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New Year Countdown…… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and you are outa’ here!

I have been monitoring the Lincoln County Website for the last few  months. I have been doings so for a number of reasons not the least of which for a good laugh. There is nothing more pathetic than lazy incompetent people, paid to do a job that just cannot get their act together and DO THE JOB! For months, the LCHS website has been comprised of old articles, even older “Happy Tails”, these are stories of happy kitty adoptions for 2010. There are the results of an adopt a thon from 2011 and my personal favourite the advertisement for the 2010 Wag A Thon. Better mark my calendar, don’t want to miss that little puppy! It would appear Management was buying into the Mayan Calendar theory and figured updating was just not a priority! Then nor is saving lives so, what the hell.

click here for LCHS website (if you really want to)

The first inkling that Management even knew a website existed was when the front page of the Website was changed from “Lincoln County Humane Society is an open admission shelter” to “The Lincoln County Humane Society is a charitable not-for-profit organization”. It has since been changed again to, are you ready….. wait for it…….”The LCHS is an open-admission For Life Organization” What the heck is that when it is at home? No coincidence here, just check out the OSPCA website and go to Backgrounder and you will find….. are you ready….wait for it……

“What is the Animal Welfare Philosophy of the Ontario SPCA? The Ontario SPCA is an open admission, For Life, organization; we strive to accept all animals.”  click here for the entire OSPCA backgrounder on No Kill et al. Any and all similarities to the LCHS rhetoric is totally intentional and a perfect example of the complete lack of originality and the limited intelligence of the LCHS Management and B of D.

Given the events of December 19th, I have been watching the website for the inevitable “changes” and sure enough those clever little campers  did not disappoint.

Board Of Directors as of Dec. 30/12 @ 1:17 pm – PLEASE NOTE THE DATES 2011-2012

Lincoln County Humane Society
Board of Directors 2011-2012

Ann Davidson President
Thomas Manney Vice-President
Nadia Koblyka Treasurer
Grace Pang Secretary
Mary-Lou Davidson Director
Ed Klassen Director
Joe Kushner Director
Christine Probst Director
Maria Sgambati Director

3 Vacancies

Board Of Directors as of January 2nd 1:56 – PLEASE NOTE THE DATES 2011-2012

Lincoln County Humane Society
Board of Directors 2011-2012

Ann Davidson President
Nadia Koblyka Treasurer
Mary-Lou Davidson Director
Ed Klassen Director
Joe Kushner Director
Christine Probst Director
Maria Sgambati Director

5 Vacancies

I reiterate, they do not disappoint, best laugh yet. In his excitement in announcing the ousting of Tom Manney former Vice President and Grace Pang former Secretary, Management left a little detail unattended.  Just another example of the complete lack of attention to detail, poor record keeping, utter disregard for facts that has been reflected so many times previously in animal statistics, finances, fund raising and coordination of memberships. As Bugs Bunny so affectionately referred to Elmer Fudd “what a marroon”

What a Marroon!

What a Marroon!

Now, may I remind you dear readers of the events of October 19th, when Annie Fannie Davidson, advised those in attendance at the B of D  meeting , albeit in a whisper, that ALL outstanding membership applications are deferred until, well I don’t know when, maybe until hell freezes over or the sun rises in the west or someone  on the B of D develops a conscience. No, that will never happen. Anyway, so all of the outstanding membership applications have been deferred so that the By Laws can be reviewed. Annie Fannie herself, stated that she agreed the application process was too restrictive and that sponsoring by a board member may be a bit over the top. Then WHY I ask you, WHY is the same old Membership Application on line at this very writing. Wouldn’t a prudent, relatively intelligent, half ways responsible ED and or B of D, have the application removed from the website? DUH!

Here it is, read it and weep, laugh, whatever…….

Be sure to note the last paragraph, that is the side splitter.

Become a Member

I’m interested! What do I do now? (complete the application, pay $50. and wait and wait and wait and wait and then be ignored, deferred or just plain denied)

The first step in the process of becoming a member of Lincoln County Humane Society is to complete our “Membership Application”.

Membership Application Lincoln County Humane SocietyMembership Application

I’m already a member. How do I renew my membership?(you don’t if you are Julia McLaren, Grace Pang or Tom Manney)

If you are a member already, you should receive a renewal notice in the mail as your renewal date approaches. You may also download our “Membership Renewal.

