Random thoughts

Sharing some thoughts, ideas, and some laughs


The content of this blog is mine. I will of course be posting links and pictures that are appropriate to the messages that I write. I encourage your thoughts and opinions and welcome creative criticism, suggestions and ideas. I also welcome those who may disagree to express themselves in a reasonable manner. I truly believe that we can only learn if we are to keep an open mind and accept when others may have a “better way”. I have no intention of getting into a long diatribe with anyone so on occasion we shall just have to “agree to disagree” and move on. Profanity and personal attacks are not appreciated, welcomed or tolerated. I will cut you off – because I can!

The range of subjects will probably be varied but I intend to spend a good deal of time in discussions about animal welfare especially as it affects the Niagara Region. It is my hope that by making the  my readers a bit more aware of the present situation for the animals of this region they shall be more inclined to help to rectify the harm that is being perpetrated upon the critters.

I am looking forward to meeting a whole lot of people via this blog. There are some fantastic people out  there who are innovative thinkers, who are creative and who are willing to share their thoughts and ideas. Together I think we can make a difference.

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