about my virtue and would no more of kicked the crap out of anyone for inappropriate behaviour than flown under their own steam but hey, my dates didn’t know that.

This guy was quite a bit older than I was. Again this was not unusual in fact I seldom if ever dated anyone my own age. He was however quite experienced and certainly “knew his way around”.

We were going to dinner at The Moorings on Yonge Street in Toronto. In the day, this was known as a  high end place specializing in seafood and was considered to be a pretty classy joint. As was usually the case, when my Mother learned of the dinner invitation, she immediately set to making me an outfit for the occasion. It was a stunning cream coloured simple sleeveless little dress that  hugged my shape perfectly and showed off my rich lifeguard tan. I felt like a million bucks !

That night I ate oysters for the first time and then enjoyed a delightful concoction of shrimp and crab in a cream sauce that was divine. I don’t know how but I was also was able to imbibe in some wine during dinner.

Between the main and dessert, I paid a visit to the ladies because quite frankly I really thought that I was going to be sick. Whether it was the excitement, the oysters, the wine (not likely) or that I was with such a handsome, charming man I really do not know. When I returned to my seat at the table I found  a glass of club soda and a beautiful red rose waiting for me.

I sat down and my date reached across the table for my hand.  I raised my eyes and looked into the blue eyes of the man I loved more than any other man in the world and it was then my Father looked at me told me how he loved me and how very proud he was that I was his daughter.

I miss you Dad.

My Date, My Dad

My Date, My Dad

2 thoughts on “The Date

  1. Lovely. Just lovely. I remember the Moorings and the Raskeller Room on Front St as places to go, if you were ‘of a certain age’ in Toronto.

  2. Very nice story and very well written

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