Membership Renewal Julia LCHS membership renewal 201

What happens next? (absolutely NOTHING)

Applications or renewals may be mailed, faxed or hand-delivered to our shelter.
Your membership request or renewal will be reviewed at the next Board meeting. Our Board meets once per month.

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The Maturity of a Four Year Old.

Have you ever played a board game with a four year old?

Snakes and Ladders which is now known as Chutes and Ladders was one of my Grandson’s favourite games. He has since moved to greater challenges but I recall an incident that took place during one of those game marathons that you can only have with a four year old.

Nana: ooh Brian, that big old chute sent you way back to the beginning of the game, I may just get a chance at winning this time

Brian:  No Nana, you fall down the ladders and go up the chutes.

Nana:   That’s not how it worked the last few gamesurl

Brian:  But Nana, this is how it works now.

Nana:   But Brian that is changing the rules

Brian:  These are the new rules Nana

There is a remarkable similarity between the game of Chutes and Ladders with my darling four year old grandson and the incompetent petty fools on the Board of Directors and its megalomaniac Management at Lincoln County Humane Society. It is acceptable and expected behavior from a four year old to act and think like a child. If a game is in jeopardy or the child does not like the way it is going then it is only natural to change up the rules to his advantage. What is unexpected is a group of so called mature, business people acting like four year olds. “If I can’t win, I am going to change the rules until  I do win.” Regardless that the rules or in this case the By Laws have been perfectly good for years and years but now they are not supporting the whims and fancies of the present B of D, it is time to change the rules.

With full knowledge of their non compliance with a number of the present ByLaws, the Board of Directors of LCHS continue to blatantly disregard the wishes of the tax paying public and continue with their killing ways. They have now decided that breaking the rules isn’t sufficient, now they are going to rewrite the rules rather than face up to the fact they are not wanted or needed at LCHS. The public wants to Stop The Killing. The public wants to have a vote in order to say Stop The Killing.

The vast majority of the public revile the members of the Board of Directors  for their ignorance, pettiness, childishness and downright stupidity, but mostly for their obvious lack of respect for the very people that support their little fiefdom and the animals they are killing with wanton abandon. The media has taken shots at them, the comments in the local paper are brutal. What possible joy can they be deriving from making complete and utter fools of themselves. I cannot begin to imagine how their families’ must feel having to listen to the comments, field the questions and defend their behavior.

The following are so called intelligent, informed individuals that presently sit on the Board of Directors LCHS, well four out of six at least but even the less than mensa duo must realize they are swimming against the current. How is it they just “do not get it”. How is it that Executive Director, Strooband isn’t grasping in to the fact that he is probably the single most despised person in this city. Granted he was pretty high in the rankings for years but now I think he has taken a pretty strong lead in that race.

Ann Davidson self proclaimed “Certified Human Resources Specialist”

Christine Probst, Director, Clinical Informatics, Hamilton Health Services

Nadia Kobylko, Accountant

Joe Kushner Prof Economics, Owner CAT’S CABOOSE, Councilor

Ed Klassen, ,_ Mental Health Worker, Gateway Residential & Community Support Services

Mary-Lou Davidson, Retired Lollypop Cop

FYI, Executive Director Kevin Strooband is well into his third month blithering about “due diligence” and “vetting” the membership applicants. I think it is time to do some “vetting” of my own. What do you folks think?

Ann, Joe, Mary-Lou, Nadia, Ed, and Christine, why don’t you just “pick up your ball and go home” No one wants to play with you anymore.




On November 21st, 2012, the Board of Directors of LCHS, made a motion to defer 53 plus membership applications until the new year. click here to read article.This motion was met with a great deal of hostility which resulted in a reversal of the motion and the promise the applicants would receive a status of their applications in two weeks. Well, two weeks from Nov. 21st was December 5th which came and went with nary a peep from the illustrious and ever deceitful Board of Directors and Management. Yesterday, December 8th, I was sent the attached photo that was taken by a friend of mine while doing some Christmas Shopping at the Pen Centre:photo

This I am to assume is the notice of status.  This morning, this article appeared in the St Catharines Standard which I assue is the formal notice to the applicants, click here for article. Nice! So, the rules of engagement are there are no rules. Well, yes there are rules, they are called By Laws. It would appear the B of D take the old adage “rules are made to be broken” very much to heart To date I have lost count of the number of violations this disreputable bunch of buffoons have wreaked upon the By Laws of LCHS. If you don’t like the present rules then by golly let’s make up some new ones that will guarantee to keep those nasty progressive No Kill people out of our slaughter house. In the interim, they do not want members but they do want you to sweep, scoop, walk, wash, foster, adopt, bow and scrape but you may not, I repeat you may not have a vote!

One has to ask the question, why are these pathetic little people doing this. They have to know that eventually the good people of St Catharines are going to have a No Kill Shelter. Why are these sad little people grasping to what little bit of power they have to do what? Keep up the Killing? Why? Are their lives so sad, and so lacking they must depend on their “positions”on the Board of Directors to allow them some credence? Are their egos so large they cannot see what complete and utter fools they have become? Is It so important to them to maintain this little fiefdom at the cost of so many innocent lives? Please, you silly misguided, sad pathetic little people, do the right thing and just “give it up.”

I have used the analogy of Lewis Carol’s brilliant work, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a number of times in this blog, but never before has it seemed so incredibly appropriate to the situation. Don’t like the way the game is going? Change the rules and “off with their heads.”

The Cast:

Membership Applicant as Alice

Ann Davidson as the Queen of Hearts


Joe Kushner as The King of Hearts


Kevin Strooband as …. the appearing…disappearing Chesire Cat. It is no coincidence from where the Chesire cat appears…..


Mary-Lou Davidson,Christine Probst and Nadia Kobylko and Ed Klassen in supporting roles as the King and Queen’s court jesters .

Watch and enjoy…….

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Number 9, number 9, number 9…….

On December 3rd, 2012, the following letter was sent to the entire Board of Directors and the Executive Director of LCHS.

As of this writing, I have not received a reply from anyone on the Board of Directors to indicate that a meeting has been scheduled or that there is any intention on their part to do so as promised on Nov. 21st 2012.

Once more the Board of Directors and Management of LCHS have virtually slapped the public across the face.

I would point out this letter is number 9 in a row I have sent to the entire B of D and Management that has been completely ignored..  It has become very clear along with being total devoid of any integrity and ethics, we may now add a total complete lack of common decency, courtesy and good manners within the Board of Directors and Management of LCHS .

Pr_077_-_TRI_-_21_11_10_-_009THIS is very interesting. On Nov. 25th, ED Kevin Strooband was a guest on the Dave McMahon radio show. On that show Strooband stated the volunteers would be approved for membership at the meeting “in two weeks.” Now I find it odd that Strooband would know this when I know for a fact hat at least 3 Directors had absolutely no knowledge of this. Isn’t it a bit strange that Strooband would know this info two weeks before the meeting an only 4 days after these same volunteers applications had been deferred?

It gets even more strange. The Dave McMahon show releases podcasts of all of the shows with in 24 hours of broadcast. This was not the case with the Kevin Strooband hour of power show. When asked why, McMahon told me it was because the person that does the download was out of town. Okay, I’ll accept that. On Monday Dec. 3rd, McMahon sent me an email to tell.me the show was now available on podcast. Uh uh, no it is not. The podcast of Nov 25th is the only podcast since last May that does not play, (file not found). No doubt there is a perfectly good explanation for this and all shall be rectified very soon. Too bad that we are all not able to hear Strooband’s comments, especially regarding the volunteers’ applications for membership. As soon as this little “glitch” is cleared up, I will let you know.

 Ms. Davidson,

It is my understanding, on November 21st a decision was made to have the Board of Directors meet in two weeks from the aforementioned date. By my calendar that would suggest that a meeting of the Board of Directors of LCHS will be held on Wednesday December 5th.

As you know Mr. Kushner wisely moved to make all Board meeting of LCHS open and transparent. You are also quite cognizant that there are a number of people interested in attending this board meeting.

Please confirm the date, time and location of the promised Board of Directors meeting by return email as soon as is practicable.

Ms. Davidson, I would respectfully request YOU show a little respect and courtesy and reply to this email YOURSELF. I shall look forward to YOUR early reply

With regards

Julia McLaren

FYI- the references to Ms. Davidson reply to this letter herself harkens back to a previous correspondence. I wrote to Ms. Davidson only to receive a reply written on her behalf by her lackie, go to boy, secretary, peon, Kevvy. Nice huh

Tim Denis of CKTB 610 radio is right. “Something stinks” and I don’t just mean the pile of dead skunks at LCHS!S